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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Liam Mc Kenna

Liam McKenna began his career at 19 years old when he won the Irish version of Popstars, and became a member of the band Six. After 2 years with the band he moved to Los Angeles and starred in a pilot tv series, and had a small role in the Tom Cruise movie 'Collateral'. In 2005 he moved back to Ireland and began presenting on the daily entertainment show TTV. In 2006 he became the presenter of 2 shows on the Sky Digital channel Bubble Hits. Also since 2006 he has assisted Louis Walsh with his acts on The X Factor.


Modern Family (returns for the second half of Season One)
Tonight at 8pm, Sky One

Liam's Comments:

I can't wait for this series to return tonight. I talked about it last year when it had just started and hardly anyone knew about it. Now it's become one of the most successful new shows from the US, and it was nominated for a Golden Globe last weekend. Even A-list movie stars like Edward Norton are fighting to make a cameo appearance on it. Tonight's episode features an appearance from Benjamin Bratt (who you will know from Law and Order, and the Miss Congeniality movies). He plays Mannys unreliable father, who returns and causes all sorts of problems in the Pritchett household.

The Slumdog Children of Mumbai
Tonight, 9.00pm, C4

Brief Description:

This Dispatches Special , screening as part of Channel 4's Indian Winter season, reveals the brutal reality of life on the streets and in the slums of Mumbai, following the daily struggles of four young children to survive over the course of three months and throughout the treacherous monsoon season.

Liam's Comments:

Again channel4's Dispatches programme does these documentarys so well. Tonight's episode takes a look at the daily struggles of the children living in the slums of Mumbai. I'm sure I was like a lot of people in that I knew very little about the slums in India until the movie Slumdog Millionaire showed the world what its really like. Dispatches shows a deeply moving account of the lives of India's real slumdogs, facing substance abuse, hardship and heartache, yet proof of the resilience of children who are forced to act like adults long before they should

Rab C Nesbitt - Heal (Episode 1 of 6)
Tonight, 9.30pm, BBC TWO

Brief Description:

Rab C Nesbitt is back. After over 10 years one of Britain's best-loved comedy creations returns for a full series to BBC Two.

Liam's Comments:

It's been a long time since Rab C Nesbitt was last on our screens, 1999 in fact was the end of the series, although there was a Christmas special in 2008. Tonight Gregor Fisher is back in the role of an alcoholic Glaswegian who believes unemployment is the life for him. It returns for a run of 6 episodes, and I'm hoping it won't disappoint. The show was renowned for dealing with much darker subjects than other sit-coms, such as mental illness, suicide and sexual harassment, although it was always in blackly comedic way rather than a serious tone.


The Usual Suspects
Sunday, 9.00pm, RTE2

Brief Description:

Five criminals are brought together by a police line-up, and decide to join forces to pull off one more big job. However, they discover their meeting was not a coincidence and that a mysterious crime lord has plans for them.

Liam's Comments:

This is one of my favourite movies, great performances from Kevin spacey, Stephen Baldwin and Gabriel Byrne. Kevin spacey deservedly won an Oscar for his supporting actor role. The film tells the story of Roger a small time con-man who is the subject of a police interrogation. He tells his interrogator an increasingly complex story about how he and his partners in crime ended up on board a ship where a massacre and massive fire has just taken place. The film was made on a shoe string budget and shot in just 35 days, its one definitely not to be missed.


Charlie Bird's American Year
Monday, 9.35pm, RTE ONE

Brief Description:

New two-part series following RTÉ's Washington correspondent Charlie Bird on a candid behind the scenes journey through a remarkable year in American Politics.

Liam's Comments:

If there's one man I'd love to swap places with it would be Charlie bird. I have an odd obsession with American politics. I couldn't tell you much about Irish politics, yet I could explain almost every detail of the American election system. Charlie Bird arrived in the US just before Obama's inauguration, to take up his post as RTE Washington correspondent. This 2 part series follows his experiences throughout the first year. To be at the heart of American politics at such a fascinating time must have been an amazing experience.