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Paul Costello

Friday, 11 December 2009

What celebrities get it right/wrong?

Natasha Kapliniski is lovely - she looks great on TV. Lily Allen in Chanel adverts looks absolutely brilliant. I love Victoria Beckham's new bob so she is back on my list of approval.

Rihanna does get it wrong quite a bit, Lady Gaga looked good when she met the Queen - she is a smart girl.

How can we prepare for the party season - what should we wear?
A good black dress with Opaque tights and very high shoes.

Since you are a designer is your house perfectly decorated and does your tree look like it came out of a catalogue?
Ask my wife - my house is hell on earth. She complains and she is right - I'm a little neglectful in that area.

Is designing for home-ware a lot different than designing clothes?
Oddly enough it's not. It's quality, form and keeping it simple. I believe if we get things in a good price, start off with a good material, keep it simple, get the quality right and the presentation right. People are much more selective than they have ever been and rightly so. During the celtic tiger people got away with murder.

When you lend your face and name to another company are you hands on with the design of the produce?
I am very much so - it's my nature.

If you had to pick one piece of clothing from your collection to define the Costelloe brand - what would it be?
It would be a coat in Ladies wear and menswear a suit. From Homeware range it would be my porcelain Christmas decorations.

Do you use skinny models in your show or do you try to design for the real woman?
I use models that are about a size 8-10. I know that is small but not compared to other designers who use size 0.

I do think it's to do with attitude and how confident you are with what you are wearing.

You mainly design women's-wear - why not menswear?
It is instinctive for me to design menswear. Men are pretty easy to design for they are fairly classical and they want things to be simple. I generally design something that I might be interested in and that I would buy. Something that is comfortable and easy to wear.

My ethos is simple and classic and that's something that might be multifunctional - a suit jacket can work on it's own with a pair of jeans etc - it's economical that way.

Any top tips for dressing for Christmas on a budget?
If you are young stores such as Primark and Dunnes are great for getting bits and pieces. I think it's about what suits you and your shape and buying less - don't just go mad and shop all around you. You should invest in one really good dress, shoes, coat - buy less and buy better.

I think young people can take more risks with their fashion choices.

What do you think of celebrities who bring out their own labels?
It can annoy me at times but Victoria Beckham's one has worked out quite well and you have to give her some credit for that.

It also tends not to last for too long.


Dunnes Stores

Press Release from Paul Allen & Associates

"Paul Costelloe Does It Again!

One of Ireland's top designers Paul Costelloe does it again with an absolutely stunning range of home-ware items and giftware just in time for Christmas. The central theme of bespoke designs sets off images of designer opulence at affordable and fantastic prices. Over the past four years, Paul has been working very closely with Dunnes Stores, which began, with his inaugural range of designer household items that became an instant success almost overnight. This new range carries the distinctive designer Costelloe monogram on many items.

Amongst the most popular and immediately sought after items are the cut stemware which boasts 24% led cut crystal. These chunky cut led crystal glasses range from red and white wine, champagne, high ball tumblers and Martini glasses and a decanter which come in three distinctive colours: silver, clear and the magnificently decadent black which sets off any festive dinner table or drinks party giving it that added flair. All crystal cut glasses start at €20 for a 2 piece set in a presentation gift box.

The collection encompasses a coordinated look for the four main rooms in the house - The Bedroom, The Bathroom, The Living Room and The Kitchen from stylish cushions and retro lamps to festive tableware and stunning mirrors. Paul Costlloe's gifts for "him" and "her" are perfect stocking fillers, thank you presents or gifts for oneself that represent simplicity, sophistication, luxury and affordability. The range comes in beautiful quality soft leather, cut glass, silver plated finish, accompanied by, silk /wool mixes, Merino wool, silk and finest cotton fabrics.

The Paul Costelloe Living and Gifts Range is exclusive to Dunnes Stores".