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Monday, 30 November 2009

Taragh Loughrey-Grant

Taragh Loughrey-Grant, Entertainment Journalist with has been working in TV, radio and print for over 10 years. She studied at DCU before going on to UCD where she graduated with a Masters in 2002. Whilst studying, Taragh worked as a freelance writer with a number of Ireland's leading publications and worked on several projects as a freelance presenter and producer for TV3, RTÉ's Nationwide and for RTÉ's former station Tara TV. She worked as a continuity presenter for TV3 before becoming the Film and Entertainment Correspondent for FM104 radio.

In 2006 she began presenting and producing both Channel 6's (now 3e) film show 'Take 6' and Phantom 105.2's 'Cinerama'. In January 2009 Taragh joined RTÉ as an online Entertainment Journalist and has since co-presented TTV. She is a regular contributor to The Tubridy Show and Arena, presented by Seán Rocks on RTÉ Radio One and the soap correspondent with The Afternoon Show.

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

Heather / Brendan - villains
. As far as I can see the 'Fair City' Heather/Brendan dilemma is one of the most original. Most people are either in the Heather or Brendan camp - neither are outright villains in the Billy Meehan sense of the word but questionable characters who have hurt a lot of people nonetheless.
. In our recent interview with Tom Hopkins he revealed how good, kind-hearted Christy believed that Heather was the root of all evil in the Phelan household. He believed she will always selfishly do what suits her; whether that's run off with her own step brother, publish scandalous books about her own family or leave her husband vulnerable in court as she keeps evidence (that could clear his name) from him.
. On the other hand there's those on the other side of the fence who want to see Brendan go down for assisting Floyd's death/suicide. Euthanasia is a obviously a controversial area and the fact that his wife was in love with the man he helped to kill is certainly a topic that has kept people talking around our office. Hero or villain? You decide.

THIS WEEK: Dean reacts badly to Leo's teasing about Kylie keeping him awake at night. Leo is puzzled by Dean's prickly behaviour.

Robert, in his capacity as physiotherapist, declares Pete fit for work. They agree that Pete should work in a sedentary job. Pete approaches Kylie looking for a job at the Community Centre. He learns that you have to be able to use a computer and leaves disillusioned. Pete informs Doug that he got the all-clear to go back to work, but Doug warns Pete that he won't find work that easily. Pete resents being reminded of his lowly status when Robert tips him off to a print shop that's looking for an assistant. Pete tries to learn how to work the computer and admits to Doug and Adam that he is fearful of going back to school to learn computer skills.

Felix informs Dermot and Jo that they have been approved for fostering and can expect a child soon. Dermot and Jo are ecstatic but Jo begins to feel slightly anxious as well and questions if they are doing the right thing. Jo prepares her home to receive their new foster child, putting child-proof locks on all cupboards. Dermot tells Jo to relax.

Dean and Tracey admit they want to be together. Dean and Tracey meet up and fall into each others' arms. Later, Dean and Tracey panic when they realise he left a message for Tracey on Kylie's phone. Tracey begs Dean to retrieve the message from Kylie's phone. Dean convinces Kylie to meet him at the Hungry Pig where he manages to wipe his message from her phone.

Things are frosty in the Halpin household. Damien is not very supportive of Mark's decision to study maths but tells Mark how proud he is that he is going to college. Damien and Suzanne have words over Damien's ongoing quest for employment.
Damien makes lunch for Suzanne and tells her that his internet searches for work are getting him nowhere. Suzanne doesn't believe him and informs him that he has to get a job to pay for Marks grinds. She feels she is putting her life on hold until he is gainfully employed again. Suzanne starts to look for jobs for Damien.

Jo and Dermot are shocked when they find out they are to receive their first foster baby tomorrow. Felix informs them it is a baby girl called Emily who is three months old. Jo admits to Dermot that she is scared.

Damien is furious with Suzanne for interfering and interprets her job applications on his behalf as a mark of disrespects. Suzanne's response is that she has respect for anyone who puts family first.

Dean and Tracey are caught kissing by Robert in the laneway of McCoy's. Robert is disgusted and beats a hasty retreat before the cheating couple can remonstrate.

Eastenders Monday 8pm RTÉ One

RTÉ One, Monday & Friday 8.00pm, Tuesday & Thursday 7.30pm

Archie - villain
. He psychologically ripped his family apart. It may sound cartoonish but he is an evil mastermind who not only took Ronnie's baby daughter Lauren away from her when she was a child, leaving her traumatised ever since but then kept them apart when Danielle resurfaced, years later.
. His behaviour was undoubtedly a contributing factor to her death
. He is also responsible for sending Ronnie off into a tail spin.
. He ripped Jack and Ronnie apart
. He has messed with Peggy's head and heart
. He drove Sam away and the Mitchell's to despair and bankruptcy.
. He does all this to his own family, his own flesh and blood.imagine what's he capable of doing to others.
. Janine may think that he's met her match in her but even she doesn't realise how dangerous he is

Lucas - I know he was responsible for Trina's death but he didn't mean to kill her. What he did afterwards was unforgivable, keeping her death a secret and letting her die while he waited outside the shed.

