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On the lash!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

It's Party-time!! From this weekend on, Christmas parties will be ten -a -penny. From after work drinks to full on formals, we'll be turning up the glam volume to deafening levels.

Eye-lashes are an inexpensive way to make your eyes look seriously sexy. So, with a little practise, and a steady hand, you can make the most of your eyes this party season.

Lisa O'Connor- Make-up artist to the stars!
Since 1992 Lisa O Connor has worked as a makeup artist with most of the top prestigious cosmetics companies. In 1997 when M.A.C first arrived in Dublin she began her 7 year career working as makeup artist and manager. While working with M.A.C Lisa developed her makeup artist skills as well as working on exciting projects from the MTV awards to The Late Late Supermodel Shows.

In July 2004 Lisa decided to move on and start a freelance career under the name The Beauty Source. During this time she specialized in Bridal, Fashion and photographic makeup.

She also works regularly in television both working behind the scenes and in front of camera. She created looks for RTEs "You're a Star", "Charity You're a star" and "The All Ireland talent show" to mention but a few. She has appeared as a beauty contributor on both "Off the rails" and "The Afternoon show".

She has built up a regular clientele including the Seoige sisters, Amanda Brunker and Michelle Heaton and also worked on international celebrities including Natalie Imbruglia, Carrie Fisher and Anna Friel. Lisa has been creating looks for all the Peter Mark advertising campaigns.

Lisa has recently launched her exclusive makeup line "War Paint" which is available to purchase at her makeup parties and at her online shop -

Bróna & Corrina

Model 1:- Bróna

Right Eye - Feather lashes, €15, The Lash Bar

Left Eye:- Crystal Lashes by Gosh, €9.99, pharmacies nationwide

. Customise your own crazy lashes with an inexpensive lash such as NYC's " Black Natural", €2.59 and some feathers from your local haberdashery.
. Lisa will demo how to make one lash.

Model 2:- Corrina

Right Eye:- Individual Lash kit, €9.99, Gosh, Pharmacies nationwide.

Left Eye:- half lashes, €15 (2 sets), Warpaint

For a less dramatic look, but full on glamour all the same, try Girls Aloud lashes (in 5 different styles) Gift Set of lashes, €32, Boots.
Individually each set is €TBC.

How to apply False Lashes

. Apply lashes as final stage of eye makeup
. Peel lashes off package with tweezers and trim band (with scissors) to fit width of your eye
. Apply a thin line of adhesive along the band of the lashes - Never apply directly to the eye
. Let adhesive set for 30 seconds or until sticky
. Place the false lash close to the base of your natural lashes and press ends in to place. Using a tweezers can often aid in getting it as close as possible to your natural lash line.
. To secure the lash firmly, gently press down the lash grip from one end to the other until adhesive is dry
. If you have concerns about being able to see the lash line, use liquid liner to cover it. Liquid is best as pencil will drag the lash off!.
. Carry glue in your purse in case of unanticipated emergencies.

How to remove False Lashes

. Gently peel lash strip from outer to inner corners of lid
. Peel off adhesive residue and place back in package until next use
. If using individual lashes, use oil based make-up remover.
. Do not attempt to remove lashes by simply pulling them off. This will pull out your own eyelashes along with the false ones.

. When wearing a full strip of lashes cut the strip to fit the eye. Don't apply too close to the inner eye corner
. Choose a style to suit your natural lash.
. Don't wear lashes that are too long as they will look very fake- unless this is your intention!
. Refrain from wearing over the top eye makeup when using glitter lashes
. Don't spend a fortune on novelty lashes. Buy an inexpensive pair and decorate them yourself.

Prices/Stockists/Relevant Information

. Feather lashes, €15, The Lash Bar - Nationwide

. "Yuko" by Eyelure, €11.20, Boots

. Crystal Lashes by Gosh, €9.99, pharmacies nationwide

. NYC's " Black Natural", €2.59, pharmacies nationwide

. Individual lash kit, €9.99, Gosh, pharmacies nationwide

. Half lashes, €15 (2 sets), Warpaint

. Girls Aloud Gift Set of lashes, €32, Boots.