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Dr Philip MacMahon - Skin Myths and Tips

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Dr Philip MacMahon - GP

The main issues:

. Jaundice
This is manifest as yellow skin from an obstruction in the liver or liver disease - it is also importantly noted when the whites of your eyes turn yellow. It is a symptom of something else, like with a rattle in your car, you can hear/see it but you need to go to an expert to investigate it properly.

. Palor - pale skin
This can be anaemia, but a lot of Irish people are very pale by nature, so you need to get to know the patient before you can be sure it is anaemia. Or to see if it is genuine anaemia, you should do a blood test. If is anaemia is very advanced there might be a yellowish tint as well. Anaemia means there is a low haemoglobin (part of the blood that carries oxygen) count. So for a younger or an older person it's important to investigate why. Then we can work on fixing it.

. Talanangetasia
This is manifest as spider blood vessels on the skin on the face, and indicates liver disease - usually from too much alcohol. It is different to the outdoors life broken veins look. A doctor can tell the difference.

. Ptosis (pronounced "Tosis")
This is a weakness of the eye lid (as Aristotle Onassis had). It is a congenital condition- a nerve weakness in the eyelid, connected to the eye from the brain? If it is a new thing it could be to do with the brain or just the eye. It doesn't affect sight. It has nothing to do with the Horner's syndrome - one symptom of which may be the dropping eyelid.

. Facial weakness / Stroke - Bells Palsy
This is quite insignificant, if you wake up and your face is contorted, one eye won't open. It is caused by a special nerve in the brain that gets paralysed for a short time; from sitting in a draft may bring it on, but not 100 sure. It can take up to a month to heal, usually fine but it sometimes leaves a residue.

. Bloating/ Fluid retention
Shows as huge bags under the eyes, can be due to kidney disease, so go to GP. Ask yourself "do I always have them or is it new?" New appearances of anything are always important. So watch out for them.

. Moonface / Glandular disease (Cushings syndrome)
The adrenal gland(on top of the kidney) disease, too much cortisone (does virtually everything for us, nourishes our cells, clears the liquids, nail and hair growth and care, but too much is not good for you) - round face and tummy and skinny legs, lemon on a cocktail

. Swelling below the eyes (lowerlids)

Kidney disease or a night on the town! If there for a long time or a recent

. Swelling of the tongue / upper lip

This is an acute allergy - from a bee sting, nuts etc. Shouldn't be too bad. If your tongue swells up, then rush to your GP or A& E.

. Weight loss

Shows in the face as gaunt features, this means you are not eating enough or it could be cancer or a million other reasons

. Dry lips

This means you are not drinking enough, or that you have been exposed to too much cold air

Your face is a road map of your mind, and your health. The different parts of your face reveals the status of your health.

Good one - The nose is linked with your lungs. Long thin nostrils indicate weak lung power with less physical stamina. A person with long thin nostrils requires plenty of exercise and deep breathing. Wide nostrils show strong lung power and good physical vitality, strength and self-confidence.

Not true - A red bulbous greasy nose, possibly with the veins showing may indicate high blood pressure, heart and liver disorders. An indentation or cleft on the tip of the nose may also show heart or circulatory problems. A dull ache in the nose could indicate blood stagnation and possible heart trouble from eating rancid oils. A soft water nose shows too much intake of alkaline foods and a swollen heart. Sneezing is a discharge of excess alkaline in the system, examples; sugars, liquids, drugs, etc.

Evidence of weight loss important - Hollow and sunken cheeks show weak lungs and digestive organs; improper nutrition or malnutrition, physical exhaustion and poor endurance. A hollow area in front of the ear opening denotes sub-normal secretion or saliva and inefficient food assimilation.

Can't say that: Face pimples may indicate too much sugar, fat, pastries, candy, meat, eggs, fish. More likely to be acne. Some people can't eat chocolate. Anecdotally something might apply but not as a scientific fact of life.

Not true - A large loose, open mouth and lips may mean an expanded colon and stomach. It generally shows a rebellious and uncontrolled nature in mental and physical habits. A closed even mouth and lips, show a controlled mental and physical nature.

Not true/ Wrinkles above the lips indicate sexual and hormonal malfunctioning. The mouth also indicates the condition of the spleen. A lack of vertical indentation, short distance between the nose and upper lip and thin pale lips denote weak internal glands, hormones, and sexual powers. A horizontal crease over the groove also shows malfunctioning sex glands.

Could be true. Cracks at the corners of the mouth can show Vitamin B2 deficiency, digestive and stomach disorders. Sores on the lips may indicate intestinal, stomach toxemia and general body congestion. Tight, constricted lips show contraction of the intestines and vagina. A small mouth shows energy, physical and mental vitality. A swollen lip indicates stomach disorders.

He doesn't think so: A dry, thin, scaly and mottled appearance of the lower lip indicates a disorder of the salivary glands. A thin pale and dry upper lip indicates weaknesses of the reproductive system.