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Get Some Colour Back into Your Garden

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Eugene Higgins

I was born into Horticulture in a plant nursery/garden centre in north Co Dublin started in 1940 by my grandfather, so my excuse is, "that it's in my blood". On leaving school I worked in various Dublin radio stations and spent my spare time working in the family run garden centre, this soon reversed after spending an intervening number of years in Australia.Over the last 12 years I have been combining Horticulture and media work.

In 1999 I returned to retailing opening Colour Green Garden Centre in Malahide Dublin, which won "Best Specialist Garden Centre 2002-Ireland". In 2004 we subsequently moved the business to Tullamore, Co Offaly, where we have a lot more space around us and have concentrated on developing our Colour Green Landscaping Services. Our highlight to date was, being commissioned last year by the Afternoon Show to restore a nursing home's spectacular Japanese garden that had run into serious disrepair (Carrigoran Nursing Home, Co Clare)

With the especially cold weather that we had over the Christmas period, how have our plants suffered?

There are a lot of plants that would ordinarily suffer through the winter period but get through it and bloom again in the spring. However some plants this year, because of the weather conditions, would not have been able to survive the extreme conditions.

For example, we would normally see the Osteospemum start to bloom around this time of year.

However these are now looking worse for wear and if you have them in your garden they will need to be replaced.

Otherwise there is an evergreen tree called Acacia that is looking worse for wear at the moment due to the bad weather. This however, bad as it looks, will repair and come through for spring, so you don't have to replant it.

Plants for colour:-

1. Pink Passion:- (pink foliage) €11.95
Cordyline "Pink Passion" a foliage plant with a very bright pink foliage that is very striking especially at this time of the year.

2. Heathers:- €3.45
Heathers ,a couple of different winter flowering variety's,heathers are at the best when others in the garden are not , they produce flowers through Jan/ Feb and into march there are variety's that flower at other times of the year but not impressively as this range. Every garden should have heathers.

3. Christmas Rose Helleborus:- €5.50
Christmas Rose "Helleborus Niger"...Just starting to flower,this is a plant that likes to flower under bigger plants ,keeping a low profile until it finally un furls its flowers in various different shades, in this case white.


4.Libertia Gold Finger:- €10.99 (golden foliage)
Libertia "Gold Flame" a knockout plant with striking Golden foliage all year round ,but comes in to its best in the winter....€10.95

Pots:- to brighten up the Garden

Pot One:-

Terracota Pot:- €6.95


Compost - (one third of a €5.95 bag of compost would be needed) (€1.95 per third approx)
Crocus €3.25 each
Bellus €2.25 for 6
Primula x 3 (or called Bachelors Buttons) €1.95 each (5.95 altogether)
Pink Passion - €11.95
Approx overall price €32.30

Pot Two:-

Black Lace Pot €8.95


Compost - €1.50
Crocus €3.25
Skimmia €9.95
Skimmia "Magic Marlot"..a new variety of skimmia,in a lighter coloured foliage than it usuall green,its flowers are just about to open ,small but lovely plant ideal for placing in a plant pot.
Primula €3.90
Approx overall Price €26.90

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Plants from Today's show are from Tully's nurseries 01 8433 174
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