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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Front Door:

5 Lever Dead Lock

(1) How much does 5 lever dead lock cost?

. 5 Lever Dead Lock Union - €36.00 (upwards)
. Chubb Lock - €50 (upwards)

(2) Which device would you choose?

Always choose a brand name for a dead lock e.g. Chubb, Union or Basta. The dead locks with the metal receivers give the most security and are hardest to break.

(3) Could you use this on your back door?

Yes can also be used for your back door.

Spy Hole

(1) How much does Spy Hole cost?

. Spy Hole - €6.50 (upwards)

(2) Where is the best place to put the spy hole on the door?

Always at eye level for the person who is using it, if there are two people then low enough for smaller person to see through - usually between both their heights.

Door Chain

(1) How much does door chain cost?

. Door Chain - €8.00 (upwards)

(2) What is the best door chain to buy?

The most solid version, where there is no play and it is very robust. Usually the more spent the better the product especially one with a metal loop.

(3) Where would you put it on the door?

Always put the door chain at a comfortable height, make sure screws are strong if pushed.

Intercom with Camera

(1) How much does intercom with camera cost?

Intercom with Camera - € 269.99
(Prices vary with quality; get a demo of camera in shop and look into it before buying it.)

(2) Where is the best place to put it?

Always make sure it is placed at a good wide angle so there are no blind spots, with the best view from the hall door.

(3) What should visitor do?

Make sure person stands in light, and hold up I.D. into camera.

How long would it take to install each device by a tradesperson and much would each device cost to be installed?

. The 5 lever dead lock would take about 1 hour to install - cost about €50
. The spy hole would take about 20 minutes to install - cost about €25
. The door chain would take about 15 minutes to install - cost about €15 - €20

In total all would cost about €60 - 1 ½ hours work.

How hard would it be to install devices for a family member or friend?
If the person is very handy the spy hole and chain would be no problem.
You would need a carpenter or tradesperson to install the 5 lever dead lock, 2 or 3 types of chisels and different drill bits would be needed.

Where could you find a carpenter or tradesman easily? - they have to pay to be on this site.
Word of mouth - referred from someone who got work done.

Recorded Crime Offences (Number) by Type of Offence and Year 2007:

Burglary and related offences: 23603

Aggravated burglary: 255

Burglary (not aggravated): 23052

Possession of an article (with intent to burgle, steal, demand): 296

Recorded Crime Offences (Number) by Type of Offence and Year 2008:

Burglary and related offences: 24684

Aggravated burglary: 325

Burglary (not aggravated): 23935

Possession of an article (with intent to burgle, steal, demand): 424

REF:- Central Statistics Office, Ireland


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