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Consumer - Tina Tackles!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Now we are taking it a step further. Every Tuesday Tina will be taking on one viewer's consumer query. The viewer's will be chosen on the basis that they have tried everything except the small claims court and still haven't received a satisfactory conclusion to their consumer dilemma.

Tina will step in on behalf of the viewer and make contact with the company/business to try to resolve the dispute.
So if you would like Tina to take on a consumer query, complaint or puzzling question please contact us.

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Tina Tackles:

Mary Ward in Ballincollig, Co Cork contacted TAS by letter about a broken camcorder her boyfriend Pat O Leary bought in Aldi on Main Street in Ballincollig over two years ago.

It's a Traveler DV5040 and was purchased on 25th Feb 07 at a cost of €109.99

When he bought it, he took it home and discovered immediately it wasn't working. So he went back to Aldi straight away and was told to send it back to the manufacturer himself. He was not offered any other option.

Pat did nothing, and only recently Mary discovered it unused in it's original box with the receipt, so now she is on the case!

The Rights:

For a product that was immediately found to be faulty, the consumer was entitled to a replacement or refund which should have been issued by the retailer. (Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980).

The Outcome:

As nothing has been done after the initial contact with Aldi two years ago, the consumer's rights have diminished somewhat. However, this product never worked and Aldi should have sorted this out at the time when approached.

The consumer should therefore get a refund, or a partial refund would also be acceptable, given the two-year delay in following up. This is because the customer could be deemed to have accepted Aldi's offer of sending back to the manufacturer at the time.

Mary brought the camcorder and receipt into Aldi on Sunday 31st so that the Manager could check it. The manager checked the receipt and Mary was issued with a full refund on the spot which she is extremely happy with.

Aldi Stores Ireland Statement:

Aldi Stores Ireland is committed to providing Irish consumers with top quality products at very competitive prices. Aldi's offering includes a range of weekly 'special buys' spanning electrical, gardening, textile and household goods.

As part of its commitment to quality and customer service, Aldi operates a comprehensive customer helpline to provide technical help and support to customers for electrical and electronic products where required. In the infrequent event of any difficulty, customers are directed to the helpline in the first instance, which is staffed by skilled technical support staff. The vast majority of user queries or minor technical issues are normally resolved at this point.

Aldi is disappointed to learn that on this particular occasion the customer's problem was not resolved satisfactorily at the time and Aldi apologises for this. Since the matter has been brought to our attention, Aldi has offered the customer a full refund, which has been accepted.