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'My 09'

Monday, 14 December 2009

We speak to Trish O'Connor, the producer behind an ongoing RTE feature called My 09'. This feature, which runs for 25 days, and includes 25 stories, highlights the lives of 'ordinary' people who have to go through tough times in 09. Some of these people had to battle cancer, others had to overcome events like the recent flooding where their business were ruined. For others, just the threat of emigration and leaving a family, friends and girlfriends made 09 a difficult time for them.

We also speak to one brave young man called Michael Curtis (19) who could not go to college last year because of an aggressive form of cancer that struck him out of the blue. He is a cancer survivor.

Mícheal Curtis
Teenager Wexford - cancer survivor - Mícheal couldn't go to college last year due to aggressive form of cancer that struck out of the blue. He has endured operations and hospitalization for a year, but was able to go to college in September 09'.

Trish O'Connor: Producer from RTE's Documentary unit

Tell us about My 09'
Basically this is a one-minute snap-shot into people's lives. We hoped that all the stories are inspirational. There are 25 stories in all and they have started since Dec 7th and they go on until New Year's eve.

What time are they on at?
They start after the 9:00pm news, but they can also be on sometimes at 11:00. The one-minute feature is repeated the next day again around lunch time.