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Friday, 18 December 2009

Adele King aka "Twink"

We have 5 different categories that we will be talking about. There are 2 books in each category and all the books are under €20. Prices may vary from store to store.


Donal Og Cusack - Come What May - The Autobiography .€15.99 -

The dispute between the Cork hurlers and their manager has transfixed Ireland. Of the many great hurlers who have taken their stand against the county board, none has been more eloquent than Dónal Óg Cusack. Now, with extraordinary frankness and detail, Dónal Óg tells the story of his life on and off the pitch and of the dramatic row that has kept a great and proud hurling side on the sidelines. Lift and Strike promises to be the frankest and most controversial book by a GAA player in the history of the organization.
The book won the 2009 Irish Sports book of the year

Grand Slam by Alan English From €12.35 -

reland's grand slam in the 2009 Six Nations championship was the triumphant culmination of a decade of near-misses for the players of the 'golden generation', brilliantly aided by a crop of young players who had long awaited their chance to crack the side. This book tells the story of the grand slam in the players' own words. Based on exclusive interviews by Alan English with the members of the Ireland squad - O'Driscoll, O'Connell, O'Gara and the rest - "Grand Slam" is the complete story of how they did it. The thrilling last-second victory over Wales was only the last in a series of thrilling, physically brutal, and nail-bitingly close matches in which the Irish confirmed their class and answered those who doubted their heart. The players and coaching staff talk about all the key moments in the five matches - the thriller against France, the win in Rome after a difficult first half, the one-pointer over England, the grinding victory at Murrayfield, and finally the extraordinarily intense grand slam clincher at the Millennium Stadium - as well as the crucial moments in between: in the dressing room and on the training pitch.
And they talk about how they raised themselves, after poor performances in the 2007 World Cup and the 2008 Six Nations, to this year's glorious heights. Lavishly illustrated with match photos by the Inpho team, and by Billy Stickland's stunning and exclusive behind-the-scenes shots, "Grand Slam" is the ultimate account of an achievement that brought joy to the nation.


Ronnie by Ronnie Drew €11.70-

The late great Dubliner, Ronnie Drew, was six months into writing his biography when he was diagnosed with cancer. He had produced warm, witty and insightful material that made it clear that he was a wonderful writer as well as a great singer and storyteller. With the encouragement of his wife Deirdre and his family, he continued to think about the book and conducted a number of interviews to keep things ticking over until he was well enough to resume work on it. But sadly, much as he wanted to, Ronnie did not get to finish his story. However, with the whole-hearted co-operation of his daughter and son, Cliodhna and Phelim, it has been possible to put together Ronnie's work on his memoir along with his other writings, interviews with Cliodhna and Phelim, a wealth of photographs and other material from the family archive, and contributions from close friends, to create a book that is a wonderful portrait of, and a fitting and loving tribute to, the man Bono called 'the king of Ireland'.

What a Lovely Pair by McPartlin Ant & Donnelly Declan From €12.99 -

This is the book everyone has been waiting for: national heroes Ant and Dec, Britain's most successful television duo, have invited their millions of fans into their world. From youth clubs to blind school, pubs to jungles, thereÃ,â€Ts a wealth of behind-the-scenes anecdotes that have never been told until now. Ant and Dec met when they were thirteen on the set of Byker Grove in Newcastle. They didnÃ,â€Tt warm to each other immediately, but soon enough they became best mates and have been inseparable both on and off screen ever since. Bad rap, stunts going wrong, schoolboy pranks and off-screen antics are just some of the experiences they write about in this wonderfully entertaining memoir, full of vivid observations, colourful reminiscence and charming digressions, Ooh! What a Lovely Pair will give millions of fans an insight into the genuine intimacy and refreshing sense of humour that the two TV icons share.


The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown From €12.99-

The most anticipated publication of the decade, ""The Lost Symbol"" is the stunning new thriller featuring Robert Langdon. Six years in the writing, ""The Lost Symbol"" is Dan Brown's extraordinary sequel to his internationally bestselling Robert Langdon thrillers, ""Angels & Demons"" and ""The Da Vinci Code"". Nothing is ever what it first appears in a Dan Brown novel. Set over a breathtaking 12 hour time span, the book's narrative takes the reader on an exhilarating journey through a masterful and unexpected landscape as Professor of Symbology, Robert Langdon, is once again called into action. Expertly researched and written with breakneck pace, ""The Lost Symbol"" once again demonstrates why Dan Brown is the world's bestselling thriller writer.

Coming Home by Patricia Scanlan €9.99-

Two sisters.two very different lives. Alison's American dream is in tatters. Her highflying career is on the skids in the financial meltdown. Her Upper East Side apartment is now way beyond her means . But pride prevents her from telling her family back home just how bad things are. Olivia is fraught trying to juggle family, career, preparations for Christmas and organize a surprise party for their mother's seventieth birthday. How she envies, and sometimes resents, her sister Alison and her life of excitement and affluence in New York. Coming home is the last thing Alison wants to do, especially now that she's met a rather attractive, sexy, down to earth neighbour who doesn't believe in 'non exclusive dating' unlike her wealthy boyfriend, Jonathan. But family ties are strong. Alison and Olivia sort their differences, the party throws up a few surprises and Christmas brings changes for Alison that she could never have imagined before coming home.


