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Make-up Master class 3 - Lips n' cheeks

Thursday, 26 November 2009

As part of our three week make-up tutorial for ladies of all ages, we began with foundation in week 1, last week we looked at how to bring out your eyes and today we see how to finish off your look with tips on defining your cheeks and lips.

Lisa O'Connor- Make-up artist to the stars!

Since 1992 Lisa O Connor has worked as a makeup artist with most of the top prestigious cosmetics companies. In 1997 when M.A.C first arrived in Dublin she began her 7 year career working as makeup artist and manager. While working with M.A.C Lisa developed her makeup artist skills as well as working on exciting projects from the MTV awards to The Late Late Supermodel Shows.

In July 2004 Lisa decided to move on and start a freelance career under the name The Beauty Source. During this time she specialized in Bridal, Fashion and photographic makeup.
She also works regularly in television both working behind the scenes and in front of camera. She created looks for RTEs "You're a Star", "Charity You're a star" and "The All Ireland talent show" to mention but a few. She has appeared as a beauty contributor on both "Off the rails" and "The Afternoon show".

She has built up a regular clientele including the Seoige sisters, Amanda Brunker and Michelle Heaton and also worked on international celebrities including Natalie Imbruglia, Carrie Fisher and Anna Friel. Lisa has been creating looks for all the Peter Mark advertising campaigns.

Lisa has recently launched her exclusive makeup line "War Paint" which is available to purchase at her makeup parties and at her online shop -

Models:- Brid (60), Corrina (32), Aisling (nearly 16!)

More Mature:-

Five step guide to applying product to lips & cheeks for the more mature

1. Smooth on a lip primer to fill in fine lines.
2. Outline and fill in 1/3 of the lips with a complementary lip colour
3. Apply the 'matte' lip colour to the entire lip
4. Top with lip gloss to avoid lips drying out
5. Using fingertips apply a neutral cream blush to the 'apples' of the cheeks.

Products will be featured as they're being applied

. Clarins instant smooth perfecting touch €26
. Clarins Lipliner Pencil in 'Bay Rose' €15.10
. Maybelline superstay lip colour in 'Rose Dust' €12.04
. Clarins Multi Blush in 'Lichee' €22.10

Top tips for the more mature at the end.

. Focus on lips and cheeks when keeping the eyes soft
. Ensure to outline lips when using a strong lip colour to avoid 'bleeding'
. Keep to a cream blush as mature skin tends to be drier

Thirty somethings

Five step guide to applying eye make up for thirty -somethings

1. Smile and apply bronzer to the apples of the cheeks
2. In Spring/Summer apply bronzer to the nose, forehead and chin
3. For more definition outline lips with a neutral lip pencil
4. Apply lip gloss with brush or applicator provided
5. Apply a similar toned blusher to add a pop of colour to the cheeks

Products will be featured as they're being applied

. L'Oreal Glam Bronze Minerals 'Brunette' €21.0s8
. Lip pencil in "Spice", €4.55, Rimmel
. War Paint lip toxyl gloss in 'Starlet' €20
. L'Oreal Blush Minerals in '40' €12.04

Top Tips for Thirty something lips & cheeks:

. Apply a suitable toned bronzer to add lift to the face
. Use a tinted/treatment lip product to both moisturise and add colour to the lips
. Apply blush and/or lip pencil to change look from day to night

Lips & Cheeks for Teens

Five step guide to applying product for teens

1. Apply blush to apples of the cheeks using an angle brush.
2. Using fingertips apply a highlighter to the upper cheeks
3. Apply the same highlighter to the 'cupids bow' of the lips
4. Apply a similar colour lipgloss as cheek colour to the lips
5. For more drama apply a clear glitter lip gloss on top

Products will be featured as they're being applied

. Clarins Powder blush in 'Rose' €32.15
. 'WarPaint' Luminizer stick €25
. Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in 'Captivate Me' €7.95
. War Paint Lustre lip gloss in 'Satinizer' €16.50

Top tips for the teens at the end.

. Match the lips to the cheeks in colour but complement the eyes
. Apply a powder blush as teenage skin tends to be more oily
. Apply a highlighter to upper cheeks and cupids bow

Prices/Stockists/Relevant Information

Featured products:

. Instant smooth perfecting touch, €26, Clarins
. Lip Pencil, €15.10, Clarins
. Superstay lip colour, €12.04, Maybelline
. Multi Blush, €22.10, Clarins
. Glam Bronze Minerals, €21.08, L'Oreal
. Lip pencil, €4.55, Rimmel
. Lip gloss, €20, WarPaint
. Blush Minerals, €12.04, L'Oreal
. Powder blush, €32.15, Clarins
. Luminizer stick, €25, WarPaint
. Stay Glossy Lip Gloss, €7.95, Rimmel
. Lustre lip gloss, €16.50, WarPaint