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Monday, 18 January 2010

Taragh Loughrey- Grant

Taragh Loughrey-Grant, Entertainment Journalist with has been working in TV, radio and print for over 10 years. She studied at DCU before going on to UCD where she graduated with a Masters in 2002. Whilst studying, Taragh worked as a freelance writer with a number of Ireland's leading publications and worked on several projects as a freelance presenter and producer for TV3, RTÉ's Nationwide and for RTÉ's former station Tara TV. She worked as a continuity presenter for TV3 before becoming the Film and Entertainment Correspondent for FM104 radio.

In 2006 she began presenting and producing both Channel 6's (now 3e) film show 'Take 6' and Phantom 105.2's 'Cinerama'. In January 2009 Taragh joined RTÉ as an online Entertainment Journalist and has since co-presented TTV. She is a regular contributor to The Tubridy Show and Arena, presented by Seán Rocks on RTÉ Radio One and the soap correspondent with The Afternoon Show.

Fair City, Tuesday 8pm, RTE One

This Week: Sean informs Rachel that just because Paul is living back in the house does not mean is he is, or ever will be, back with Niamh.

Lara asks Zumo for a loan of money so she can impress the social worker with her savings deposit book, with a view to getting Jane back as soon as possible. Zumo however is broke and has to decline. Zumo plants a seed in Lara's mind that she do something illegal to get the cash injection she requires. Lara asks Cleo for a loan, to no avail. Lara makes to steal the contents of the tip jar but is caught by Cleo. Lara quits in an effort to prevent Cleo telling Louie, who might call the police.

Wayne suggests to Malachy that he help Lara out of a tight spot by allowing Lara to pretend she has a job at the Shelter. Malachy agrees, despite his inclination not to. When Dolores finds out, through Wayne, she disapproves but Malachy defends himself. Cleo tells Malachy that Lara attempted to steal the tip jar from the Hungry Pig. Malachy is forgiving and supportive of Lara, much to her surprise and delight.

Leo tells Ray he plans to ask Jennifer out. Ray lets Leo know he will be stepping on Deegan's toes if he goes ahead with this. Deegan tries to buy Jennifer lunch but is stung when she declines. Deegan tells Leo he has his eye on someone, romantically speaking. But Deegan finds Jennifer increasingly cool to him and is crushed when Jennifer accepts a date with Leo before his very eyes.

The Northside Post staff is getting frustrated with their temporary working conditions at Sarah and Orla's house. Barry struggles to keep staff like Duncan focused. Sarah resents Barry's encouragement of Orla in ad sales, while he remains hard on her in the editorial department.

Keith resents his home life being invaded by the newspaper staff. Sarah gives out yards to Keith for siphoning a bottle of her wine, the night prior. Orla asks Ian if he has told Sarah about their one night stand, puzzled as to why Sarah is being so bitchy towards her. Ian denies telling Sarah anything and flirts with Orla some more.

Connie advises Yvonne to try to talk to Niamh, considering they live and work in such tight proximity. Yvonne is reluctant but later visits Niamh to apologise and explain. Unfortunately, Yvonne makes things worse by informing Niamh that Paul came to her hotel room, whereas Niamh had always comforted herself that Yvonne would have been the instigator. Sean comforts Niamh in her distress and urges her to move on from Paul.

Leo continues to be concerned that Paul is not giving due attention to the garage. Paul is called into Rachel's school to discuss an essay she wrote which details Niamh and Paul's marital difficulty. Niamh confronts Paul with the new information she gleaned from Yvonne and the argument gets heated. Sean intervenes and asks Niamh to kick Paul out once and for all. When Niamh baulks at this, Sean is dismayed.

Eastenders, Monday 7:30pm, RTÉ One

This Week: In the square, Janine orders Darren to open up the car lot but Darren tells her he doesn't know what's happening because of Roxy being left all of Archie's property. Janine observes Peggy announcing to the Square that the Vic is back in business. Roxy doesn't feel comfortable with Peggy taking over, and Ronnie tries to tell Peggy that it's Roxy's pub now.