Red Sky at Night: The Book of Lost Country Wisdom by Jane Struthers €10.99

Ever wondered how to predict the weather just by looking at the sky?
Or wanted to attract butterflies to your garden?
Is there a knack to building the perfect bonfire?
And how exactly do you race a ferret?

In this world of traffic tailbacks, supermarket shopping and 24-hour internet access, it's easy to feel disconnected from the beauty and rhythms of the natural world.

If you have ever gazed in awe at stars in the night's sky, tried to catch a perfect snowflake or longed for the comfort of a roaring log fire, then this is the book for you. From spotting Britain's five kinds of owl to gardening by the phases of the moon, and from curing a cold to brewing your own ale, Red Sky at Night is packed with instructions and lists, ancient customs and old wives tales, making it an indispensable guide to countryside lore.

Classic Football Debates Settled Once and For All, Vol.1 by Danny Baker and Danny Kelly €17.99

At last, at long, long last - the award-winning Baker & Kelly bring you the most entertaining, radical and unreliable football book ever published. It is full of facts, near facts and 'facts'. The Two Dannys intend to argue the toss, spill the beans and heave the talcum* about everything and anything from the game's biggest questions to some more middling posers right down to stuff they have frankly invented themselves.

Which clubs has the handsomest fans? Who is the greatest player of all time? Pele? Maradona? Puskas? Rougvie? Have foreign players helped or hindered the English game? Well, Marco Boogers, well? Which was the most tip top ever World Cup? (the answer to which will reference Baker & Kelly's own personal adventures at each tournament, which, while narrowing it down, makes for crackerjack reading). Who was the greatest football dad, Fred Baker or Andy Kelly? What was it really like to hang out with Paul Gascoigne back in the day?

And that's it. A cornucopia of footballing fun and well-crafted wisdom that is certain to make the William Hill Sports Book of the Year
Shortlist** and sell like beer-flavoured crisps. Who wouldn't want this book on their roster, except maybe Dick Rowe?***

Baker & Kelly: Sometimes right, sometimes wrong - but always certain


Delia's Happy Christmas by Deila Smith From €14.99 -

Delia has long been the person we turn to for stress-free Christmas celebrations. This year, she celebrates 40 years of writing recipes and brings you "Delia's Happy Christmas" - the definitive guide to all aspects of cooking for Christmas. This cookbook will help you to plan your Christmas festivities to the very last culinary detail, acting as an invaluable Christmas organiser from reminding you to make your Christmas pudding and chutneys in November to giving you a crucial countdown for the Last 36 Hours. "Delia's Happy Christmas" will give you 150 recipes, including 100 new recipes and 50 much-loved classics, plus menu plans and shopping lists, illustrated with glorious full-colour photography. There are recipes for all your favourite traditional dishes - Delia's Classic Christmas Cake recipe has been in print for over 40 years and has never been bettered, but Delia has also created Chestnut Cupcakes recipe to satisfy modern tastes. Of course there is Delia's foolproof recipe for a Traditional Roast Turkey and all the trimmings, and The Only Traditional Christmas Pudding as well as ideas for parties, boxing-day suppers, vegetarian feasts and what to do with leftovers. Organisation is the key to success. If you follow Delia's Christmas calendar, you will be sure to create a very special Christmas. And even if you don't, there is always Delia's The Last-Minute Christmas - a chapter for those who leave things to the eleventh hour. Everyone needs Delia at Christmas.

Fun & Original Character Cakes by Maisie Parrish €14.99-

This is a quirky collection of celebration cakes boasting the unique but easily achievable modelling skills of internationally renowned cake designer and sugercrafter Maisie Parrish. Each design has true character and unique charm and is ideal for a celebration with a difference, from a pampered hippo for Mother's Day to cute carol-singing penguins. Each project is accompanied by quick-to-make cupcakes and minicakes to complement the main cake or to make when time is short. With simple sugarcrafting techniques and clear step-by-step photography, designs are ideal for both beginner and intermediate sugarcrafters. Whether you're creating a single animal topper or a whole singing and dancing theme, this is the book to show you how to do it the fun and easy way.


. Donal Og Cusack - Come What May - The Autobiography, €15.99
. Grand Slam by Alan English, from €12.35
. Ronnie by Ronnie Drew, €9.99
. What a Lovely Pair by McPartlin Ant & Donnelly Declan, from €12.99
. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, from €12.99
. Coming Home by Patricia Scanlan, €9.99
. Red Sky at Night: The Book of Lost Country Wisdom by Jane Struthers, €10.99
. Classic Football Debates Settled Once and For All, Vol.1 by Danny Baker and Danny Kelly, €17.99
. Delia Happy Christmas by Delia Smith, from €14.99
. Fun & Original Character Cakes by Maisie Parrish, €14.99

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