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Monday, 8 February 2010

Suzanne Byrne : Soaps Writer or Columnist or Lifestyle Editor, RTE Guide

As part of her college course, Radio, Television and Print Media at Ballyfermot College in Dublin, she undertook work experience at Woman's Way magazine. This led to her first job once she graduated college. At Woman's Way Magazine she worked on the picture desk, organising and executing cover shoots, writing the soap section and lifestyle features for the magazine. She spent a lot of time on sourcing fashion and interior items for photo shoots which she also styled. She was also involved in the organisation of The Mum of the Year Awards. Following on from her time at Woman's Way Magazine, she moved to Irish Tatler where she continued to write lifestyle features as well as fashion stories. Her job there also involved sourcing and styling for fashion shoots.

In 2005 she joined the editorial team at the RTÉ Guide, her role here is very varied, but she mainly look after anything to with soaps for the magazine, be it her weekly column, daily updates for the web and main feature articles or interviews for the magazine. She's also the lifestyle editor and looks after all the food, interiors, health and any other lifestyle features. And she regularly writes TV/entertainment feature pieces.
Since joining the RTÉ Guide she has had the opportunity to visit the set of and interview the stars from many of the big American programmes including Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Ugly Betty etc as well as Coronation Street, Eastenders and our very own Fair City. She's also interviewed a number of people from the world of film, music and TV including George Clooney, Katherine Heigl, Dido and Jamie Foxx.

Another side to her job includes contributing to various radio and TV programmes. She appeared on The Afternoon Show several times, filling in for the soap reporter. She has also been a guest on the Ruth Scott, Derek Mooney, Dave Fanning and Ryan Tubridy Shows.

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

THIS WEEK: Louie feels vindicated when his staff returns to work, en masse. Christy fears Louie will be even more insufferable in the wake of this coup, moreover as he wants to discuss pay cuts. Carol warns Louie not to push his staff even further, based on her experience as a bar owner. Bob tries in vain to hustle Louie's staff to strike. Bob capitulates and offers to return to work on "a clean slate" but Louie sends him packing. Christy marvels at Louie's inflexibility. Carol recommends Bob escalate his campaign against Louie rather than accepting defeat. Louie speculates on the new hire that will replace Bob and specifies that he would prefer a female employee.

Dermot advises Dean to continue to smooth things with Kylie. Leo offers Kylie sleeping pills when she complains of insomnia. When Kylie collects a stack of post from Tracey's apartment, she notes a postcard from Tracey which indicates Dean will join Tracey in Edinburgh for Valentine's Day. Tracey calls and Dean covers that Kylie is there.

Dolores recommends yoga to Niamh when she notes Niamh is stressed out. Paul asks Niamh to attend couples counseling with him. Niamh turns him down, flat out. Paul and Sean engage in petty skirmishes over domestic matters. Niamh finds the yoga class beneficial and Felix is very encouraging.

Deegan warns Ian that his Garda supervisor is close to identifying Ian as the source to the Northside Post. Leo is enraged when Ian gives him a parking ticket in spite of the fact that he is standing adjacent to his car. Leo complains to Deegan who promises to have a word. Ian apologises to Leo but cant retract the ticket as it has already been processed.

Sarah apologises to Keith for not being more sensitive when she realized he had feelings for her. Sarah proposes they hang out that night, in an effort to normalize things. Keith declines and although he has an excuse, Sarah soon realises he is avoiding her. Felix responds to Sarah's ad for a new room-mate and Sarah accepts him.

Dolores tells Christy to turn on Liveline as Bob is talking to Joe Duffy about his dismissal. On air, Bob calls for listeners to boycott McCoy's. Louie calls into the show and inadvertently stokes the feud live on air, with his arrogance. Joe Duffy tells Louie that texts coming in from listeners are ten to one against him.

Bob walks into McCoy's after getting off the phone, brimming with smugness. Christy advises Louie to call back to Liveline and offer Bob his job back, on air. Christy takes matters into his own hands, calls the show and supports Bob's claim. Louie is livid. Bob is greeted by applause from the locals when he drops into the Hungry Pig. Bob urges them not to spend money in Louie's outlets and the assembled locals concur.

Bob visits McCoy's with Sarah in tow in her capacity as reporter. Sarah wants to take pictures of McCoy's toilets but Louie blocks her. Bob decides to stage a sit-in protest at McCoy's there and then. Carol eggs Bob on. Bob tells Louie he will desist for 10,000 Euro. Louie agrees but refuses to shake on it. Bob exits, pleased and Louie informs Christy he has no intention of paying Bob.

