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Stone Cold Sober

Friday, 15 January 2010

Stone Cold Sober on Monday nights on RTE TWO at 10.25pm.

Episode 1
Meet Gerry, Liam, Matty, Jimmy, Pugs and Chopper, six regular guys from a small town called Tullow in Co. Carlow. These lads like nothing better than going for a pint or ten at their local pub and waste away the wee small hours of the morning having craic in one or other's houses. However, they have recently become tired of the same drinking cycle and decide to go Stone Cold Sober for six months to see what else life has to offer.

This week we travel to Tullow to meet the lads and find out more about them and their night time activities. We follow the lads in their local the Tara Arms and find out how much they drink each week and the reasons why they are now giving up alcohol. We find out their views on how they started drinking and what their friends think of their soon to be sobriety. We join the lads on the last weekend on the drink as they start off in their local before heading to the bright lights of Carlow and a nightclub. The next day sees them on their final day drinking as they enjoy their last few pints for the next six months.

Before starting on their sober hiatus they go to the Whitfield Medical Clinic in Waterford to get a full medical and check their health. The first weekend on the dry sees the lads head to Oakwood Theme Park in Wales for a fun filled packed weekend with the only bars in sights are the safety bars on the amusement rides. The episode ends with the boys back in their local pub but this time instead of pints of beer they are only sipping pints of water, which proves to be something of a challenge".

Episode 2:
The lads have taken the sober life seriously and despite having serious cravings for a pint they have managed to stay off the drink. Without the normal hangovers that accompany the day after, the lads have more energy and free time to take up hobbies or re-cultivate old ones that have long been forgotten. Liam decides to head back to play soccer with his local club Parkville Rovers. A talented soccer player, he used to love playing soccer every Sunday morning but gave this up when hangovers got in the way. Matty was once a keen gym goer and himself and Pugs decide to join the gym at Mount Wolseley. This is something that they are taking very seriously! Gerry is a keen music fan and decides to put his new free time to good use by recording a rap song.

However once the fun of hobbies are over what else is there to do? Matty goes for walks but this takes him by the pub while Jimmy and Liam decide to dye their hair blonde - just for the craic! They decide to get together as a group to watch the All Ireland hurling final - where else but in the local pub. The lads find it strange to be watching a match in a pub without a pint in their hands.

To make matters even harder the lads head to a family wedding sober. As the night progresses, the craic becomes even better but some of the lads find it hard to enjoy without a few drinks on board.
Having successfully been off the drink for two months now and with money saved the lads decide to head to the temptation island of Ibiza with three of their friends. Beautiful bikini clad women, sandy beaches and of course the sun - it's a lot different to what the lads are used to back home.

The lads hit the beach and the nightlife and sample the best of what Ibiza has to offer. Darren, Deccie and Daniel the three "amigos" are most definitely not off the drink and they proceed to enjoy all that the nightlife can offer. Liam finds it particularly difficult to enjoy the holiday while his friends are drinking. Will he stay off the drink for the remainder of the holiday or will he become the first of the gang to break his sober pact and fall off the wagon?" RTE Press

Stone Cole Sober - Monday on RTE Two at 10.25pm

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The average amount of alcohol consumed by every person in the country aged 15+ was 12.4 litres of pure alcohol in 2008. This amounts to 490 pints or 129 bottles of wine or 46 bottles of vodka per adult

Current guidelines advise that women not exceed 14 standard drinks per week, while men should limit themselves to 21 units over a seven-day period. A standard drink is a glass of wine, a glass of beer or a standard measure of spirits.

Survey by the Economist in 2007 on what countries drink the most based on Litres of Pure Alcohol
1. Luxemburg 15.5 litres
2. Ireland 13.7 litres
3. Hungry
4. Moldova
5. Czech Republic
8. Germany
10. Britain
11. Denmark
12. Spain
17. ` France
36. Australia
40. United States
46. Italy
51. Japan
89. Mexico

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