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Jan DeVries' Solutions to Over - Indulgence

Monday, 7 December 2009

Jan DeVries: World Renowned Naturopath

Is over indulgence a dangerous thing in terms of your health and well being and what solutions do you offer?

Over indulgence is always a dangerous thing, especially over Christmas and New Year, when ots of people have problems with their liver, stomach and bowels, because of overeating and an inordinate amount of rich foods, and alcohol being consumed.

The liver especially, cannot deal with all the fatty foods we tend to consume, and extra alcohol, perhaps being consumed at this particular time of the year.

What effects does eating this volume or type of food have on our bodies, mood or habits?

When the liver gets upset, (as the liver has to filter in 24 hours 1200 pints of blood) it effects one emotionally. Mostly depressed people can often have liver problems, therefore the liver needs a lot of cleansing.

On Christmas Day, we eat a lot of things we would never eat during the year or at least all in one day - is it a challenge for our bodies to control?

On Christmas Day, we do tend to eat a lot of things that we don't normally eat, for instance chocolate, rich Christmas cakes, mince pies, etc, and it is indeed a challenge for our bodies to control.

Is there anything we should look out for or be cautious of?

It is especially important to take care of ones liver, gallbladder, stomach and bowels. Combinations of the wrong foods together with alcohol, one has to be very cautious, and one has to take some extra protection. After all, protection is better than cure!

1. What herbal solutions are widely acknowledged to help with digestive discomfort and essentials absorption?

Milk Thistle Complex:
-Tincture €10.50
-Tablets €12.55

. This is one of the finest herbal preparations and good to take three days before Christmas.

. Milk Thistle is a traditional herbal liver tonic, which strengthens, cleanses, and protects the liver.

2. To Aid Digestion:

Centaurium -Yarrow Complex (Herbal digestive tonic) - €10.50
-Molkosan Vitality - €17.00

. Centaurium is a stomach bitter and is used to improve digestion, by increasing both the secretion of digestive enzymes and gut motility. This will help relieve symptoms of indigestion such as nausea, flatulence, fullness and gastric discomfort.

. Beneficial to drink.

3. For Diarrhoea:
-Tormentil Complex €10.50
-Bowel Essence €5.35

4. What should I take after I've eaten too much?
-Craving Essence €5.35

It's difficult to stop eating rich food once you get used to over indulging so this is good to help stop the craving to continue the bad habits that overloads the stomach and the liver.

5. Natural remedies to help shift the extra pounds
-Helix Slim tablets €12.55
-New Double Trim Secrets €17.49


Available from all good health food stores

. Helix, Milk Thistle, Yarrow, Centaurium 50ml - all Euro 10.50

. Molkosan Vitality Euro17.00

. Milk Thistle Tablets Euro 12.55

. Helix Slim Tablets Euro12.55

. Bowel Essence Euro 5.35

. Trim Secrets Euro 17.49

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