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm RTÉ One

THIS WEEK: Stacey and Bradley arrive back in the Square but Bradley isn't keen to be there. He becomes even more anxious when he spots Marsden's police car but Stacey tells him that they have to behave normally.

At home, Bradley tells Stacey that secrets always end up coming out and that he is plagued by Christmas Day and 'Archie's face'. Stacey tells Bradley he has to keep his mouth shut for the rest of his life as their 'little family is the most important thing'.

Jack goes into the car lot to talk to Max and Bradley. Max is bored of Jack's continual questioning about Archie and tells him to give it a rest. Jack ignores Max and directly asks Bradley 'why did you have blood on your hands the night Archie died?' Max is enraged and shouts at Jack not to accuse people but as Max implores that Bradley is innocent, they both turn to see that he has gone.

Jack thinks Bradley's disappearance looks suspicious just as DCI Marsden and DI Hughes appear at the car lot. Meanwhile, Bradley sits at the war memorial distraught.

DCI Marsden tries to engage Jack in conversation about Archie but Jack doesn't take the bait. As she leaves, DCI Marsden waits outside the cabin to see if she can hear anything. Sensing this, Jack quietens Max. When she leaves, Max and Jack split up to search for Bradley. Jack goes to see Stacey who immediately calls Bradley. Max hears Bradley's phone and spots him ignoring it. Max and Bradley talk about how life is finally good for him but Max questions Bradley as to why he is sitting alone if life is so good. Bradley replies, 'Because you're not the only bloke to take his mid-life crisis out on Stacey'.

Max asks Bradley about what he said. Bradley replies that at least Stacey was fit enough to know what she was doing with Max and he never forced her. Shocked, Max persists, asking who forced Stacey to have sex with them. Distressed, Bradley breaks free from Max's grip and bellows 'Archie Mitchell'. Bradley runs off as Jack appears.

Jack bundles Bradley into his flat and tries to calm him down. Bradley blames Jack for stirring the Archie stuff up. When Jack and Max persist in trying to get the truth from Bradley, he breaks down in tears.

Bradley reveals that Archie is the father of Stacey's baby. Max asks Bradley if he hit Archie over the head but Bradley is lost in his own thoughts and explains how Archie's smirking face torments him. Max persists in trying to get an answer from him so Bradley insists he did not touch the Queen Vic bust but admits he did hit Archie as hard as he could, he wanted to kill him and that there was indeed blood on his hands. Max is stunned. And worried.

Meanwhile at Pat's, Whitney is attempting to dump Todd but it's not going to plan. Whitney gives up but avoids Todd's attempt to kiss her as he leaves. Billie sees this and asks 'That is your boyfriend ain't it? Chemistry is apparent between the two as Whitney flirtatiously denies that Todd is her boyfriend.

Bianca is preparing for her hen do and shrieks with excitement as she hears a trumpet sound at the door - it's kid sister Sonia, her 'bridesmaid with a trumpet'. Billie takes this opportunity to sneakily add an entire bottle of vodka into Bianca's punch.

Sonia fills Bianca in about life in Manchester. Sonia and Billie tentatively raise the prospect of Carol coming to the wedding. It's clear the feud between Bianca and Carol is affecting the whole family which clearly pains Bianca. Ricky leaves with the kids and playfully tells Bianca to be a good girl to which she responds 'I am having a hen night in my living room with a bunch of middle aged women. How much trouble can I get in?'.

Meanwhile in the Vic, Roxy watches with concern as Ronnie starts drinking. Lucy is distracted by Fat Boy and Leon and comments she would rather stay at the pub than go to Bianca's party. Fat Boy attempts to chat up Roxy but he soon angers her when he starts talking about the money the pub could make by capitalising on Archie's death. As Leon pulls him away, Billie asks them if they would like to make earn some extra money...

Everyone is arriving for Bianca's hen party. Bianca is annoyed to see Dot after the incident with Dotty and Tiffany's bridesmaid dress, but Dot denies that Dotty took it. All the women get into their dressing gowns and Dot uses the distraction to remove Tiffany's bridesmaid dress that she has hidden beneath her coat. Dot hides the dress under a pile of clothes and leaves.

Things are getting more raucous at Bianca's and Sonia is filming the evening. The women start talking about trusting men and Manda talks about Minty. Bianca says she has ended up back with Ricky because he is her soul mate. Whitney jealously asks if her dad was not Bianca's soul mate. But as Bianca tells her how much she loved Nathan she's interrupted by someone at the door.

Fat Boy interrupts the hen party and introduces Leon as Bianca's stripper, much to the delight of the ladies. Eye contact is made with Lucy who's embarrassed as she still has her face mask on.

