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Consumer Panel - Christmas Puddings

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Panel

1. Victoria Doyle

2. Liz Wycherley

3. Niamh Craven

4. Jayne Homan

Each panelist has been asked to give their marks out of five taking the following points into consideration.

. Taste
. Smell
. Ingredients
. Presentation - what was the packaging like? Would you buy it?
. Price and value for money
. Marks out of 5


. Dunnes Stores - 454g - €1.79 (=half price at the mo.)- (€0.39 per 100g)
. Tesco Christmas Pudding - 454g - €5.99 (€1.32 per 100g)
. Supervalu - Luxury Christmas Pudding - 227g - €1.99 (€0.88 per 100g)
. Lidl - Rowan Hill Christmas Pudding - 750g - €5.49 (€0.73 per 100g)

Prices vary depending on the shop, but these were bought in Dunnes, Supervalu, Tesco and Lidl.

Please note they are not all the same weight!

The Results are: (All out of 20)
1st Place - 13 points - Dunnes Stores
1st Place - 13 points - Tesco
2nd Place - 12 points - Supervalu
3rd Place - 9 points - Lidl



. Taste: Lovely rich flavour, could taste all the different ingredients throughout.
. Smell: Got the real Christmas smell of pudding.
. Ingredients: Plenty of ingredients to give flavour.
. Presentation: Lovely gold paper underneath cardboard covering (which is needed to see what pudding is like) - when opened lovely glaze to pudding - Super price at €1.79 - 3/5

. Tasted almost homemade, lovely rich ingredients and held together well
. Presentation - it looked moist and succulent.
. Yes we would buy it!
. Extremely good value for money.
. 5/5

. Taste - Strong traditional taste, a bit on the heavy and dark side for my particular taste.
. Smell - Ok smell, not too strong.
. Ingredients - Made with cider, so if you'd prefer that taste to a brandy or whiskey its good. Doesn't have a huge list of ingredients which I take as a good sign, less preservatives and what not.
. Presentation - The bowl is red as is the packaging, nice and christmasy looking.
. Price and value for money - Very good value for money. Cheapest out of the bunch
. 4/5

. This pud was very light in colour and mushy looking.
. It tasted more like a light fruit cake than a pudding.
. It had the consistency of putty and was so wet it could be moulded into whatever shape took your fancy.
. Overall, this was off-putting and was struck off the list!
. 1/5


. Beautiful taste, could really taste mixed spices and nutmeg when eating.
. Before even opening the packet I could get the lovely smells.
. Loved the ingredients that went into this pudding the flavours really came through.
. Lovely gold paper again on this on when outer cardboard had been removed
. This was the most expensive pudding but to me it was worth it.
. 4/5

. Quite bland tasting, very dry certainly needed cream or custard with this one.
. Crumbled on cutting.
. Presentation - dry looking not a bit appetizing to the eye.
. No we wouldn't buy it. Too expensive at this price for what you get.
. 3/5

. Taste - was a bit dry
. Smell - had a nice smell
. Ingredients - it's the pudding with has the least calories! Only by about 5, but still! Has the most sultanas
. Presentation - Presentation was ok. The red bowl was nice, all in all normal packaging
. Price and value for money - Really expensive! By far the most expensive, pretty much a rip off.
. 1/5

. A beautiful pudding packed with fruits, nuts and cherries.
. Lovely spicy smell and tasted gorgeous.
. You could pass this off as a 'home-made' pud and get away with it!
. Nice and boozy and well presented.
. Attractive gold wrapper with clear guidelines for heating.
. Expensive compared to the others but remember that old adage - you pay for what you get! An absolute winner! Will be purchasing for Christmas!
. 5/5


. Great size for people on their own or if only one or two people ate it..found this one a little on the dry side..plenty of fruit but still a bit dry..
. Again lovely gold wrapping
. Not bad value when you look at the prices of the others comes in the middle price wise
. 2/5

. Sharp tarty taste, not palatable.
. Crumbled on cutting and serving. Presentation - looked mean because it was so small, a little bit depressing!
. No we wouldn't buy it.
. Good value if only for one person
. 2/5

. Nice and light in colour and taste. Full of fruit and raisons
. Smell - was a bit bland
. Ingredients - made with brandy which makes to me is what traditionally goes with pudding
. Presentation - I liked that it was small, if you wanted a small one. The tub the pudding was in was quite difficult to open which was annoying. The packaging had a nice picture of the pudding which was good.
. Price and value for money - little but pricy, but if you only wanted a small pudding, its not bad value
. 4/5

. This was a lovely little pud packed with fruit, nuts and whole cherries.
. Lost out by a margin to the Tesco pud as it didn't smell or taste as strong but it was very nice.
. Dinky little size for one person, maybe two at a stretch!
. 4/5


. Didn't like the taste of this one..nuts were included in the ingredients which I didn't they were very obvious through it..again pudding smell similar to two of the others..had a really nice round shape when taken out of container.
. This was the biggest pudding in size so good value but not for me..
. 1/5

. Very Very strong alcohol taste of this one, nearly too strong.
. Held together well and very round like a ball rather than a bowl.
. Presentation - Very Christmassy and more homemade looking than the others yes we would buy it.
. Great value nice and big can feed plenty!
. 4/5

. Taste - quite sticky. Very dark in colour and taste. Was kind of like a sticky cake rather than a pudding.
. Smell - no real smell from it
. Ingredients - made with sherry.
. Presentation - Was purple, which was a nice change. The bowl for the pudding didn't have a re-sealable top which isn't great.
. Price and value for money - Pretty good value, great if you had a lot to feed as it's a big pudding!
. 3/5

. Horrible, horrible, horrible from the packaging right down to the actual taste of the pudding. It was like eating a bowl of raisins and nothing else!
. Very dark colour- black in fact and all you could see were lots of black raisins.
. Went rock hard too - far too dry. A suggestion might be to put it onto a nice plate and pour some brandy over it and light it for effect.
. Eat with lots of cream or brandy butter.
. Ideal size for a large family.
. Horrible purple foil and black plastic bowl. Looked more Hallowe'en that Christmas!
. Would not buy this.
. 1/5

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