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Ger Ryan

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

First Call Management says "Ger Ryan is one of Ireland's best known actresses. In February 2007 she received an Irish Film and Television Award (IFTA) for her work on Stardust. She has been nominated twice by The Royal Television Society for her work on the Family and Amongst Women, three times nominated by the Irish Film and Television Academy for Amongst Women, Intermission and The Return, and was awarded a Belfast Telegraph and Media Award for A Place With the Pigs and Song of the Yellow Bitter." REF:-

How did you get into acting?

I started a little bit later than others. I went with my younger sister to the Brendan Smith Academy. At that time I had more of an interest in stage managing. It was the 80's and I was just looking for something to do.

What was your first role?

I started in theatre first - I was with the Passion Machine.

Irish fans would first probably remember you from The Family - was that a hard show to film? Were you able to leave that part at home when you left the set?

I am so surprised that people always remember that one. The violence was implied. Roddy is a wonderful writer.

TV is hard to detach yourself from the part as you could be working 16 hour days - everyday for weeks. Myself and Sean McGinley never spoke about taking work home or complained. It's a job. It's funny everyone remembers Charlo (Sean McKinley's part) but no one remember my characters name. I have no idea why.

People kept approaching me on the street about that part. I am not good at that. I don't understand why people want to be famous. I do what I do because I love what I do. When you started in the 80's it wasn't about fame.

What was it like to work on Intermission with the likes of Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy? Would you ever consider moving to London?

That was such a great film to work on. The people who worked on it were amazing. A lot of actors moved out of Ireland but they were all great and giving their time to an Irish project.

I worked in London for a good bit but I never wanted to move there. For me life is far more important than career. Maybe if I was younger now I would mover over but not now.

I also find it hard looking at myself on screen. When a film or TV show comes out - my work is done and I don't want to watch myself. I would perhaps watch myself once and that would be it.

You also starred in Stardust and won an IFTA for your part - did you meet with Christine Keegan to prepare for the role?

That was great to win the IFTA on behalf of the project. I never met Christine Keegan (a woman who lost 2 daughters in the fire). I didn't want to do an impersonation. It was a representation not an impersonation. I know the story and I knew about her but I didn't meet her.

Do you think there are enough parts for women who are over 40?
Oh god yes look around you and look at the dramas and there are very few parts for women. It's not representative. It was the 40's that was the golden era for women - which is quite sad when you think about it.

Even the secondary parts in films - that are just jobs like Policeman, Judge - why are they men. It's a lack of imagination I think. But I suppose in society as well there isn't that many women in top jobs.

Tell me about your new movie Happy Ever Afters - where you play Bridie? What kind of a character is Bridie?

I don't want to say too much in case I give too much away. I have a small part in the movie. I loved the script and I liked the fact that it was a funny part as I am always asked to do tragic parts so it was a nice break.

Sally Hawkins was great too and Sam Riley is just so gorgeous. I think they did a great job playing Irish characters. They were flawless.

RAW Episode 2 (last Sunday) : 9.30pm on RTE ONE

"On a trip back from the off licence Jojo (Charlene McKenna) and Shane (Keith McErlean) come across an unexpected visitor sitting on their doorstep - their mum Maeve (Ger Ryan). To the dismay of her children she announces she is staying for a while and will take Jojo's bedroom. Jojo and Maeve waste no time in resuming their age old mother daughter antagonism and Jojo storms out, taking refuge at Raw.

At Raw the gang are preparing for the first of one of Fiona's (Aisling O'Sullivan) special nights to drum up custom. Tonight it's "pay what you think the meal is worth" night. Geoff (Damon Gameau) is far from happy about the gimmicky approach but Fiona's the boss. He has his work cut out trying to re-assure Pavel (Krystof Hadek) that he is going to make a great Front of House Manager. Pavel's first shift in his new role gets off to a shaky start when an obnoxious customer treats Pavel in a dismissive and patronising fashion. Pavel has a complete crisis of confidence but Geoff reminds him that he has all it takes and if he's in doubt just fake it. It works and the customer is sent packing - much to the relief of Pavel and the man's female companion.

