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Monday, 14 December 2009

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Taragh Loughrey-Grant

Taragh Loughrey-Grant, Entertainment Journalist with has been working in TV, radio and print for over 10 years. She studied at DCU before going on to UCD where she graduated with a Masters in 2002. Whilst studying, Taragh worked as a freelance writer with a number of Ireland's leading publications and worked on several projects as a freelance presenter and producer for TV3, RTÉ's Nationwide and for RTÉ's former station Tara TV. She worked as a continuity presenter for TV3 before becoming the Film and Entertainment Correspondent for FM104 radio.

In 2006 she began presenting and producing both Channel 6's (now 3e) film show 'Take 6' and Phantom 105.2's 'Cinerama'. In January 2009 Taragh joined RTÉ as an online Entertainment Journalist and has since co-presented TTV. She is a regular contributor to The Tubridy Show and Arena, presented by Seán Rocks on RTÉ Radio One and the soap correspondent with The Afternoon Show.

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

This Week: Kylie thanks Tracey for caring, as she grieves for her father. Malachy and Dolores plan their Christmas dinner and include Robert in their festivities. Dolores points out that Lara however is not welcome.

As Paul administers IVF injections to Niamh, she mulls over the irony of Yvonne going through with her pregnancy, only for Connie's sake, in contrast to the sacrifices she and Paul must make in their efforts to conceive.

When Colm Joyce reappears in Carrigstown, Ali tries to avoid him, considering he stood her up in September. Colm recognizes her, in spite of her elfin costume, (she is assisting Santa at the Community Centre) and tries to make amends by being friendly. Ali softens, in spite of herself. Later, Colm coaxes Ali to go for a drink with him. When Keith hears that Colm is back in town, he nearly chokes. Keith warns Ali against going on a date with Colm.

Lara jots down notes from Malachy on all the criteria she will need to fulfil to prove herself to social services and regain custody of Jane. Lara asks Dolores to formalize supervised visits to Jane, which she is entitled to. Lara asks Malachy to write a character reference to aid in her search for employment. Cleo fails to endorse Lara as a potential employee at the Hungry Pig. Cleo feels guilty. Dolores berates Malachy when she finds out about the reference and questions whose side he is on, considering he's living under her roof.

Yvonne and Paul share a moment mulling the bitter ironies of their prospective parenting situation, for the sake of their gung-ho partners. Niamh and Yvonne find Connie reading a pregnancy book. Yvonne mentions to Niamh that she knows she is trying IVF. Connie's rejoinder about a relative for whom IVF failed, discomfits Niamh.

Tracey admits to Carol that Dominic's death has left her cold. Carol is overjoyed at this signal that Tracey is finally over Dominic. Kylie makes an ill advised attempt to work at the Community Centre but is distraught. It dawns on Kylie that Dean's failure to support her properly in her grief is related to how much he despised Dominic.

Tracey confides the grim news about Dominic's death to Carol, who sympathises. Kylie tells Dean how much Tracey's support means to her at this time, having once loved Dominic.

Ali meets Colm and asks him why Keith is so terrified of him? Colm levels with Ali about the recent kidnapping ordeal he put Keith through, driven by rage that Keith persuaded him to join the army but deserted instead of heading off to war. Colm admits he has been in therapy recently and is dealing with his issues. Colm says he plans on earning Keith's forgiveness.

Tracey sets Kylie straight that she is still traumatized by memories of Dominic and has no intention of accompanying Kylie to the funeral.

Eastenders Monday 8pm RTÉ One
RTÉ One, Monday & Friday 8.00pm, Tuesday & Thursday 7.30pm

This Week: Janine glances down at her engagement ring and smiles to herself contently. Soon after she begins unpacking some belongings in Archie's lounge. Archie queries whether they want news of their engagement to be made public. Handling Janine the DVD, Archie states that the evidence they obtain would be worthless unless Ian has something to loose. Archie then removes Janine's engagement ring and explains that it will not be returned until she pulls Ian into their scam.

Ian is struggling to cope with household chores in Jane's absence but Bobby reassures him that Jane will be back for Christmas. Later, Janine enquires after Ian to an already flustered Lucy. Janine questions Ian and Jane's relationship and proposes going to see him. When Janine finally leaves, Lucy glares down at a piece of paper noting Jane's current address. In the café, Ian leaves Jane an answer message stating everyone is missing her.

Later, Ian enters the café, followed by Lucy who gives him Jane's address with Janine looking on. Ian decides to head off and find Jane, when Ian arrives at Jane's address he's surprised to find a half dressed young man. When Jane returns to the house she's equally surprised to see Ian there. Ian pleads with her to come home as all the family miss her. Ian suggests adoption as an option but Jane is not convinced by Ian's commitment. Ian then hands her a picture that Bobby has drawn and leaves.
Later, back on the Square, Lucy rushes into the Beale household and announces to Ian that Bobby is missing.

