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Dances with Wools '09! - Knitwear with Tanya Grimson

Friday, 27 November 2009

Knitwear trends for guys and gals in Autumn/Winter 09/10. We look at the key knitwear trends coming through this season to the high street from texture to colour, we have something for everyone in order to stave off the chill this winter.

Tanya Grimson- She's a knitwear nut!

Tanya Grimson is a Fashion stylist based in Dublin. Since graduating from London college of Fashion and working in leading publications such as Marie Claire in London she returned to Ireland to pursue her career as a fashion stylist.

Tanya has been actively working as a stylist in Ireland for 10 years and has worked for various publications such as The Gloss, Irish Tatler, Sunday Independent's Life Magazine, U Magazine, Confetti, VIP magazine, The Irish Times, Social and Personal and the RTE Guide, she has also worked as the Deputy Editor of Prudence magazine and was the Fashion Editor of Ivenus, Harmonia's online magazine and is currently the Fashion Editor of Irish Brides magazine.

Commercial clients include: Samui boutique, Sasha, Diffusion boutique, heatons, Peruzzi, Pulse accessories, Dunnes Stores, Michael H, Simply B, Oxendales, Applebe jewellers, Mad Flowers, Aer Lingus, Airwaves, Pulse, Lucinda Grey, Tricot Marine, Club Rugby, Dylon, Sheseido, House of Colour, Tanya has also worked as a fashion journalist for publications such as Prudence, Ivenus, Irish Brides and The Irish Times and is currently involved in fashion production for many of her clients.

Models:- Jayne, Kristi & Eoin

Tanya's Tips on all things plain n' purl:-
Although the winter is firmly set upon us, be happy to know that Knitwear was one of the big fashion stories this season, so knitwear is no longer just about keeping snug and warm but also about making a fashion statement.

Marc Jacobs re-launched diamond patterns on his catwalk, while Missoni produced a collection primarily comprised of knitwear, other designers such as Julian McDonald, most notably known for his glamorous eveningwear, even included creations in wool.

The trick to carrying off knitwear but with this season's twist is to layer... and then layer some more. Layering creates not only a slightly nomadic but also a grunge adaption of the look, so look for extra pieces such as leg warmers over leggings and snoods over jumper dresses for a more tiered effect.

For men the grunge and almost slightly nerdy look is back with après ski patterns on chunky cardigans ruling the roost, while other trends such as the biker jacket has been also adapted in wool. Snoods are also big for men this season so wear with pride and layer over classic black jackets for a more sumptuous modern look.


Kristi look 1
. Black jumper dress, €30 by savida at dunnes stores
. Black wool long gloves €27 at accessorize
. Jeggings, €10 at dunnes stores
. Grey leg warmers €17 at accessorize
. Ankle boots €119 at zara

Thomas look 1
. Beige snood €19.95 at zara
. Black wool cardi/jacket, €69.95 at zara
. Grey wool trousers €54 at river island
. Black fur boots, €129 at zara

Jayne look 1

. black hooded snud €41 at accessorize
. orange print jumper dress, €40 at river island
. bl;ack leggings,. €19 at oasis
. black suede thigh high boots, €107.50 at river island

Kristi look 2
. Pink jumper €25 by savida at dunnes stores
. Pom pom scarf €34 at accessorize
. Tweed wool trousers 49.95 at zara
. Patent ankle boots at M&S

Thomas look 2
. Black hat, €10.50
. t-shirt €20
. cream cardigan €67
. grey jeans 42 all at river island
. black boots 75 at marks and spencer

Jayne look 2
. Grey long cardigan €160 at Karen millen
. Purple dress, €40 At marks and spencer
. Purple tights, €8At M&S
. Grey knee high socks (part of 2 pack)€13 At M&S
. Boots € 125 at oasis

General Care
. Give 24-hour rest before the next wearing. Wool fibers will shed wrinkles and return to their original shape
. Hang woven wool garments on shaped or padded hangers
. Brush and air wool clothing after wear to remove surface soil and allow clothing to relax.
. Maintain minimum abrasion with hard surfaces to prevent pilling
. Clean wool garments periodically, not frequently, to avoid premature fiber wear. Spot clean with cool water or a spot cleaning agent for stain removal.
. Prior to long-term storage, clean wool garments thoroughly. Store with fresh cedar or other suitable moth repellents that can keep your clothes smelling pleasant.
. If the care instructions on your jacket mention "Dry Clean Only" follow the instructions to avoid any expensive mistakes.
. If you happen to stain or soil your jacket the best advice is to rinse the spot with cool water immediately
. Never wring or vigorously rub wool garments
. Dry them away from heat sources

. Set the iron on the wool setting.
. Do not press wool totally dry.
. Always use steam when pressing wool
. Press on the reverse side of the fabric.
. When it is necessary to press on the right side of the fashion fabric, use a press cloth to avoid a shine.

. Before deciding on a cleaning method for wool clothing, look for the care instruction label. We recommend only dry cleaning although some garments can be hand-washed and some even laundered by machine
. For dry-cleaned only, take it to a reliable dry cleaner. Identify any spots or stains for special treatment
. Although wool does not absorb liquids directly, it readily absorbs moisture in vapor form When wool is soiled, it is important to remove stains promptly."