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Start Again in 2010

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Joe Duffy Hypnotherapist:

What is Hypnotherapy?
The simplest answer I can give is that Hypnotherapy is a "natural mind process" used by a Hypnotherapist to help a person achieve goals using their own natural mind power.

How long have you been practicing?
I have been practicing hypnosis full time since May 2000.

Why did you get involved in Hypnosis?
I first became interested in hypnosis in l983. At that time I was using a lot of medical drugs to stay alive and suppress the symptoms of severe asthma. Then a young medical doctor suggested that I try self-hypnosis to control the attacks. Having used self-hypnosis to wean myself off drugs over a 2 year period, I became confident that hypnosis could be used for many of life's challenges so I decided to train to be a Hypnotherapist in l996 and in May 2000 I set up my own Hypnotherapy Clinic to help people with life's challenges.

How can it help someone to stop smoking?
The person who has made an intellectual decision to stop smoking needs to understand that success will be short lived unless that the emotional part of their mind is satisfied with the decision the smoker has made.

The Hypnotherapist uses good and powerful suggestions to impress the clients subconscious with messages that show the clients subconscious mind that been a permanent non-smoker is an achievable goal.

What does a session involve?
I will use positive suggestions to guide Rosie into a very pleasant relaxed state of mind. In this relaxed state her mind will be more open to receive these suggestions and continue to act upon them after the session is over. Rosie will also be provided with a self-hypnosis CD which she will use to reinforce the positive messages that she needs to achieve her goals.

What are the success rates with Hypnosis?
The success rates are very good but only if the person understands what the process is all about and only if they are motivated and willing to follow the simple but effective instructions they are receiving.

How do you think Rosie is coping with Hypnotherapy?
I think Rosie is coping incredibly well with Hypnotherapy. She seems to want to embrace all aspects of hypnotherapy in her efforts to achieve her goal and her goal is to be a non-smoker for the rest of her life.

Are you confident that you will be able to help her stop smoking?
Yes I really am reasonably confident that I will be able to help Rosie stop smoking. Today (26th January) and yesterday evening we had 2 very good hypnosis sessions that helped Rosie discover many creative parts within herself. Of course these parts were always within her but I believe the sessions brought them more to the surface and consequently now within her reach.
How many sessions are you planning on doing with Rosie?
I have now given Rosie 3 hypnosis sessions and I plan to give her about 5 more sessions between now and the end of the programme.

What is the average number of session's people should have?
Generally if somebody wanted to stop smoking I would recommend that they commit themselves to 3 sessions at least. Given that this programme runs for weeks and Rosie is very determined to learn as much as possible about her own mind processes I have recommended to Rosie that we would greatly increases her chances of success if she committed herself to 8 sessions. Although Rosie is a very busy person she is still committed to learn as much as she can because she really wants 2010 to be the year that she achieves for herself this very important goal.

What do you think are the main reasons people fail to reach their goal of stopping smoking?
I think the biggest reason people fail to reach their goal to stop smoking is that they try a number of ways and then if they don't work then they draw the conclusion that stopping smoking is not possible for them. Then they begin the process of justifying to themselves all the reasons they should continue to smoke, even though they really want to stop smoking. So basically all these thought processes create a belief system along the lines of failure rather than success.

What advice would you have for anyone that is thinking of stopping smoking? The main piece of advice I would give to people who want to stop smoking is not to give up just because they have failed to stop using the methods they have tried. The truth is that some people stop with no help, and some people stop with a little help and finally there are people who stop and only do so after getting plenty of help. I think the important part to focus on is that it doesn't matter how you get there, because it's like winning the Senior All-Ireland football game in so far as nobody really cares whether you won it by 1 point or 10 points so long as you are the winner.


What did you think when you heard that you would be using Hypnotherapy as your method for stopping smoking?
I was delighted as it is one of the things that I had never tried and always wanted to.

After meeting with Joe how confident are you that he will be able to help you stop?
He is great and is in touch with me all the time. I find that I am in control and he gave me a smoking CD to listen to and a relaxation one that I play when I'm pottering around the house.

How have you been getting on?
I'm doing well it's up and down some days but I find Sunday the hardest days as it the one day I really have to myself but I just get on with it. I don't have the wheeze at night time as bad and I really feel like my skin is brighter.

How are you dealing with the cravings?
Joe told me drink a glass of water or to eat a few cloves, I eat a bit of fruit or I try to distract myself with my bonnets I'm knitting for the babies.

How are you keeping your self busy?
Lots of housework, inside and out. I have more energy and it's great.

How do you family feel about you stopping smoking? Are they 100% behind you? They are thrilled for me, plus I have most of the town behind me, everywhere I go people are wishing me well. If I go into the shop people are asking what I'm buying or if I'm out and I go to the toilet they are following me its gas.

We gave you a project back in January on the show; how are you getting on with it?
The knitting you gave me the wool was hard to knit with as I'm not a knitter so I joined my Mam's knitting group and am now knitting hats for premature babies.