Phil rings Max and advises him that it is in his best interests to rethink the 13k he owes. Phil tells him he'll be in the Vic. Max tries to persuade Masood to let him help with his postal round, for a small fee. His financial concerns grow as he receives Abi and Lauren's Christmas lists, and they insist upon a real tree and "loads of baubles and stuff." In his desperation for money, Max resorts to selling his watch over the internet and wonders what else he can sell from the house.

Peter feels very awkward as Ian complains that he is the "first person in Walford with a hot tub and no one wants to share it with me". As Peter makes his excuses and leaves, Ian makes a call to someone called Nicky before his offer of a dip in the hot tub is misread, with Ian asserting, "Course I'm joking. What d'you think I am?" Later, Ian announces to Amira that he has found her a flatmate, Nicky, who is moving in that day. Amira is dismayed to discover that Nicky is a boy.

Phil shows his injured hand to Max and explains he broke it punching a wall. He suggests Ian should pay up by way of compensation and that he and Max could "take him for everything he's got." Max is reluctant, saying he is not a con man and calling Phil nuts for seeking 13k by 5pm the next day. Phil claims Max is the man to do the job and makes it personal when he berates the contents of Max's wallet, especially with Christmas approaching. Max battles with his conscience as Phil gives him until 1pm to decide.

Later Max is unable to buy a Christmas tree, as the seller won't take a cheque. Ian approaches and asks if Tanya has heard from Jane as the kids have been asking for her. Max is sympathetic about Ian's loneliness, but his conscience eases again as Ian goes to buy a tree and reveals his cash crammed wallet. Ian later teases Max that he and Tanya grew quite close on their wife swap and perhaps she would enjoy some hot tub action. This comment may seal his fate with Max.

Max surprises Ian by turning up at his door with a towel and bathing trunks. As the two sit in the hot tub, Max tells Ian that he has gotten wind of a property investment opportunity with a large payout. Max flatters Ian's ego by explaining that he wants to work with him because he is the richest and most successful businessman in Walford, and only needs to invest £150,000.

Later on, Masood tries to change Ian's mind about Nicky, telling him he will raise the cash to buy Amira time to find her own flatmate. Ian is curious how Masood has access to funds. The two walk into the Vic and tell Max there is a slight change of plan - Masood is in on the deal too. Phil watches on anxiously as Max tries to make excuses, but realises he has no choice. Masood thanks Max for the opportunity, telling him how handy the money will be with the baby and the wedding approaching. Max reluctantly shakes his hand.

Earlier, Phil reveals that he still hasn't received any money from the sale of the arches, and snorts at Roxy's suggestion of accepting help from Grant. Ryan doesn't help matters by entering and requesting payment for last month's invoice.

Dr Al is in bed with Roxy, promising to help take her mind off things, only to be interrupted by Ronnie storming through the bedroom door to announce her return home. Ronnie teases Roxy later that she's in love with doctor Al which Roxy dismisses. As Roxy asks her sister what she has been up to, Al pops his head in to say he's leaving to give the girls time to catch up. Ronnie tells her sister she is happy and leaves to unpack, leaving Roxy stressed, not wanting to temper her good mood. Roxy tells Phil that Ronnie is back, but she doesn't know anything. Phil asks when they are going to tell her, but Roxy insists they aren't; she will do it on her own. She seeks reassurance from Phil that his plan will work, but he can't promise anything.

Bianca tells Ronnie that Roxy is looking for her, before accidently letting slip that Sam has done a runner, quickly spoiling Ronnie's good mood. Ronnie confronts Roxy, who explains that Sam had an affair with Jack and with a little help from Archie, jumped bail and disappeared. Ronnie tells her she doesn't care about the whole situation, before telling Roxy she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Janine is delighted to hear from Ryan that Phil has talked Grant out of offering Peggy money, boasting that they'll be in the Vic by Christmas. She reveals this to Archie and encourages him to get his divorce underway, to "bring Peggy to her lowest", an idea Archie likes, calling her a "very bad girl". However, their plans are scuppered as he learns from Phil that she is in Portugal visiting Grant. He tells Janine that Peggy will most likely come back with Grant's money so they need to think of something else. She is crushed.

Bianca tries to reassure Whitney about Tony's trial, though it does little to make her feel better. As she leaves the café, Bianca receives a phone call from DS Hill asking to speak to her and Whitney later. DS Hill informs Whitney and Bianca that Tony has tried to commit suicide but is ok. She tells them the trial will go ahead as planned and that Tony was probably trying to make Whitney feel guilty.