Manda arrives home and Adam senses something is wrong. Manda tells him that she thinks Minty is having an affair. Meanwhile, Heather and Shirley return home to find neice Zsa Zsa with waiting on their doorstep.

Bianca soon finds Tiffany's bridesmaid dress she accused Dotty of stealing. Bianca asks Sonia if Martin and Rebecca are coming to the wedding but Sonia doesn't know how to tell her they're not. Later, Martin calls but Sonia rejects it. Bianca, drunk, heads upstairs. She stumbles into her bedroom and into the arms of a half-dressed Leon.

Zainab goes upstairs to collect her coat from Bianca's room. She hears giggles and sees a glimpse of Leon in Bianca's bed with a pair of women's feet poking out of the duvet with painted toes but one nail chipped.

Coronation Street Monday 7:30pm TV3

THIS WEEK: A hung-over Peter apologises to Leanne for letting her down but she is angry and upset and not in the mood for forgiving. Meanwhile Peter finds himself on the end of a tongue lashing from Janice who tells him how he's let everyone but especially Leanne. Leanne's concerned when she later discovers Peter's gone missing and she Ken, Deirdre and George check the local pubs but there's no sign of him. George agrees to look after Simon whilst Leanne continues to look for Peter but unbeknownst to the search party Peter has let himself into Turner's Joinery and is helping himself to the wine left over from the party!

Gail and Joe set off for the Lakes with the boat and just in time it seems as Rick comes looking for Joe at number 8. David explains how Joe's gone away for a few days and a worried Tina confides in a stunned David that Rick is a loan shark and Joe's got huge debts. In the Lake District Gail and Joe are oblivious to what is happening back home and prepare to set sail in the boat, Joe's in his element whilst Gail's clearly terrified about being on the open water but her fear turns to incredulity when Joe suggests to Gail he fakes his own death and disappears for seven years allowing her to cash in his life insurance policy!!

2nd show

Gail tries to talk Joe out of his crazy idea but he's adamant it's the only way out of his spiralling debts. Horrified by the madness of it all Gail tries to stop Joe as he scrambles onto the boat in the darkness she pulls him back and they row on the edge of the lake. Joe falls and sprains his wrist but manages to break free from Gail and sets off in the boat leaving Gail sobbing on the jetty. Sitting in the cottage alone, shaken and upset she tries to phone Joe but he doesn't answer. Has he gone ahead with his plan?

Back in Weatherfield Tina's worried about Joe, troubled by their last conversation. She tries his mobile over and over again but like Gail gets no reply!

Peter is well on the road to self destruction by now and turns up at George and Eve's house, drunk and demanding to see Simon. George is furious and sends him packing. Heading back to Coronation Street Peter calls in the Rovers where Michelle refuses to serve him. So he heads for the bookies where he insists Ciaran joins him for a few beers.

Meanwhile a concerned Ken, Deirdre, George and Leanne get together to discuss Peter's drink problem and George offers to pay for rehab.

Emmerdale Monday & all weekdays 7pm TV3

Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) is concerned about Maisie (Alice Coulthard) drinking vodka first thing in the morning and flirting with the customers. When Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne) also witnesses her making a fool of herself, he drags her out of the pub and she breaks into a fit of laughter. Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Natasha (Amanda Donohoe) is surprised when Ryan (James Sutton) turns up and soon realises he's come to ask her about his dad. He listens as she tells him about Mark and relives her memories of him. However, when Nathan arrives back with Maisie he's horrified to see Ryan leaving the house and viciously warns him to stay away.

Chas urges Carl to try and connect with the kids
Chas (Lucy Pargeter) sends Thomas (Connor Hill) to his room when he sprays his drink all over Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) after she accuses him of stealing her make up. Later, Chas overhears Thomas and Anya (Millie Archer) questioning whether Carl (Tom Lister) loves them. Touched, Chas lies that he has a big surprise for them when he gets back from his trip.

Lisa is determined to rebuild her home
Paddy (Dominic Brunt) agrees to let some of the Dingles stay with him at Smithy, while Pollard (Christopher Chittell) agrees Sam (James Hooton) and Samson can stay at the B&B. As Lisa (Jane Cox) and Zak (Steve Halliwell) survey the ruins, they both know the house isn't insured so it's going to cost them a fortune to repair.

. Titch (the dog) has pulled through but Paddy doesn't know what caused his illness and keeps him in for further observation
. Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) returns from her holiday in Morocco and she and Jamie (Alex Carter) are clearly pleased to see each other
. Doug (Duncan Preston) and Diane continue to grow close and she accepts when he offers to take her to the races