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Stuart Manning

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Stuart Manning

. Stuart was born in 1979.
. He is best known for the role of Russ Owen in Hollyoaks. He was in Hollyoaks from 2004-2009.
. When he was 22 he was pictures out with Lulu - the papers reported he was her toyboy but Manning has said they were only good friends.
. Before Hollyoaks he starred in an ITV drama 'Night and Day'.
. In 2002 at the British Soap Awards he won "Hero of the Year" award for Night and Day.
. In 2009 Stuart decided to leave the soap after five years. He left the series in an emotional storyline that saw him kidnap his baby son Max.
. In November 2009 he appeared on the 9th series of I'm a Celebrity.Get Me Out of Here!
. Stuart came 5th in the jungle before being voted out on December 2, 2009. On leaving he revealed he wanted his friend, Gino D'Acampo, with whom he had developed a 'bromance', to win and become King of The Jungle.

How did you get in to acting?
I was a model for about 7 years and I was in lots of adverts and this one advert I did for Pepsi - the director Michael Bay told me that I should try acting. I told him he was very kind and when I came back I had a chat with my agent and they put me forward for a programme called 'Night and Day'.

Was that first audition you ever did?
Yes it was and I got it. I also won the Hero of the Year Award for Night and Day. After that and then I did Hobly City and then I took a bit of time out.

You were in Hollyoaks for 5 years - what was your craziest storyline?
I have had testicular cancer, my brother burning down the dog, and then there was a date rape storyline too and then my family left - there was loads of them. One of my last storylines was kidnapping my baby Max and going off to Malaga where Russ is now.

Why did you decide to leave?
I decided that I needed a change and it was time to move on.

How did I'm a celebrity come about and Were you nervous before you went in?
I wasn't nervous at all - I love the outdoors. When I got in I was lighting fires straight away as no one seemed to know how to camp. I was so happy doing that.
What was the worst bush tucker trial you had to do?
I didn't like getting electrocuted or stuff getting poured on me. I was glad I didn't have an eating one and Gino told me he was shocked that he actually did one.

Did you lose much weight in the jungle?
I lost a stone and 3lbs.

Who was your best mate in there?
Without a shadow of a doubt and he still is now. He's a great friend. I was so happy he won. His family are so fantastic too.

I hear George Hamilton is going to help you in Hollywood - is this true? When are you heading out there?
I email him everyday and we speak once a week on the phone. He has stuff in the plan for me. I am going over for the awards ceremonies and he said he'll introduce me to a few people.

What would be your ideal role?
Probably a James Bond type role or else a period role like Bright Star.

What's in the pipeline? Theatre/movie/films
Lots of casting - there's a few things but I can't say much as I don't want to jinx things. I have a bit of a game plan - I'm taking theatre lessons as I would love to perform on stage.

Have you been to Ireland before?
I have been over a couple of time. I remember going over for the festivals when I dated Jessica from Liberty X.

Also we have the Six nations coming up - are you a big fan?
I am a major rugby fan. I can't wait. It's permanently in the boys calendar. I think England will do well.

Are you a fan of cooking?
I love to cook - sure I cooked loads in the jungle. I love cooking lemon chicken and myself and a mate have come up with our own signature dish - where we cooked a load of leftovers in the fridge and we mashed it up together and we threw it in the oven. It's a vegetable dish and then chicken on the top with balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper and all the juice catch on the bottom and if you have it with rice it's just delicious.