Coronation Street Monday 7:30pm TV3

Tony Gordon - villain

. The Villain of the year - the villain of all villains.
. Tony is the guy we hate to love but can't help it.
. Cute, Scottish accented with devilish eyes its no wonder so many maidens have fallen under his spell.
. Still he did murder one of the hottest characters to come our way down those cobbles (Liam Connor) and for that he has to pay and pay he will.
. He terrorised Jed, drove Carla away, send a hit man to kill not only Liam but her too and let her believe that she was responsible for his death and he then took over Liam's life.
. He is a man with a conscience and as Carla says he is a control freak so if it wasn't for the loose end of Carla, he might never have had the heart attack and come clean to Roy Croppers, leading to his arrest
. We'll miss him in 2010.

Sally (Sally Whittaker) is getting frustrated with Rosie (Helen Flanagan) and tells her to sell her car and stop sponging off her and Kevin. Rosie has other plans though and stuns John (Graeme Hawley in the café by announcing she wants to be a doctor. He's diplomatic until he realises she wants money from him for her 'funding' and politely declines. Scheming madam Rosie threatens to accuse John of assault if he does not give her £50,000 and when John firmly refuses Rosie opens the door and starts screaming for help.

Molly's (Vicky Binns) worried that Kevin (Michael Le Vell) has changed his mind about leaving their spouses so she is relieved and delighted when he meets her at the motel and confirms that he is ready to leave Sally.

Feeling pushed out by George (Anthony Valentine), Ken (William Roache) promises to buy Simon (Alex Bain) a bike for Christmas. He soon realises though that he will have to find a job if he is going to keep his extravagant promise and he scans the local paper for work.

Teresa (Karen Henthorne) persuades Lloyd (Craig Charles) to throw a party at the flat. Unbeknownst to him she invites Graeme (Craig Gazey), Sean (Antony Cotton) and the factory girls, telling them the party has a theme: Vicars and Liz! Oblivious Liz (Beverly Callard) is puzzled when Graeme keeps staring at her in the Rovers. The factory girls meet in the pub, with Janice (Vicky Entwistle), Kelly (Tupele Dorgu) and Fiz dressed in Liz-inspired outfits and Sean dressed as a vicar in stockings and suspenders. Liz obliviously compliments Fiz's outfit but eventually twigs what's going on when Graeme turns up looking uncannily like her. Teresa arrives with Lloyd who is mortified and embarrassed for Liz.

Elsewhere Becky (Katherine Kelly) and Clare (Julia Haworth) agree to go on a night out and Eddie (Steve Huison) spots a money making opportunity and tells Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride)her gutters are blocked.

This episode is written by Julie Jones and produced by Kim Crowther, the director is Alan Wareing.

Emmerdale Monday -Friday 7pm TV3

Sally - villain
. It's rare to have such a pantomime-ishly brilliant female soap villain and Sally fills the role nicely.
. Firstly the femme fatale lets us see her vulnerable side setting up her easy target fisty cuffs hubby Vincent.
. Then she worms her way back into the life, home and - if she has her way - arms of her ex Ashley, much to the dismay of his wife!
. When her subtle plans to oust Laurel from her home and family doesn't work she tries to dismiss her outright with a number of recent murder attempts. She's an obsessed, deranged woman who won't take no for an answer.

THIS WEEK: Will's collapse leaves Mark in turmoil
Belle (Eden Draper-Taylor), Will (Oscar Lloyd) and Sam (James Hooton) are showing Olena (Carolin Stoltz) around the Home Farm estate when Will suddenly falls to the ground and starts convulsing. Terrified Belle rushes to find Natasha (Amanda Donohoe) whilst Olena puts Will in the recovery position until he starts to come round. As Belle returns with a fraught Natasha, Sam tells Olena to hide. After Sam explains what happened, Natasha's grateful to him for helping and hails him a hero. Feeling awkward, Sam hides the fact Olena helped. Later, when Mark (Maxwell Caulfield) returns from the village Natasha demands to know why he wasn't around when Will returned from school. Mark is racked with guilt for spending time with Faye (Kim Thomson) when his son was in trouble.

Debbie tells Charity to leave
Charity (Emma Atkins) tries to speak to a dismissive Debbie (Charley Webb) at the garage, insisting she'll wait all day if she has to. She tells Debbie she is staying in the village and she wants a second chance. Later, Debbie tells Chas (Lucy Pargeter) that whilst Charity is still around Cain won't come back.

Priya steps up to supervise
Priya (Effie Woods) is warned by Nikhil (Rik Makarem) that if she doesn't reprimand Eli (Joseph Gilgun) for taking so many unofficial breaks, he'll sack him. Aware Jai (Christopher Bisson) is watching, Priya approaches Eli and tells him off, however, when Eli is unable to take her seriously and starts laughing Priya is forced to scald him and a shocked Eli backs off. Will Priya ever feel comfortable in her new role?

. Sandy (Freddie Jones), Betty (Paula Tilbrook) and Pearl (Meg Johnson) plan a visit to Laurel's (Charlotte Bellamy) house to make her feel better, but are put out that Sally has done everything around the house and there is nothing they can do to help.
. Feeling upset about Mark, Faye snaps at Ryan (James Sutton) leaving him confused about her mood swings.
. Tease