Earlier, in the car lot office, Janine informs Archie that Ian has Jane's address. Janine and Archie then discuss their relationship and Janine points out they are yet to have sex. She questions their engagement and then declares she wants out of the relationship. Ryan returns to see Janine sat at the kitchen table and she tells him she has left Archie for Ryan, because they need each other. Ryan does not believe what Janine is saying and slams his bedroom door in her face.

Billy leaves Honey a voicemail asking her to return his calls so that they can discuss what's happening with the kids at Christmas. Jay arrives with a large bag full of mistletoe for Billy to sell on the stall. Mo who is also selling mistletoe on her stall approaches Billy to confront him. Mo goes behind Billy's back and informs his potential customers that Billy's mistletoe is poisonous and they should buy her more environmentally friendly plastic mistletoe. As the two bicker about who should be selling mistletoe Mo's plastic mistletoe burns on Billy's chestnut roaster!

Soon after, in Archie's house, Billy receives a call from Honey who reports that William and Janet are spending time with her parents over Christmas so he will have to see them in the New Year. When Janine and Archie enter the house, Billy hides behind the lounge door. Archie takes the engagement ring out, telling Janine he has changed his will and that she is now a beneficiary. Billy continues to listen as Archie and Janine lay kissing on the sofa. In an attempt to escape Billy slowly creeps towards the back door, as he does he overhears the pair's plan to remove Phil and Peggy from the Vic. Billy is horrified.

Earlier, Phil asks Billy to help with Christmas at the Vic by heading punters in the Vic's direction on the Square. Billy informs Phil that Peggy is back. Peggy conveys to Phil her money worries and presses him for answers. Phil tells her that he borrowed the money from Ian to pay off the loan shark. Peggy is shocked and demands that they pay it back by Friday otherwise Ian will get the Vic.

Whitney enters the café carrying a box of t-shirts and Bianca suggests selling them in the café so that they can hang-out together. Janine offers to stay with Whitney as Bianca gives her evidence in court but her offer is declined. Whitney wants to join Bianca as she heads to court but Ricky arrives to keep Whitney company which she is not too pleased about.

Max is on the sofa rubbing his head and shouts up to Abi, telling her to turn her music down. As Abi leaves for school, Ian enters Max's house and asks for a contact number for Jane but Max cannot help. Ian recommends cleaning up as Tanya will not return with the house in a state.

Later, Phil bangs loudly on Max's front door and then abruptly walks straight in to the house. Phil demands the cash in an hour at the Vic and Max agrees. Phil reminds Max he owes a lot more. After giving Phil the money he promised, Max bumps into Heather and Shirley in the Vic. Shirley is furious and loudly announces to the Vic's punters that Max has been conning people, including Heather. An on-looking Mo is livid and shouts at Max who then apologises. The apology is, however, not well received.

Meanwhile, Masood, Zainab and Amira debate whether jewellery for the wedding is necessary. Zainab notes how great it is that Masood is now on full pay as she needs all the help she can get. Soon after, Masood hides a 'final demand' bill as Zainab enters the house. They need to leave for an anti-natal class but noticing Masood's worried face she advises that they join the NHS classes, as they are cheaper but Masood informs her he will not settle for second best.

Coronation Street Monday 7:30pm TV3

This Week: Deirdre is horrified when she reads the article in the Weatherfield Gazette.

The police pay Carla a visit at Underworld to discuss Jimmy's role in Liam's murder, but what do they know about her involvement?

This episode is written by Damon Rochefort and produced by Kim Crowther, the director is Stuart Davids.

The information provided here is just a brief taster of the full content of the episode. If you are a member of the press and require a fuller synopsis of the episode please send an email stating your name and who you write for and you will be added to a database of journalists who will be sent the fuller information.

Monday 14 December 8.30pm

Michelle's suspicions about Carla grow. Meanwhile Carla makes a confession to the police.

Ken and Deirdre agree to put the newspaper article behind them but can they build bridges with Peter?

Steve has some words of advice for Dev over the situation with Sunita.

This episode is written by Damon Rochefort and produced by Kim Crowther, the director is Stuart Davids.

Thursday 17 December 7.30pm

Michelle and Carla come to blows in the street when Michelle discovers Carla knew the truth about Tony months ago.

Sunita threatens to stop Dev seeing the twins.

Kevin and Molly both manage to upset their partners as the guilt of their affair continues.

This episode is written by Mark Burt and produced by Kim Crowther, the director is Stuart Davids.