Meanwhile to make matters interesting in the kitchen Fiona instigates a competition between Geoff and Jojo as to whose dish will make the most money tonight. Geoff thinks it's totally unfair as his dish will beat Jojo's stew hands down - but Jojo delights in the challenge. To the amazement of Geoff she wins and gladly collects her prize of a crate of wine. She quickly sets about organising an after work party for the team with the express intention of drinking all the wine.

Shane apologises to Fiona about his arrest during the opening night and promises that it's all sorted out and it will never happen again. She gives him his job back and he can start tomorrow so he decides to take Maeve for a night out at the restaurant where, after an impromptu visit to the kitchen, she has a run in with Geoff who inadvertently lets slip about Shane hitting Garda Jay (Nick Lee). Maeve lets rip at Shane and storms out of Raw upset. Shane meets up with Jay to try and settle the matter and stop him pressing charges. Jay hints that a financial arrangement could persuade him to drop the charges. Shane tells him to stick it - there's no way he's bribing him.

The after-work party is in full swing when Shane enters in desperate need of a drink. As the group get more drunk a game of truth or dare ensues and Jojo is very keen to know why Dylan (Paul Reid) rushes off every night and doesn't hang out with the rest. He says there is no secret but it's clear he's hiding something and it's also clear that Jojo seems very interested in the new waiter. During the evening Richard (Joe Doyle) tells the team he was in a band and he writes his own music. This makes Bobby (Liam Garrigan) feel a loser as even Richard has some ambition and a life goal. Dylan suggests that Bobby should open his own bar - it's what he knows best. Bobby ponders the idea.

While in the wine store getting more supplies Jojo and Dylan get locked in and end up having a heart to heart conversation - they seem to be getting close when Bobby bursts in and tells them they need to get Shane home - he's very drunk.

Jojo struggles home with Shane and they are greeted by Maeve who has been woken up by their return. This leads to another confrontation between mother and daughter after Shane has gone to bed when Maeve drops the bombshell that she's in Dublin because she has breast cancer. The next morning Maeve refuses to tell Shane and wants Jojo to keep the secret. Jojo has a go at Shane when he lets slip that he could go to jail if found guilty of assault. This causes Maeve to get upset and Jojo tells him to sort the mess out. He meets with Jay and agrees to pay him. It's clear the money he offers is only the start of this arrangement as far as Jay is concerned.

Kate (Kelly Gough), the blonde who came to see Fiona in episode 1 keeps calling and Fiona agrees to meet her in the park where she tells her to keep away. It becomes clear that the two women are sisters and that Kate has done something terrible to her sibling.

Maeve visits Jojo at Raw to tell her that they have an earlier slot for her at the hospital than she expected. Jojo breaks down and is scared for her mum who hugs her and reassures her it will be ok. She leaves Jojo in the changing room where Dylan finds her upset. As he asks her what the matter is she breaks down and tells him about her mum. He consoles her with a hug as she continues to sob". RTE PRESS

Happy Ever Afters

Disney Press Release: "Sometimes the happiest day of all can be the most heartbreaking. Freddie (Tom Riley) and Maura (Sally Hawkins) are getting married, only not to each other. While Freddie is entering his second marriage with the neurotic Sophie (Jade Yourell), Maura's motives for marrying Wilson (Ariyon Bakare) are more for money than love. Then, when the two wedding parties end up at the same reception venue, the house of cards looks set to collapse on the newly weds, guests and all.

Maura, a feisty single mum, not only has her daughter to contend with - indeed, 8 year-old Molly is increasingly suspicious as to her mother's marital intentions - but she is also threatened with eviction from her home. Meanwhile, the well-intentioned Wilson, an African immigrant in Ireland, is being monitored by two bungling detectives, sceptical as to whether or not this marriage is the real-deal. When Maura clashes with Freddie, she risks blowing her ruse.

Increasingly paranoid about Freddie's commitment to a second marriage, Sophie goes off the rails, leaving the party and drinking herself silly with newfound friends. Freddie, meanwhile, is stuck in the middle of it all. Threatened by a suspicious in-law and forced to deal with the confrontational Maura, he thinks his life depends on his second marriage. Can Freddie claw back his relationship with Sophie, or is he looking for love in all the wrong places? Will Maura and Wilson's cover be blown? And can Sophie find happiness beyond the contract of matrimony? The vows have only just been spoken, but the honeymoon period is over".