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Emotional Makeover - The Finale

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

We launched a survey on Monday 14th September to find out how our viewers feel about body image and the pressure on us all to look a certain way and be a certain size. Some of the results we found were:


Here on The Afternoon Show, we want to try change how we all feel about ourselves.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we took 3 of our viewers on a journey of rediscovery to help them change how they feel about themselves and make them happier and more confident in their own skin.

In the run-up to Christmas, people face a lot of issues to do with grief, confidence and body image, and we want to tackle some of these problems for our viewers.

Brian Colbert

Brian Colbert is regarded as one of the leading consultants in the area of Personal Growth in Ireland today. Brian is a Licensed Master Trainer of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Brian adheres to his own personal philosophy of always being true to yourself, honouring your destiny and living life to the full. His warmth, authenticity, curiosity and passion for life are contagious. His charismatic training style often swings delicately between the profound and the downright funny, which allows learning to become an interesting and fun experience. Brian has a broad academic knowledge of the whole field of personal growth. However it is not academic knowledge he relies on for results but rather his own personal life experience and the experience of relating to thousands of individuals on a basic human level over the last twenty years. He is presently a director and co-founder of the IRISH INSTITUTE OF NLP where he spends much of his time developing and presenting NLP to enable people to reach their true potential. He is married, has two young boys and lives in Dublin.

Tammy McGurk

Tammy McGurk is a 49 year old South African woman who is living in Westmeath with her second husband James. She left behind 3 children and four grandchildren in Cape Town, although she did visit them recently and it was an extremely happy time for her. She is turning 50 in December and is quite down about this. She lost her sister 2 years ago at the age of 52 to cancer, and she is still dealing with the grief that this brings. She has always come across as quite confident but underneath she isn't and worries about her weight a lot. She also is a little bit isolated away from her family. She would love to regain some of her confidence, and feel happy and more confident.

Elaine Bogle

Elaine Bogle is a 24 year-old mother of one from Balbriggan who lives with husband Ian. She recently gave birth to their first child, Jonah, who is 15 weeks old. Elaine has always struggled with her body image, and finds it extremely difficult to socialise because of it. She finds she is always comparing herself to everyone and feels she is never good enough to match up. She finds it difficult to have conversations because she is always trying to think of something to say rather than listening to people. She is sick of feeling like this and more than anything wants to feel confident, happy and out-going to be a good role model for her son.

Louise Conneely

Louise Conneely is a 37 year-old mum of two from Galway who lives with her partner Chris. She is a full-time mother of a 3 year old girl Jessica and a 18 month old boy Conor. She has been on some form of a diet on and off since her early teens. Has terrible trouble with social events, can never choose what to wear, panics at how other people will see her. Gave up teaching Montessori to mind her kids and finds picking up the extra energy to mind them extremely difficult some days. Would love some renewed confidence in herself.

Style Squad

Make up artist - Ken Boylan

"Ken originally wanted to be an actor, but realised quite soon that he preferred the makeup side of things. He left drama college to do a makeup artistry course and has since enjoyed a varied career that has taken him to Paris, Milan and London.

After his initial training in Dublin, Ken went to Italy where he spent two seasons working as a makeup artist for the Opera di Verona, and on returning home he continued in film and theatre for a while before he wanted to move on to fashion work. He moved to a position in Blue Eriu, where he gained experience with most of the key brands in the makeup world and began to work on fashion shoots representing the store.

His first shoot for Hot Press magazine led to many more with all the major Irish publications including Tatler, Image, Who, VIP, RTE Guide and many wedding magazines. He has worked with all the top photographers, stylists and models in Ireland.

He headed the team at Armani Cosmetics in Brown Thomas for three years and was responsible for all their promotional shoots and shows in Ireland, including the UCD and Trinity fashion shows. He also worked alongside Georgio Armani chief makeup artist, Pat McGrath, in London at many top level Armani events.

He is a regular contributor on Off The Rails, where his recognisable makeup style is showcased in the fashion shoots and more frequently on the makeover features where the candidates rave about their new looks!

Ken has quite a celebrity following counting the Seoige sisters and Victoria Smurfit as regular clients. He has also made up the faces of Minnie Driver, Mischa Barton, Zoe Lucker, Pamela Flood, Caroline Morahan, Linda Martin and Glenda Gilsen along with all the Irish models."

Fashion Stylist - Roxanne Parker

Roxanne is one of Ireland's hottest young styling talents, styling magazine editorials for the likes of Prudence, Irish Tatler, U Magazine, Image, Confetti, Irish Independent's Weekend Magazine, The Irish Independent, Infant Magazine, You & Your Money, House & Home Interior magazine and Creative Hair.
She has also styled commercial ads for the Conrad International Hotel group in America (Miami & Indianapolis) and Ireland, ads for Heinz, Simple Skincare, Yoplait, Opal Cars, Dubarry Shoes, Waterford Crystal, Zeba Hair Salon, Umamma Pregnancy Spa, MaryB recruitment & OUTHAUS interiors.

As a journalist she currently writes, compiles and styles the 'Fashion Dilemma' column every 2nd Wednesday in the Irish Independent.

-As features writer for the Irish Independent she travelled to Russia, New York, Greece, London and L.A., covering a broad range of feature topics for the magazine.
- U Magazine: book reviews, features and celebrity interviews.
-Irish Tatler: Features and interviews.
-Woman's Way Magazine: human-interest features, celebrity and real people interviews and health and fashion features.
- Image Magazine: fashion and health related features.
- Irish Wedding Diary: fashion editor.
-Reporter, features writer and fashion editor for The Dublin Daily.
-Feature writer for the Sunday Tribune's I Magazine.
-Columnist and features writer for the Evening Herald.