Emmerdale Monday -Friday 7pm TV3 / ITV

THIS WEEK - Charity tries to get rid of the money
Charity (Emma Atkins) remains torn over the money and in an attempt to thaw daughter Debbie (Charley Webb), attempts to return it to her. As a disdained Debbie walks off, refusing to have anything to do with it, Charity notices Edna (Shirley Stelfox) collecting donations for the church. Dumping the cash holdall on the pile of other donations, a liberated Charity believes she has solved her problem. However, fearing her father, Cain (Jeff Hordley) may want the cash back, Debbie arrives at Tall Trees to confront Charity but is thrown when she declares she hasn't got it anymore. Furious that Charity could be so stupid to give it away, Debbie goes off in search of Edna (Shirley Stelfox), fearing she may go to the police if she realises the bags content. When Edna informs them that David (Matthew Wolfenden) is taking the bag to the shelter, they race off and catch him just as he is about to leave the village. With little explanation Debbie and Charity retrieve the holdall from his grasp. Back at Tug Ghyll Charity tries to explain her actions were to prove that Debbie and Cain mean more to her than money. Unconvinced that her mum could ever change, a teary Debbie shows her the door. Will Debbie ever forgive Charity?

Adam urges Holly to stay away from Aaron
With his bravado back in full swing, Aaron's (Danny Miller) flirting with Holly (Sophie Powles) pays off when she agrees to go out for a drink but as she leaves, it's clear Aaron feels uneasy. Back at Butlers Farm, Holly makes a passing comment about going for a drink with Aaron but alarmed and confused by the announcement, Adam (Adam Thomas) warns her to be careful. Bemused by her brother's reaction, Holly is left wondering why Adam is being so protective. Will Adam keep a lid on Aaron's sexuality?

Ashley is struggling with the thought of facing Christmas alone
Ashley (John Middleton) feels the pressure when Rodney (Patrick Mower) mentions he'll bring a Christmas tree over for Gabby (Annelise Manojlovic) to decorate. Emotionally drained, Ashley insists as there is just the two of them Rodney's gesture is unnecessary. With Gabby's best interests at heart, Rodney reminds Ashley it is all the more reason to make an effort.

. Moira (Natalie J Robb) and John (James Thornton) are worried when Hannah (Grace Cassidy) is in an unusual mood and pretends to be ill to skive school
. Scarlett (Kelsey-Beth Crossley) winds Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) telling her there's £10,000 in a trust fund for Angelica but she's unable to touch it until she's 16
. Priya (Effie Woods) is annoyed when she promises the factory workers a Christmas party only to be told by Nikhil (Rik Makarem) there is no chance
Ep 5479

Tuesday 15th December

Adam is annoyed when Holly goes for a drink with Aaron
Adam (Adam Thomas) voices his concern when Holly (Sophie Powles) informs him she is going for a drink with Aaron (Danny Miller) later that evening. Meanwhile, as Adam arrives at the garage to collect a fan belt, Ryan (James Sutton) looks on in amusement at the awkward exchange between Aaron and Adam. Later, Aaron nervously tries to impress Holly who is clearly flattered by his efforts, insisting he is different to all the other boys she's dated. As they prepare to leave the Woolpack, an elated Holly leans in expecting Aaron to kiss her but he freezes. Adam pulls up to take Holly home but uncomfortable with his presence and needing to assert his heterosexuality, Aaron draws Holly in and kisses her passionately. Is this public display of affection real, or is it more for someone else's benefit?

Charity completes her first day at work
Charity (Emma Atkins) is grateful when Jai (Christopher Bisson) and Nikhil (Rik Makarem) give her a job at the factory after Priya (Effie Woods) unexpectedly quits. Following the completion of her first day at work, Charity and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) head to the pub to celebrate. Sensing an opportunity for mother and daughter to bond, Chas asks Debbie (Charley Webb) to join their celebrations but she promptly declines leaving the celebrations crushed. Disheartened, Charity suddenly realises it's going to take more than getting a job to prove she is sticking around.

Pollard changes his mind about giving Olena a job
Sam (James Hooton) eventually cracks Pollard (Christopher Chittell) and persuades him to consider Olena (Carolin Stoltz) for a job. Later, as Olena greets Pollard he asks to see her work visa but when it becomes apparent she doesn't have one, his expression quickly changes. As Terry (Billy Hartman) and Val (Charlie Hardwick) enter the room, Pollard tries to cover for himself and in a fluster, introduces Olena as the new maid for the B&B.

. Hannah (Grace Cassidy) makes excuses to her parents when she comes home with ink all over her shirt
. Marlon (Mark Charnock), Charity and Eli (Joseph Gilgun) grow increasingly concerned when Lizzie (Kitty McGeever) remains cooped up at home