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Consumer Panel - Christmas Crackers

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Each panelist has been asked to give their marks out of five taking the following points into consideration.

. Appearance
. Taste
. Ingredients
. Presentation - what was the packaging like? Would you buy it?
. Value for money
. Marks out of 5

The four products- Minced Pies:

All Butter Puff Pastry - 6 for €3.99

Own brand - 6 for €1.99

Cuisine de France - a bag - 6 for €2

Delux mince pies 6 pack - €2.49

Prices vary depending on the shop, but these were bought in Dunnes, Marks and Spencer Lidl and Superquinn.

The Results are: (All out of 20)

. 1st Place - 16 points - Lidl
. 2nd Place - 14 points - Spar
. 2nd Place - 14 points - M&S
. 3rd Place - 11 points - Centra

Panelist's Comments:

Centra - Cuisine de France - a bag - 6 for €2

. Had to eat them straight away as they would not hold
. Very nice taste, nice filling. Pastry was lovely and crisp, very fresh
. Had them cold, don't like them hot with coffee, no cream
. Packaging - not great, prefer a box.
. Very good value
. 5/5

. Very dry in texture
. Mince not great, quite bland, very little of it
. Pastry, had to eat them the day they were bought, so not airtight, is that why?
. Ate them cold and heated dry, no cream
. Packaging bit boring but festive little bits of holly, not airtight
. Good value for that price
. 3/5

. Least favourite as I found the pastry in these really dry.
. No dusting of sugar on the top so you would have to dust yourself with icing sugar.
. Does not give list of ingredients on bag, although it did give Allergen information!!
. Not a fan of these although a good price.
. 1/5

. 2/5

M&S - All Butter Puff Pastry - 6 for €3.99

. Good full pies, nothing spared in them
. Flavour was very good
. Packaging very flashy in a good way!
. Good value for the quality
. 4/5

. Went down extremely well, needed a fork to eat
. Very festive presentation, deep red box,
. Looked like home-made, lovely light pastry, not too sweet or greasy
. Lovely mince, loads of fruit, rich taste
. For the quality very good value for money
. 4/5

. You could really taste the butter in the pastry, not a whole lot of mince inside found it hard enough to taste the mince as there is a lot of pastry being puff !!
. So could of done with a bit more mince but they were really tasty.
. Price : €3.99 a little too dear for me. Packaging really appealing they looked as good on the box as the real thing.
. Stated on box 'All butter Mince Pies' they were not wrong..
. 3/5 due to price!!

. 3/5

Spar - Own brand - 6 for €1.99

. Mean with their filling, could do with a lot more
. Pastry not too bad
. Packaging aright, not bad
. Wouldn't buy them again, very poor at any price
. 3/5

. Lovely packaging, festive, red box with white snowflakes
. All individually wrapped, tinfoil
. Pie was quite small, ingredients a little bit dry, lacking in fruit, very sweet
. Sugar on the pastry, too much so
. Excellent value for money for €1.99
. 4/5


. Very impressed with these ones
. Very good value..lovely light Pastry although a little sweet but I liked that..could really taste the mince
. Price : Excellent Value
. Packaging again as with M&S they were exactly same on box as what came out of box..Very festive box. Plenty of ingredients lovely and fruity.
. 4/5

. 3/5

Lidl - Delux mince pies 6 pack - €2.49

. Flavour very tasty, the lightest pastry of them all
. Very well packed
. Labelling very good
. He'd buy them again - so very good value.
. 5/5

. Presentation was very elegant, but not festive, blue and white box
. Short crust pastry was lovely and light and moist
. Very different to others due to the brandy (women in the club loved them)
. Very good value for money
. 5/5

. Pastry done lovely with holly on the top looked really well..Plenty of Mince inside..although they had Brandy and you could taste it not to my liking though!!
. Again I could not fault the look of them on the box as it gave a great picture of them..Box itself a little plain.
. Price not bad..reasonable enough.
. 2/5 did not like the taste of Brandy in the mince. Ingredients again could not fault plenty of fruit.

. 4/5

Prices/Stockists/Relevant Information
Dunnes, Marks and Spencer, Lidl, Superquinn