Bianca walks into the kitchen and tells Ricky that Martin and Sonia are coming to the wedding. Ricky asks Bianca if her mum has sent her reply but Bianca says there is no news. Pat has returned from visiting Simon in New Zealand and Bianca shows her the engagement ring. Delighted about their engagement, Pat's mood rapidly changes when she learns that while she was away, Archie's been murdered.

Roxy and Ronnie try to find out when Archie's body will be released. Later, in the Vic, Peggy, Roxy and Ronnie stand looking at the spot where Archie's body was found. Peggy orders Roxy and Ronnie to have the pub ready by 5pm for the grand re-opening. At the bar, Ronnie shows Roxy Glenda's gloves that she had left behind and Roxy snatches them off her and throws them in the bin. Roxy tells her sister that despite being her boss, nothing changes between them. Alone in the bar, Ronnie fishes her mum's gloves out of the bin, and hugs them close to her chest.

A restless Jane orders the children to tidy up the house. Ian tries to talk to her about Janine but Jane avoids his questions and tells him to clean the floors, before the social worker arrives. Ian tries to assure Jane the problem with Janine and the laptop is sorted, but Jane tells him she can't undo the mess that has been created. Ian admits that he is scared. Jane tells him to do something about it.

Later, Ian bursts into Janine's flat, and tells her she can't blackmail him anymore, now that the laptop is at the bottom of a canal. But Janine tells him that it isn't over, and plays him a recording of their encounter. Janine tells Ian that the police know the laptop was taken, and it could make things bad for him. Distressed, Ian asks why she wants to destroy his family. Janine replies that she likes his family, which is why she is only asking for £10,000 to keep her silence.

At home, Ian tells Jane that the police know about the laptop, and Janine having a copy of the recording. Ian decides to go to the police and tell them everything, before Janine does. Begging Ian not to go, Jane tells him if he goes he will reveal to the police a credible motive for him killing Archie. Ian gets as far as the police station, before Jane convinces Ian to pay Janine, to stop her from ruining their chances at adopting.

Back home, Ian and Jane find that the social worker from the adoption agency has arrived early, and is sitting in the lounge with a perplexed Peter and Lucy and a smug Janine. The social worker tells them that neighbour Janine has been singing their praises.

Later, Ian meets a smug looking Janine, Ian hands her a paper bag containing cash. Opening it, and seeing only £500, Janine taunts him. Ian pushes Janine, cutting her lip and warns her not to go to the police, or it will put her in the frame for Archie's murder. Later, in the kitchen, Ian washes Janine's blood off his ring, before going into the lounge and apologising to Jane and the social worker for leaving abruptly before. After the social worker leaves telling the couple she'll soon be in touch, and Ian tells Jane's he's sorted Janine, Jane hugs Ian, ecstatic.

Upstairs in the kitchen, Pat and Peggy speculate over who killed Archie, whilst Peggy forewarns Pat that Janine will soon show her 'true colours'. Peggy tells Pat that she is shocked that Roxy was left everything in Archie's will and although it is Roxy's name is on the legal papers, she is the true landlady of the Vic. Later, fishing a bottle of champagne out from the fridge, Peggy takes it into the empty pub. Setting the bottle down, smiling, Peggy says 'I'm back old girl'.

Lucas begs Denise to help out at the church jumble sale, but she refuses. Bagging up clothes, Lucas tries again to get Denise to go with him to meet the chairperson of the fundraising committee, Loretta, but Denise can't be swayed. Later, Denise realises that Lucas has forgotten a bag so she takes the community centre and is introduced to Loretta. Denise is taken aback by Loretta's glamorous appearance and flirty manner with Lucas.

