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Olly Murs

Monday, 21 December 2009

Why did you decide to go on the X-Factor this year - were you tempted to go on it before?

I did apply twice before and I didn't really get anywhere. Then I went travelling for a few months and I thought about music and about my experience of being in different bands and I built my confidence up and I came home and decided to give it another go.
I decided I was going for the over 25's category and this year proved really hard as there was so many great singers.

Did you have to leave your job to go on the X-Factor?

I didn't up until the live shows and then I had to leave as I didn't know how long I was going to be in there. My passion was my music and I wanted to give 100% to my performances. If I had to go back to it I would but at the moment I don't have to and hopefully I won't have to in the future.

Has singing always been your passion - do you always sing at parties?

Always sang all the time at parties and at school and with my mates. I loved to go out and have a great time. I would have loved to have been in a boy band. But I didn't know what to do and how to go about it. It's very hard to make a name for yourself when you come from a small town and you don't have a lot of money.

Then X-Factor came along and you can make a name for yourself very quickly.

What was the pressure like in the house and backstage?

I didn't find it that bad. I was a little nervous for myself but I think it's like anything you just have to prepare yourself in the right way and you give yourself enough rehearsal time and then your performance is like the reward at the end of the week. By the time I got out there I was nervous to be performing in front of all these people but with regards my actual performance I wasn't nervous I was happy with what I was doing.

I slipped on stage but it didn't affect me I just kept on singing. I am very particular about my performance and I give my best to each one - I wasn't going to let that affect me. A lot of people asked me did I do that on purpose and I was like 'God no'. It was because of these bloody shoes - but luckily I didn't slip on my head but I think even if I had of fallen on my arse I would have kept singing.

Who was your best friend in the house?

Stacey was my best friend - she is from my neighbourhood. Jamie Afro was a good mate too. I got on with everyone. Sometimes I kept myself to myself as I like my space. They were all great.

Was it stressful as Stacey was in the semi final and you guys were competing against each other?

No not all. Even up to the final there was no pressure it's what we worked hard for. I am one of these sad people that is in it for the whole experience.

What was your favourite song that you performed?

Angels with Robbie was so great. Also was so amazing to be singing with Sir Paul.

You have met Mariah Carey, Lada Gaga, Paul McCartney, George Michael etc - were you star struck?

No, I wasn't star struck. I handled it well. I think I would have been if I had met a Man UTD player I would have been star struck. I was star struck when I met Ashley Cole. I was trying to act cool in front of him.

I used to play semi professional football with Witham Town. I did it for 3 years and enjoyed myself. I was in and out of the team because of injuries. I miss it and my mates on the team.

What advice did Simon give you?

He wanted me to be fearless, a good performer, enjoy myself and to get into the song. He had a load of tips for me for song choices -there was a couple of weeks that I thought the odd song didn't work - but look at the end of the day I was in the final.

How did your family react when you weren't able to attend your twin brothers wedding?

They were fine - it wasn't like I was just going away for the weekend and I booked it. It was one of those moments I had to accept it and let them enjoy the day. He was fine with it.

Obviously last week you lost out to Joe - did you find it hard going out celebrating when you didn't win?

Not at all - I was dancing - having a drink and catching up with my mates and family. I said to them not to get upset I was so happy to get to the final. It was an amazing achievement and Joe deserved to win - I hope he gets to the number one slot.
We are still texting each other and he texted me to see what I was up to.

Is it true you are going to Robbie's house in LA to play soccer?

Yes hopefully - he is a very busy man but he invited me over to see his house and play football.

Any record deals on the horizon?

We can't till the X-Factor tour is over but we were told to just enjoy ourselves. The tour will be finished in April/May and we are trying to do as many gigs as we can in the meantime. I'm just trying to earn a bit of money while I can - as I'm skint as we couldn't work during The X-Factor - but we also didn't need for anything.

Have you ever been to Ireland?

I have never been to Ireland so I'm so excited.

Olly's performances on XFactor:
. Audition: Superstition
. She's the One by Robbie Williams
. Fool in Love by Tina Turner
. Bewitched by Steve Lawrence
. Come together by The Beatles
. Twist and Shout
. Don't Stop me Now
. Fastlove by George Michael bottom two with john and edward
. Can You Feel it by The Jacksons
. We can Work it Out; John Lennon & Paul McCartney
. For the Semi Final: Superstition, Angels
. Final: Twist and Shout and The Climb.