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Monday, 18 January 2010

Michael Sheridan, Dream Analyst

In 1991 while studying for a degree in Information Technology a series of unusual events led Michael to question the meaning of life and search for a purpose behind our existence. Up until that time he saw scientific explanations as the ultimate truth and had pursued the three science subjects on offer in his school; chemistry, physics and biology.

Aisling Dream Interpretation is the name under which Michael Sheridan teaches Dream Interpretation. Aisling is an Irish word meaning dream or vision. . On-line since December 1996 the site now receives in excess of 400,000 hits per week! Much of the information from Michael's dream interpretation courses is available in distilled format on the site.

Michael runs courses and workshops in Dublin and Cork called Dream Interpretation and Spiritual Awareness.

Michael also wrote a book called How To Interpret Your Dreams.

What are dreams?
Dreams are a holistic view of your life and what you need to change about it. If there is something wrong with your health your dreams will point you in the right direction to addressing whatever problem you have. Dreams focus on whatever aspect of your life is being ignored and what you should be doing in your life. Your dreams are like a backdrop and then you take into account all the symbols in your dreams so you can interpret it's exact meaning.

Are your dreams manufactured by your subconscious?
There is a huge link between your subconscious and your dreams. Your subconscious comes out in your dreams. An example would be if you are having difficulty in your relationship, your dream will point out what is wrong and what you need to do about it.

4 Most common dreams and their meanings

. Teeth Falling Out

This is one of the most common dreams and it relates to parenting. If you have this dream you may be wondering if you'll make a good parent and you may even be thinking about having kids. The reason it means parenting is because animals carry their young around with their teeth. If you didn't have teeth you wouldn't be able to have kids - animal symbolism.

. Doing Exams

This is a very positive dream. It is usually someone's leaving cert in the dream. It means that you have finished one cycle of your life and are ready to move on to the next cycle. It can relate to many things like relationships, kids etc. You have learnt lessons in one stage of your life which leads you to taking the next step.

. Flying

This is a good dream but it is usually experienced when someone is going through a difficult patch. It can also mean that you have the ability to rise above your problems.

. Partner Dying

This is actually a very positive dream. It indicates that you have a very strong love between yourself and your partner. It usually happens to someone when they have got to the stage that they know their feelings are so strong that they could spend the rest of their lives with them.