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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Laura will be giving her top five programmes we should watch this week. This is based on her opinion and we will try to have something in there for everyone.

Laura Woods

Started in RTE 10 years ago as Continuity Announcer, before moving to Young Peoples Dept where I stayed for 5 years. Presented various programmes for them including ID, ID Plus, The Cafe and SMS Music Show. Interviewed celebs like Will Smith, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Bob Geldof, Kate Blanchett while on these shows.

Over last few years I moved to Entertainment Department, presenting 4 Lottery Shows, as well as Festival of World Cultures, Skyfest, The Irish & European Poker Championships, the Lotto Draws and Telethon.

Have also presented for TG4 and Wedding TV in the UK (I can't let my Bridezilla go!)

Have been involved with Will Leahy Show on 2FM for 3 years now, our hours recently increased so now we are live Mon-Fri from 4-7pm.
Also started writing for RSVP Mag and their wedding magazine.

Have degree in Sociology & French from Trinity College
Post Grad in Journalism
Also studied American Politics and Forensic Psychology in UCD
Last year returned to college again to do a 1 year Grad Cert in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy at Trinity College and St. Patrick's University Hospital - graduated November '09.

Proud newlywed, got hitched to Mark Arigho Sept '09
Proud mother to 3 year old Minnie Lopez, long haired Chihuahua


Material Girl, Tonight, 8.00pm, BBC1

A fusion of Ugly Betty meets the Devil wears Prada, light fluffy show, lots of glam footage of Paris fashion shows in Ep 1, the show focuses on Ali, a talented up-and-coming designer with a monster of a boss (Dervla Kirwin), a hot boyfriend, and some great girlfriends to support her as she attempts to make it in the world of fashion

Brief Description
A new six part romantic comedy drama about a young fashion designer battling an evil ex-boss, a sexy but devilish business partner and snobby fashionistas to get her break in work and love.


Kevin Mc Cloud: Slumming It, Thursday, 9.00pm, C4 (Part one Thursday and Part Two Friday 8.00pm)

Kevin McCloud turns his attention away from structured housing and instead visits Dharavi, the biggest slum in Mumbai, and there he finds a highly efficient community who live in horrendous conditions - sobering TV

Brief Description
In this two-part special, showing as part of Channel 4's Indian Winter season, Kevin McCloud discovers a world of curious juxtapositions in one of the most extreme urban environments on earth: Dharavi. With a million people crammed into one square mile, Dharavi is one of the most densely populated places on earth. It is also one of Asia's biggest slums. As a way of experiencing the good and bad of Dharavi first hand, Kevin decides to live, work, sleep, eat and wash there... And he's terrified at the prospect of doing so. In the first programme, he finds open sewers, rats and hazardous chemicals everywhere, but also discovers that it is a highly organised place with thousands of tiny industries. The concluding film airs tomorrow night.


So you think you can dance, Saturday, 7.00pm and 9.45pm, BBC1

Nasty Nigel Lythgo, Arlene Phillips who was booted off the judging panel of Dancing with the Stars are just two of the judges on this successful US export - Cat Deely got her big break in the States presenting the show over there and now she is back in Britain at the helm of this show.


NO Frontiers, Sunday, 7.30pm, RTE1

It's lovely to have the new series of No Frontiers back so we can all look at the exotic locations and dream of escaping this weather! Kathryn Thomas in Waterford, probably delighted to be a bit nearer home for a change after all her travels, Fionn Davenport gets to explore the city of Berlin!

The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne, Sunday, 10.30pm, RTE 1

The meaning of Life comes under Religious Programmes in RTE but really its as much a human interest series as anything else, and tonight the two GB's meet for a heart to heart - Gabriel Byrne confides in Gay Byrne

Brief Description
In programme one of six Gay Byrne talks to actor Gabriel Byrne about his ongoing struggles with depression and alcohol and about the many events, which have occurred across his life, which shape his beliefs.