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Charlie Clements

Friday, 5 February 2010

So you are leaving Eastenders - was that your decision?
I had been with the soap for four years and I said to myself at the start that I would just do it for four years. I think the character has gone full circle. They couldn't do any more with him. It was time to leave.

When will we see Bradley for the last time?
It will air over the next few weeks.

What has been your favourite storyline? Was there any storyline you hated?
I loved the whole Stacy affair with my father storyline. That exploded around Christmas time 2007. I wasn't a big fan of the dog story line.

What are the days like on Eastenders set - long? How many days a week?
It all depended on your storyline. Sometimes you could be there 6 days a week for really long hours and then when you weren't needed much you might just be brought in for a few hours in the evening.

Are you nervous for the live episode? Also, Archie's killer will find out on the live episode - is that the same for the cast and crew?
As far as I know I am involved in the Live episode. I'm not nervous once we get the script in time. It's just like theatre. No one knows any details - only the killer will find out a half hour before the live episode. Which is great as it adds suspense.

You have been there so long - since you finished school are you nervous going out into the big bad world?
No I'm not nervous - I'm really excited to get out there and try something new. I am excited about taking meetings and seeing what's out there.

Who is your best mate on the Eastenders set?
I will miss Bradley's family and I'll miss Lacey as we have been working together so closely for a few years. It's sad to think we may not work together again.

Are you having a party with your Eastenders crew before you go?
No, unless there's a surprise one. To be honest I'd prefer just to slip out at the end.

Do people stop you on the street and what do they say?
All the time - they always say 'Bradley your dad's cheating with your missus'. All that kind of stuff.

What's your plan for after Eastenders?
I have no plan. I'll take a little break and hopefully get some more work. I am interested in theatre and film. I'm not sure if I would go into another soap - I think I would draw a line under that.