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Severe Weather conditions over the weekend - Road Safety Advice

Monday, 30 November 2009

Nicola Hudson from AA Road Watch

If The Road Is Flooded:
. Keep your engine revs high and speed low if you choose to travel through the flood spot and go slow enough to avoid drowning the electrics or loosing grip.
. After passing through particularly deep water, test your brakes to make sure no damage has occurred.

Black Ice

Black ice is most rampant on very cold days on wet roads, especially at night, on exposed bends, underneath trees and bridges and also on higher ground.

What to do if you do find yourself skidding
1) Don't brake fast under any circumstance - if it's too late and you have already braked, release them immediately, then reapply, quicker but gently
2) Reduce acceleration but don't take your foot off the accelerator completely.
3) Use the highest gears possible under the conditions, and as you gently brake, move down in your gears to come to a gradual halt.

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