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Wardrobe Detox!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

We all have lots of clothes in our wardrobes that are:-
1. Out of fashion and never coming back in
2. Too small for us/too big for us
3. Simply worn out
4. Not suitable for our new, improved lives in 2010!

AnnMarie O'Connor-Stylist & fashion blogger:-

According to her website -

"I've been a style writer for more years than is fashionable to mention. Suffice to say I have worked with the likes of The Irish Examiner, RTE, Dazed and Confused, Elle, Trace, Image, IF, The Dubliner, The Irish Independent, Prudence, and interviewing designers, chasing trends, styling, profiling and lying about my spiralling shoe habit. My mantra - burn the tracksuit honey and learn to walk in a pair of damn heels. Life's too short not to look tall and fabulous. Mwah! Lovin' your work. Xxx"
Annmarie is a freelance fashion writer, blogger and personal stylist. Her credits include The Irish Examiner, Elle, Dazed and Confused, Image, Trace, IF, The Irish Independent, and

Over the past 8 years she has interviewed the likes of Terry de Havilland, Zandra Rhodes and Ben de Lisi, and has gained a cult following with her blog: I Blog Fashion which is being made into a book. She is also the organiser of the monthly Fashion Bloggers' Brunch events in Dublin.

Annmarie, having assessed Robert's wardrobe came to the following conclusions:-

. Robert has a good grasp of the basics but there are a few pointers he can use to maximise his wardrobe potential.
. Robert's past seems to be influencing his present. He has both clothes that don't fit from before his diet and clothes from his banking days - those blue and white shirts!
. Given his new streamlined shape, I took Robert's current measurements which he can use as a benchmark for shopping.
. I've also suggested introducing colour through interchangeable basics like hoodies, t-shirts and pullovers; not forgetting texture with accessories like scarves and watches.


Model 1 - Smart Casual
Scarf, €7
Autograph jacket, €135
Cashmillion jumper, €16
T-shirt, €7
Trousers, €67
Brogues, €67

Model 2:-Casual
Jumper, €54
Check shirt, €30
T-shirt, €7
Jeans with belt, €54
Ankle boots, €75

On the Mannequins-

Outfit 1:
Cable sweater €35
North Coast double layer zip through €80

Outfit 2:
Polo €16
Cargo trousers €47.50
Man bag €67

Annmarie's Top Tips

1) Be prepared!

. Think of your closet as a mini-boutique and as its owner, you need to invest in proper storage and display.
. Take a trip to your local homeware store for wooden or plastic hangers, see-through plastic bins, space-saving bags, labels and black bin bags.

2) Make four piles of clothes: one to throw out, one to keep, one for mending and the other for charity.

. Pile 1 - Anything stained, ripped or beyond repair
. Pile 2 - Things you wear regularly, along with 'capsule' items like jeans, a black jacket, white shirt or little black dress.
. Pile 3 - Good items that need a nip and tuck - e.g. missing button on a suit, vintage dress that can be altered, a stray hem.
. Pile 4 - Any clothing you haven't worn in over a year (aside from occasionwear) including impulse buys, sale and fad items and multiples. If you have ten pairs of black trousers, pick out the best three and lose the rest.

3) Apply the 'one for one' rule.

. If the process is all too traumatic, make a fifth pile and adopt the 'one for one' rule.
. For every new item of clothes you buy, you must throw one of your old loves away.

4) Organise your 'keeping' pile for your 'boutique'.

. Clothing should arranged by season and by category keeping what you use most at eye level.
. Free up your closet by storing out-of-season clothes in space-saving vacuum bags. They hold 4 times more than a box in a fraction of the space.
. Hang clothes in groups - skirt, trousers, shirts, jackets, coats and dresses - keeping like colours with like.
. Make like Joan Crawford and never use wire hangers unless you want to misshapen shoulders on your favourite jackets and tops.
. Finally, keep small items like tights or ties in labelled containers; always rack or stack your footwear in clear plastic boxes for easy access.

5) Mind the Gaps!

. List out the number of items you have in each category - either in a notepad or a spreadsheet - and identify the gaps.
. If you have ten sequin dresses but only one pair of trousers and you work in a bank, you need to focus on nixing that inner magpie the next time you go shopping.
. Likewise, recessionistas looking for a style boost should snap up Autumn/Winter sale gems that will see them into Spring/Summer. Leather skirts, statement jewellery and military jackets are still big trends this year, so get them now. If you're looking to invest in a 2010 must-have, make it a boyfriend jacket - ideally in nude - the colour of the season.

What to Hold Onto:

Still trendy for 2010:

. military or boyfriend jackets
. statement necklaces
. trenchcoat
. leather skirts
. lace
. jumpsuits

These are capsule pieces every girl should have:
. jeans
. little black dress
. white shirt
. black high heels
. black bag
. a great coat

What to Look Out For:

Replace old clobber in the closet with these pointers:

. cross body bag
. yellows or nudes - the 2010 colours
. genie pants - the new harem
. fringing
. slouchy boyfriend jackets

Tips for Hardened Hoarders:

. Too much all at once? Break the process up into mini-culls over a few weeks.
. See it as a money-making exercise? Sell your old items on eBay or a car boot sale; or attend a swap shop and get something in return.
. Make a party out of it. Invite over friends and break open the champagne like Carrie in Sex and the City: The Movie.