Louise Jordan - Award winning stylist, Bellissimo!!!

Joined the Bellissimo team in 2005, and has established herself as an elite stylist in Bellissimo and her credentials in competitions have only added to her esteemed reputation.

Her first accoldaes were achieved at the Irish Hairdressing Championships in Dublin in 2007 which included winning two 2nd places and in 2008 she went on to win two 1st places, since this her career has escalated, and was invited onto the Irish Hairdressing team as a result

Shes a member of Team Ireland since 2006 and a recipient of 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze Omc International and European medals, which included venues such as Oslo, Paris and Greece, she enjoys the buzz and thrill of it all!!

In July 2009 of this year she was awarded an IHF All Star Award for her continued achievements and service to the industry, which was the highlight of her career to be amongst some the the biggest names in the industry

Emotional Makeover breakdown

Week 1

We met the three participants for the first time, we saw their video profiles and had a quick word from Brian on all three about what he feels their main problems are.

Week 2

We re-visit Tammy McGurk as she has an NLP session with Brian Colbert, with advice off the back for Tammy + video diaries of Elaine Bogle and Louise Conneely

Week 3

We re-visit Louise Conneely as she has an NLP session with Brian Colbert, with advice off the back for Louise + video diaries of Tammy McGurk and Elaine Bogle

Week 4

We re-visit Elaine Bogle as she has an NLP session with Brian Colbert, with advice off the back for Louise + video diaries of Tammy McGurk and Louise Conneely

Week 5

The girls won't be in studio but we will have video diaries of all three. Brian will be talking us through the most important points he's faced with our three participants.

Week 6 (LAST WEEK)

The girls undertook their assigned challenges.

Week 7 (THIS WEEK)

Our finale! The girls will be getting an extra special treat in studio with a makeover just in time for Christmas!

Name: Tammy McGurk

Tammy likes her hair to be as low maintenance as possible so she prefers to have it short. She does like her hair to be light and bright in colour.
Her routine is washing it, drying with by ruffling it with her hands, and then applying a small bit of wax. She likes her hair to stay short but hasn't had a colour in a few months so would like to go lighter.

Make up:-
Tammy takes care of her skin well and likes to wear browns which she thinks suits older skin. She does like a bit of drama when it comes to make up!

Tammy is a size 18 - 20 and although she would coordinate well, she dresses mainly for comfort and opts for black elasticated pants during the day. She is quite short and doesn't like high heels! She would like to discover an outfit that would change her body shape. She is losing weight at the moment but still wearing her larger sizes even though she could probably go a size smaller.

Name: Louise Conneely

She's trying to grow her hair at the moment so doesn't want a dramatic cut. Its highlighted so it's quite high maintanence, but she likes the colour and doesn't want it changed on the day of the makeover.

Make up:-
Louise doesn't wear make up day to day, only on occasion. She'd like really dramatic eyes and likes 50's glam.


This is the most stressful part of her appearance. She is a size 14 - 16 and finds dressing for her shape problematic, especially covering up her belly.
She loves Scarlett Johansson's look because she's curvy but classic. She loves the sequins trend of this season but doesn't have the confidence to wear it.

Name: Elaine Bogle

Hair: -
Elaine likes the length of her hair but feels that it is boring and generally wears it in a ponytail. She hasn't had a colour in her hair for five years, and although she'd love a few highlights, she's doesn't want to go too extreme. She loves curly glam hair like Jessica Simpson, J Lo and Beyonce.

Make up:-
Elaine doesn't wear make up during the day, and when she does it's a very natural look. She'd really like to try out smoky eyes!!!

Clothes: -
During the day Elaine tends to wear jeans and for nights out she'd go for a dress. She likes her night time clothes but struggles to be stylish during the day. Hates 80's comeback styles, generally goes for styles that suite her shape.

Style Makeover:-
Roxanne is sending all three ladies to Brown Thomas for an underwear fitting, as all three seem conscious about their body. The ladies will have a bra fitting and a fitting for support underwear, which can transform their shape.
Pulse accessories are providing accessories for the ladies, and their outfits will be complimentary.

Brian's Conclusion

Summary: The 10 Top Tips used on the journey

1. Develop the Attitude of Gratitude.
2. Stop Criticizing Yourself.
3. Stop worrying about what others think, it is not that important.
4. Focus on what you want not what you don't want.
5. Challenge yourself to break through your limitations.
6. See yourself through the eyes of Love.
7. Compare yourself to yourself only and compete to better your best always.
8. Live in the moment but keep your eye on the Bigger Picture.
9. Be fully present.
10. Plan to succeed.

Personal Tips

. Plan to react rather than react to the plan
. Remind yourself what matters most to you.
. Stay connected to those that are near to you too.

. Be prepared to make the first moves.
. Think less and Talk more.
. Stay true to yourself and just add in more experiences.


. Keep listening and accept praise well earned.
. What is on the list gets done so choose wisely.
. Realise that what inspires you is a reflection of what is already inside of you!

The Forward Plan
"All three of the ladies stated that they wanted to lose some weight in the outset of this journey, although it wasn't a major priority, this is the last piece in the jigsaw.
Healthy weight management needs to be done slowly i.e. 2lbs approx a week.

To do this I will continue working with them into the New Year.
Their experience will culminate into my 2 day Life Enhancement Weekend on the 13th and 14th of March where both the volunteers and their partners will be invited to attend the weekend to ensure that the changes made are permanent!"