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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Roxanne Parker

Roxanne is one of Ireland's hottest young styling talents, styling magazine editorials for the likes of Prudence, Irish Tatler, U Magazine, Image, Confetti, Irish Independent's Weekend Magazine, The Irish Independent, Infant Magazine, You & Your Money, House & Home Interior magazine and Creative Hair.

She has also styled commercial ads for the Conrad International Hotel group in America (Miami & Indianapolis) and Ireland, ads for Heinz, Simple Skincare, Yoplait, Opal Cars, Dubarry Shoes, Waterford Crystal, Zeba Hair Salon, Umamma Pregnancy Spa, MaryB recruitment & OUTHAUS interiors.

  • As a journalist she currently writes, compiles and styles the 'Fashion Dilemma' column every 2nd Wednesday in the Irish Independent.
  • -As features writer for the Irish Independent she travelled to Russia, New York, Greece, London and L.A., covering a broad range of feature topics for the magazine.

  • - U Magazine: book reviews, features and celebrity interviews.
    -Irish Tatler: Features and interviews.

  • -Woman's Way Magazine: human-interest features, celebrity and real people interviews and health and fashion features.

  • - Image Magazine: fashion and health related features.

  • - Irish Wedding Diary: fashion editor.

  • -Reporter, features writer and fashion editor for The Dublin Daily.

  • -Feature writer for the Sunday Tribune's I Magazine.

  • -Columnist and features writer for the Evening Herald.

Prices/Stockists/Relevant Information:

Outfit :1-

Headband, €10.50, River Island
Necklace, €3, Penneys
Cardigan, €40, River Island
Soft cup bra with frill trim, €21, Urban Outfitters
Matching briefs, €14, Urban Outfitters

Outfit 2:-

Necklace, €16, M&S
Wrap, €30, M&S
Champagne bra, €24
Matching briefs, €11, both M&S

Outfit 3:-

Pearl necklace, €14.50
Mint & beige wrap, €39
Slip, €32
all by Linea at House of Fraser

Outfit 4:-

Boxers, Brown Thomas

Outfit 5:-

Necklace, €3, Penneys
Pleasure state bra, €37
Matching briefs, €27, Brown Thomas
Carole HochmanMidnight robe, €80, Brown Thomas

Outfit 6:-

Rose pendent, €3, Penneys
Fauve by Fantasie bra, €75 and
matching briefs, €35,
Carole Hochman Midnight robe, €89, Brown Thomas

Outfit 7:-

Necklace, €20, Monsoon Accessorize
Pure silk wrap, €115, Monsoon
matching silk slip, €85, Monsoon

Outfit 8:-

Boxers, Brown Thomas

Top 5 tips for men on how to buy women what they want:-

1. Have a sneaky squint in her underwear drawer to check out her correct size- it is unforgivable to buy the wrong size. If you're not 100% sure you'll get the size right, buy some chocolates instead! If you notice that there are a whole host of sizes in her drawer, take a look at the bra she's worn most recently.

2. Don't automatically go for red. Chances are she'll never wear it. You should know your lady well enough to know what colours she goes for. If you don't know her very long, you shouldn't be buying her underwear.
The sneaky squint will also give you an idea of whether she will wear a thong, briefs or boy-shorts. Don't buy a thong if she's never worn one before (even if that's what you want.) This also goes for bras - don't buy a padded bra if she never wears them!

3. Always buy a matching set and if you want to score extra brownie points, buy two pairs of bottoms as these get washed much more often. If you're unsure of whether she'd prefer the French knickers or the thong, buy both- one of each.

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help from a sales assistant but whatever you do, don't ask them to try things on for you!!

5. Don't insult your babe by buying underwear that promises to suck you in. Whilst us women are perfectly entitled to buy those things for ourselves, it's an absolute no -no for our men to imply that we need them!!

How to wash lingerie:-

We all know that we're supposed to gently hand wash our lingerie in the sink, with gentle detergent etc etc. But seriously - who has the time?!?

Here's how you can use your best buddy (the washing machine..) but without destroying your smalls.

1. Always read the label - and whilst it will probably tell you to handwash, the least you can do is put in the cool wash it deserves. They most likely won't say "wash at a hot 90 degrees."!
2. To keep your white undies white, wash only with other white stuff. This obviously applies to more than lingerie but there's nothing worse than your really cute "broderie anglaise" bra that's just ended up a horrible shade of grey.
3. Do your bras up. Hook the ends together so that bras don't get tangled up with everything else.
4. A net laundry/lingerie bag is ideal for preventing snagging or for keeping all the smalls together. If you don't have one, a pillow case is probably just as good.
5. Resist all temptation to use the tumble dryer where your laundry is concerned. You're only on the road to ruin if you give in, the heat melts the elastic!

Additional / Misc' Info:

1. Hand washing is best- fill a basin with hand warm water and a cap of woolite and leave your underwear to soak for 3-5 mins then gentles squeeze the suds through the pieces, then rinse in cool water. If you have time leave to soak in fabric softener for a couple of mins and rinse again.

2. Always wash dark and light underwear separately even when hand washing to prevent colour run.

3. Hang wet bras fastened on a wooden or plastic moulded hanger over the bath to allow to drip dry. When damp your can dry them on the radiator. Never dry your bras in the tumble dryer as it will dislodge under wiring and bend it out of shape and it will destroy any padding or moulding.

4. If you must machine wash your bras put them in a laundry bag as this will protect the rest of your clothes from being snagged by bra clasps and it will also protect your bras- these are available to buy in most home wear departments and dry cleaners.


Our Beautiful Bed on set today was supplied by:

Bed Linen was supplied by M&S

PVC Basque is from Honey Trap in Dun Laoghaire