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Dream Analysis

Monday, 25 January 2010

We had such a huge response to the last dream item that we have hundreds if not thousands of dreams from our viewers. Michael is back in to try to answer some more of your dreams.

Michael Sheridan, Dream Analyst

People Dying

What does it mean if you die in a dream?
If you die in a dream it's about you changing and the need for you to make a change but it's always a significant change. It can also mean if you are going through a very stressful time, that it's not the end of the world ie you can change completely, you can go in a different direction altogether.

What does it mean if someone close to you dies in a dream?
Death in dreams is usually a request to let some aspect of your life go. It's always a negative aspect like you being controlling or maybe you're an angry person. Usually the dream will show you what aspect of yourself you need to let go of by showing a person dying who has that same trait. It is usually some one close to you like a parent or sibling etc.

Cheating Dreams

What does it mean if you cheat on a partner in a dream?
Absolutely nothing. Sex in dreams in not about sexual relations in reality. It's about getting intimately in touch with your male or female side. If you're making love with a man it's telling you to draw on your own inner confidence.

What does it mean if your partner cheats on you in a dream?
Dreams are a creation of your mind. If your partner has not cheated on you before, then if you dream about your partner cheating it means that you are considering cheating, have cheated or have had some kind of proposal. It's gotten to the point that it's on your mind. The dream is showing that this is something you need to address yourself. You can't punish your partner for you having a dream of them cheating. If previous partners cheated on you then that's a fear but that's not a reflection of your current partner and you're the one with the issue. You need to deal with it.

Chasing Dreams

What does it mean if you are being chased in a dream?
This is one of the most common dreams. Anything behind you is to do with the past, so there's something in the past that you need to turn around and address. Running away from something in a dream means you are trying to avoid it. Now it may only be in your subconscious so you may not even know you are aware of this or that it's still an issue, but your dream is saying look this is something you need to address.

What does it mean if a bull is chasing you?
That can mean that you are very bullish and you charge into things very easily. Who did you copy that trait from? It's going to be someone in the past like Dad maybe. It's usually going to be a man but it may be a woman. Whoever you've copied that from you need to eliminate that negative influence. It means you are someone who goes for what they want and don't care who you knock over in your pursuit. Bulls represent anger.

Planes Crashing in Dreams

What does it mean if you see a plane crash?
A plane arriving is a symbol of your childbirth and seeing a plane crashing means you had a difficult time at childbirth whether it was a C section or you were distressed at birth. It usually means that the person is quite a fighter ie I nearly didn't make it but by god I'm here now and no one's going to hold me back.

Spiders in Dreams

What do spiders in dreams represent or mean?
This is also very common. It's very much a childish fear. Even as adults you can have this fear. We know there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of spiders in Ireland so it symbolizes that there is something that you have an irrational fear over and it could be something as ordinary as doing an interview or public speaking. So whatever it is that thing will be in the dream or you will be very aware of it. The dream is saying it's an irrational fear and you need to get over it and do whatever it is that you're holding yourself back from.