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Colin Murphy

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Colin Murphy star of RTE's The Panel is here to talk about his new DVD Happy in Menace.

Universal have said "When he's not scribbling notes on the set of RTE's The Panel, or reading the news for the next week of his BBC radio and television series, The Great Unanswered Questions, Colin Murphy is perfecting his material for his first true love, stand up comedy. After years on the international comedy circuit, Colin is now ready to release his very first live stand up comedy DVD. 'Happy in Menace' was recorded in the majestic Everyman Palace Theatre in Cork this September and will be available from Friday, 13 November through all good retailers, and online at, and

Colin's distinct fusion of edgy 'in your face' topical satire, with acute observational material make him a highly original and much sought after stand up performer. Armed with his razor sharp wit, Colin takes his audience through a full medley of topics including bizarre human fetishes, the joy of turning 40, American positivity and the undiscerning looks and charm of the Irish. This slightly sinister force to be reckoned with promises an unforgettable comic experience leaving you chortling for hours.

The 'Happy in Menace' DVD title was Colin's brainchild having connected with the lyrics and sentiments of Morrisey's hit song Journalists who Lie. Combined with his own supposed menacing characteristics, the DVD title was the perfect amalgamation of the two.

Colin's barnstorming comedy routines have seen him sell-out six years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and headline shows all around the world including performances in New York, Boston, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brussels - and two Just for Laughs Comedy Festivals in Montreal.

With a huge broadcast media profile, Colin hosted the RTE's 'The Blizzard of Odd' (5 series), Xitfile (2 series) and XitPoll (RTE 1) - and the 12 part comedy music series for BBC N.I.: Elvis has Left the Building (2 series). Colin is set to return as star panelist on the 9th series of the acclaimed RTE series 'The Panel' and has just finished up working on BBCNI's The Blame Game and his latest project Great Unanswered Questions which airs on BBC NI over the Christmas period and the radio version begins in the new year on Radio Ulster and BBC Radio 4. As an aside in 2007, Colin was seen fronting the moving documentary series 'The Children's Storybook' for RTE, following the story of two girls with AIDS in Uganda. He has featured in a number of programmes including the BBC series 'People Like Us' (2 episodes); his own solo comedy specials ' 'Comic Asides; 'The Stand Up Show' (2 series) all for the BBC, '@last TV' for RTE; 'Don't Shoot the Messenger' for the Paramount Channel, and 'The Return of the Empire' for BBC NI. Colin has also filmed 2 headlining slots for the C5 series 'All New Comedy Store'".
".Observational humour at its very best, impeccably delivered by this extremely talented, loveable rogue" THE LIST

"Multi-talented and hilarious. Refreshingly original and honest - a true 'find'.?

".the kind of powerfully, genuinely charismatic comic talent for whom the most obvious comparison is a younger Billy observational routines and an interaction with the audience that many higher profile comics could only aspire to." THE SCOTSMAN"

Colin Murphy

How did you move into comedy?
I did a bit of acting and improv. My first gig in Queens was awful - I juggled liver live on stage. I was an illustrator and lecturer part time before I became a full time comedian.

What do your kids think of you being a comedian?
They say things like 'Daddy does shows for grown ups' which sounds a little weird.

Where do you get your material from?
I get all my material out of my head.

On your DVD you talk about 'Why the 80's were rubbish - why were they rubbish?
The 80's were awful. I was a teenager then and sure you can see all the footage - it was terrible. If you watch Regis, Bob and Sue - that sums it all up.

You turned 40 last year - do things annoy you now that wouldn't annoy you when you were in your 30's?
I am a grumpy old man. I get frustrated with things that I wouldn't have got frustrated before.

Why did you pick to record in The Everyman in Cork?
I always did great gigs in Cork. Everyone does gigs for their DVD in Dublin and I wanted to do one in Cork. The audience are great and they are full of energy.

The Panel has been running now for 9 series - is the show scripted?
No not at all. It is all spur of the moment.

What has been your favourite story that you have covered on The Panel?
God I can't think. I did talk about where all the dead birds go and that sparked national debate. A guy called Niall Hatch wrote into the show from BirdWatch Ireland and he said that they went into bushes to die and my response was what happens to seagulls. We got a great response from that.

The guests are also quirky on The Panel - any favourite guest?
Germaine Greer was great. She signed a copy of The Female Eunuch for my wife. I also loved Lyod Grossman.

You do a lot of gigs abroad - is your act ever lost in translation?
Sometimes - not that they don't understand but some words we use may be rude in other countries. When I went to Australia they stared at me so I had to go home and write a whole load of new material. Then you go to places like Finland and they understand every single word and they laugh their heads off.

Do people ever stop you on the street?
Yes, people can be nice but sometime they tell you you are awful. When I was in New York with Dara O'Briain and we were in Toys 'R' US in Times Square and an Irish woman stopped us took our photo and walked away. She never even asked why we were there it was like she thought myself and Dara went on holidays together.

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