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Monday, 7 December 2009

Taragh Loughrey-Grant, Entertainment Journalist with has been working in TV, radio and print for over 10 years. She studied at DCU before going on to UCD where she graduated with a Masters in 2002. Whilst studying, Taragh worked as a freelance writer with a number of Ireland's leading publications and worked on several projects as a freelance presenter and producer for TV3, RTÉ's Nationwide and for RTÉ's former station Tara TV. She worked as a continuity presenter for TV3 before becoming the Film and Entertainment Correspondent for FM104 radio.

In 2006 she began presenting and producing both Channel 6's (now 3e) film show 'Take 6' and Phantom 105.2's 'Cinerama'. In January 2009 Taragh joined RTÉ as an online Entertainment Journalist and has since co-presented TTV. She is a regular contributor to The Tubridy Show and Arena, presented by Seán Rocks on RTÉ Radio One and the soap correspondent with The Afternoon Show.

Fair City: Tuesday - 8pm, RTE One

THIS WEEK: Dolores, Malachy and Bela chat about Christmas and Bela remarks to them how much like a family they seem, embarrassing Dolores. Later, Cleo jokes that Dolores and Malachy would make a great couple. Dolores is unimpressed. Meanwhile, Bela innocently encourages Malachy's hopes that there could be something more between himself and Dolores.

Kylie offers to repay the money stolen in the break-in but Tracey refuses. Dean reassures Kylie that it was not her fault. Tracey keeps her distance from Dean who reiterates his plan to break it off with Kylie but Tracey does not believe him.

Adam insists to Pete that he must get his lap-top repaired as all his work for art-college is saved on the hard drive. Adam fights back tears of rage as Pete agrees to fix it. Pete goes to Charlie for advice and Charlie tells him to meet with Avi who will be able to sort him out. Pete meets Avi who gives Pete a free estimate to repair Adam's laptop. Jo arrives in and she and Charlie have a disagreement about disorder at the Helping Hand. Pete suggests a better inventory system to Charlie and Charlie takes Pete up on his offer to help out at the shop.

Tracey chats with Cleo and tells her she has 'a friend' who was deceived by another and asks her what she would do. Cleo replies that it would be the end of the friendship.

Mark tells Damien he is nothing better than a bouncer throwing poor people out on the street. Suzanne silences Mark but Damien expresses his shame to Suzanne afterwards. Damien calls to his first debtor and is shocked when he is laughed at and unceremoniously ejected. Upon hearing this, Suzanne coaches Damien, in an effort to inject some backbone into him.

Dolores moves to clear the air with Malachy, saying she's tired of people making the wrong assumption about them. Malachy misinterprets what Dolores is saying and asks her to marry him, there and then. Dolores is visibly horrified and refuses his offer.

Dean tries to talk to Kylie about ending their relationship but she keeps interrupting with thoughts on when and how they should move in together. Dean tells a relieved Tracey that he didn't break it off with Kylie. Tracey admits that she is terrified of Kylie finding out about them. Later, Ian advises Dean to make Kylie break up with him.

Doug teases Mark about Damien's new job calling his brother a "thug", much to Mark's annoyance. Damien frets that he won't earn enough from the job and does not think he will ever adjust to life as a debt collector.

Dolores, Cleo and Malachy receive an unexpected visit from a fresh-faced and well-dressed Lara, asking after her baby, Jane.

Eastenders: Monday - 7:30pm, RTÉ One

THIS WEEK: The mobile phone Whitney has received rings but she doesn't answer it. It's Tony so he leaves a voicemail telling her that he loves her and pleads for her to return his calls.

Ricky requests the children are nice to Bianca and Whitney this week. As Tiffany is creating a card for Whitney's birthday she comments on Whitney being her sister. Ricky smiles awkwardly, wishing he could tell Tiffany the truth.

Whitney listens to Tony's voicemail but then Bianca enters with breakfast so Whitney swiftly hides the mobile. Bianca comforts Whitney about the day ahead at court. While Whitney ignores a call from Ryan, Bianca pleads with her for no more secrets, noting that Ryan is trying to protect her. Bianca suggests a shopping trip before court. Whitney reacts by questioning Bianca, as if shopping would be a reward. Bianca is hurt by this remark and defends her suggestion explaining it was mentioned with Whitney's birthday in mind. Bianca leaves and Whitney debates calling Tony.

Ryan receives a text from Whitney and in response goes to visit her. Bianca refuses Ryan's request to see Whitney but he forces his way in. Whitney explains that she wants Ryan out of her life and states that Tiffany is the only family she needs.

Whitney reads a text from Tony asking her to call him that evening and she in return texts him back one word. Whitney heads downstairs but looks back up the stairs as she leaves. She already regrets her decision. In the meantime, in his cell, Tony reads a text on his mobile and smiles to himself.

As the Witness Service Officer, Ms Gilroy, outlines the key areas of the courtroom, Whitney stands in the dock looking out over the court. She is daunted by the prospect of the case. Later, Whitney appears stressed and snaps at Bianca for questioning Vivien Easley QC about the upcoming court events.

Spilling a cup of tea in Whitney's bedroom, a panicked Tiffany finds Whitney's tea soaked secret mobile. After Whitney and Bianca return from their shopping expedition Whitney makes her excuses and heads to her bedroom. Endeavouring to dry the mobile Tiffany has taken it apart. Whitney finds the situation infuriating and hurriedly tries to piece it back together. The mobile is dead. Whitney shouts at Tiffany who then cries as a result so Whitney immediately picks her up and cuddles her.

