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Nicky Clarke's guide to luscious locks for 2010

Monday, 25 January 2010

Nicky Clarke (OBE)

"Nicky Clarke is without a doubt Britain's most famous and trusted hair stylist; regarded by journalists as 'the world's most newsworthy hairdresser'. Greatly respected in his industry, Nicky Clarke has long been heralded as the man who made hair glamorous and exciting again.

"I believe that everyone wants to look and feel their absolute best and I have made it my personal goal to help people to do just that. I simply do not believe that anyone needs to have a 'bad hair day' - ever!" NICKY CLARKE


. 1975-90 Nicky trained under the legendary hairdresser of the 70's, Leonard, Soon Nicky began to make his mark as a session stylist in the high fashion world.
. 1988/9 Session Hairdresser of the Year.
. 1991 Nicky & Lesley open their now famous London, Mayfair salon.
. 1992/4/5 London Hairdresser of the Year.
. 1993 The highly successful Hairomatherapy product range launches.
. 1994 British Hairdresser of the Year.
. 1999 Nicky Clarke Electric range launched.
. 2000 Colour TherapyT product range launched.
. 2001 Manchester salon opened.
. 2001 Nicky Clarke Colour range lauched.
. 2004 Birmingham salon opened.
. 2005/6/7/8 BAFTA Awards - Nicky Clarke Official Hairstylist.
. 2006/7 Sponsors of the "Red Carpet" designer award at the British Fashion Awards, the Fashion 'Oscars'.
. 2006 Red CarpetT styling & 'Silver' hair care ranges launched.
. 2006 Nicky Clarke Brushes range launched.
. 2007 Leeds salon opened
. 2007 Nicky Clarke receives an O.B.E from Her Majesty the Queen"


Nicky will perform two makeovers during the course of the show, demonstrating two key styles for 2010 in two hits.

Model 1:- Luba:-
Luba has mid -length blonde hair and Nicky will be giving her a more streamlined, shorter cut.

Model 2:- Olwyn:-
Linda has long brown hair- Nicky will be layering Olywn's hair to give her a fresher look for 2010.