Outside the pub, Roxy and Ronnie put up posters advertising the re-opening. Looking up at Archie's picture on the billboard, Ronnie tells her sister that they will get through what's happened. Shocked at seeing Janine still running Archie's car business, the sisters march over, and Roxy demands back their grandmother's ring. Janine says she doesn't have it. Roxy tells Darren and Janine that she has plans for the car lot, meaning Darren and Janine will be out of a job.

Inside the pub, Peggy brings out a bucket of champagne and is surprised to see Roxy opening the pub earlier than planned. Ronnie assures Peggy that Roxy is just excited. In a packed pub, Ronnie asks Roxy if her mum has phoned about the funeral. Roxy tells her that's she doubts her mum will call. Ronnie phones Jack, whilst Roxy is celebrating in the bar, and asks him for his help in finding her mum.

At the bar, Ricky asks Pat how her trip went seeing Simon and the baby, to which Pat answers that it was fine. Jane and Ian walk in, and order a bottle of champagne ready to celebrate their news. Still excited, Jane invites Pat and Christian to join them, after telling them the good news. After making a toast, Ian goes to take a sip of champagne, but is stopped by DCI Marsden, who tells Ian she needs him sober for his confession.

In the Slaters' kitchen, Jean tries to dissuade Stacey from visiting her friend Becca. However Stacey is adamant that she wants to see her. At the hospital, Becca tells Stacey that she is moving to a halfway house and Stacey tells her she will visit. Later, trying to cheer Stacey up, Jean suggests that they all go to the re-opening of the Vic. Bradley is edgy and Stacey warns him that people may think he's acting suspiciously. Later that night Stacey sits in the dark lounge and sends Becca a text telling to come and stay with her, rather than going to the halfway house.

Coronation Street, Monday 7:30pm, TV3

This Week: Molly has had a restless night as she psyches herself up to tell Tyrone that she is leaving him. She is thwarted initially when he reminds her that it is two years since Vera died. Later Tyrone is chatting to Jack and tells him about his marriage problems, Jack advises him to take control of the situation and tell Molly how he feels. But as Tyrone sits down to talk to Molly he is not prepared for what she has to say.

Things are going well for Ryan and Sian, Michelle approves of the relationship so much that she gives Ryan some money to take Sian out. But the day goes downhill when Sian's dad turns up in the street in a rage, having discovered that his daughter is sleeping with Ryan. Is this the end for the young couple?

Gail is delighted when the estate agent calls to make an appointment for a couple to view the house. Joe is hopeful that this could spell the end of his problems but David has other plans and does his best to put the potential buyers off.

Elsewhere Becky and Steve's marriage problems continue with Becky furious that Steve has splashed out on some new golf clubs.

Ros na Rún, Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm, TG4

This Week: This week in Ros na Rún, bride-to-be Frances is driven to distraction by her nightmare mother Minnie! Ignoring her daughter's wishes, Minnie buys Frances a new wedding dress and books Berni to cater for the wedding reception. Whether she likes it or not, Frances is set to have a big white wedding and not the small ceremony she wants. Frances puts up with her mother's interfering in her wedding plans but she reaches her limit when Minnie criticizes her for being too soft with baby Áine. Will Frances stand up to bossy Minnie and tell her to keep her parenting advice to herself?

Meanwhile, George persuades a reluctant Tadhg to have a stag do in the pub. Tadhg hates being the centre of attention and the butt of everyone's jokes but the rest of the men in the village have great fun at Tadhg's expense! After a few drinks too many, Mack tries to put a pair of handcuffs on Tadhg for a stag do prank. Furious, Tadhg lashes out at Mack and declares the stag party officially over! However, Tadhg has failed to notice that his angry tirade against Mack has triggered Mícheál's memory. Will Mícheál remember that Tadhg tried to kill him on the night of the car crash after seeing Tadhg's violent outburst?

Other stories affecting the villagers of Ros na Rún on Tuesday include:

. Mo feels Caomhán is putting business before their relationship
. Jason tries to help Ríona get back on her feet
. Drunk Mack decides to handcuff Berni and John Joe together!