Ricky and Bianca hurry in to see what has happened as Whitney apologises again to Tiffany. Bianca and Tiffany leave the room but Ricky remains. Both Ricky and Whitney show their discontent over the situation and begin to argue leading to Ricky revealing he is Tiffany's father. Bianca stands in the doorway, hearing the slip as Whitney is left devastated.

After several practised attempts, Max successfully forges Rachel's signature on the unsigned cheque. Later, Max meets Bradley, Syd and Noah at the tube station and informs Bradley that his mother's condition is improving. However, Max lies that she is still unable to receive visitors.

Ian sits at his laptop staring at the dating agency website before glancing across at a photo of Jane and guiltily turning it round. Later, Janine enters the café and offers Ian a promotion on a cab service. Janine hitches up her skirt to display her suspender belt and offers Ian her mobile number to arrange going for drinks. Revealing himself by lowering his newspaper, Archie has heard everything and is not impressed.

Archie informs Janine of his displeasure at her behaviour in the café towards Ian. Janine defends her antics leaving Archie questioning Janine's loyalties.

Ian checks a photo of Fiona from the internet-dating website. With Janine looking on, Fiona arrives to meet him, apologising for her late arrival. After requesting a bottle of champagne, Ian is left embarrassed when Ryan demands payment. This is contrary to what had been previously agreed. Ian regrettably asks Fiona to pay the bill much to Janine's amusement. An upset Fiona leaves the Vic. Ian moves towards the upstairs of the Vic to see Phil but Ryan physically stops him. With Janine finishing Ian's champagne, Archie, who has entered the pub as Ian left, queries Janine's and Ryan's allegiances.

Jean visits Stacey in the psychiatric hospital where Stacey states she did not want Jean to visit. Stacey remains despondent towards Jean until Becca, another patient, arrives. Jean focuses on Stacey and sidelines Becca's inappropriate sense of humour. Jean tries to persuade Stacey to come home but is continually interrupted by Becca. On Jean's request and Stacey's confirmation Becca leaves. Stacey tells a devastated Jean that she has nothing to come home to. Later, back in the Square Jean sees Bradley and Syd walk across the Square and questions their return. She wonders if knowing of Bradley's return would help Stacey.

Coronation Street: Monday - 7:30pm TV3

THIS WEEK: Ken goes behind Deirdre's back and speaks to the council about blocking the planning application for the bar. Becky and Claire decide to stage a Christmas panto at the Rovers and Molly is furious with Kevin's refusal to leave his family.

Monday 7th December - 8.30pm

A trip to Santa's grotto is an eye opening experience for young Simon Barlow when Ken is revealed as Father Christmas! Anna and Eddie Windass fail to see eye to eye over son Gary's plans to join the army. Rosie refuses to get a job and the plans for the Rover's panto start to take shape. This episode is written by David Lane and produced by Kim Crowther, the director is Pip Short.

Thursday 10th December - 8.30pm

Carla is shocked to receive a letter from Tony - but will she read what he has to say?

Peter discovers that Ken is staging a protest meeting in the Rovers. Distracted by his row with Molly, Kevin forgets his wedding anniversary. Dev gets a shock when he discovers the identity of Matt's fiancee.

Ros na Rún: Tuesday and Thursdy - 8:30pm, TG4


Tuesday: This week in Ros na Rún, Caitríona learns the price of being a kept woman. Caitríona loves the trappings of the champagne lifestyle with Gary, but she's getting tired of playing arm candy while Gary entertains clients. After an embarrassing dinner with Gary's sleazy client and his snobby wife, Caitríona decides she deserves to be treated with more respect. Will Caitríona stick to her guns and let Gary know he can't buy her affections?

Elsewhere, Daniel could soon be paying the price for clashing with his star employee Caomhán! Daniel is too busy fretting over the books in Gaudi's and arguing with Caomhán over supplies to notice that one of their customers is in fact a prominent food critic. What's more, Berni is planning to poach Caomhán from under Daniel's nose, offering him free reign as chef in the café. Will Daniel's cost cutting land him in hot water?

Other stories affecting the villagers of Ros na Rún on Tuesday include:
. Stressed parents Frances and Tadhg argue about how to raise their daughter
. Cóilín puts Vince through rigorous training to prepare him for his new job in the shop.


Caitríona is beginning to feel that Gary is getting more out of their relationship than she is! Gary wants Caitríona to give his client's wife a head to toe spa day on the house but Caitríona refuses point blank. Gary thinks it's the least Caitríona can do after he's invested so much money in the salon. Caitríona doesn't feel the same way and makes it clear that too much of her blood, sweat and tears have gone into making the beauty salon a success to dish out freebies just to keep Gary's clients happy! Soon Caitríona is plotting to get rid of Gary once and for all. Can the clever business woman remove Gary from her personal life but keep him sweet as an investor in the beauty salon?
Meanwhile, Molly makes a painful discovery about her parents Bríd and Johnny. Molly is furious to learn that Mícheál's daughter Réaltín flushed Bríd's beautiful engagement ring down the toilet when she was playing with Bríd's jewellery and is even angrier that Bríd doesn't seem to care. Bríd is forced to admit to her daughter that her engagement ring holds no sentimental value for her because she had to foot the bill for the ring herself! Molly is devastated to think that her father Johnny's stories of romancing her mother were nothing more than fairytale. Will Molly finally accept that her mother is far happier with down-to-earth Mícheál than she ever was with flaky womaniser Johnny?
Other stories affecting the villagers of Ros na Rún on Thursday include:
. Tensions at work are wearing Caomhán down
. Tadhg finally gets some peace and quiet but discovers he misses busy family life
. John Joe and Séamus see an opportunity to make cash selling Cóilín's handmade Christmas decorations.