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Senior Citizen Day

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Monday 30th November is the day when our capital city says thanks to our senior citizens. Dublin City Senior Citizens Day is the day when we celebrate and thank our senior citizens for all they have achieved in their life and all they have passed on to us.
Dublin City Senior Citizens Day is the day when our senior citizens from all over Ireland use their Free Travel Pass to come up to Dublin and enjoy free cultural events and activities and special discounts in their capital city.
So senior citizens, get out your Free Travel Pass and get yourself up to Dublin for Dublin City Senior Citizens Day.
Sponsored by Dublin City Council, Dublin Tourism, Transport 21, Friends of the Elderly, Dublin City Business Association and Dublin City Business Improvement District, Dublin Bus and the DART.

Dermot Kirwan
What is the idea behind the day?

The big idea is one of HEROISM The people who invested in this country and the next generation will be welcomed into their capital city as HEROES, and the doors of all our great public buildings will be open to them. It will be as if the have been given the FREEDOM OF THE CITY

It this the first day of it's kind?
This is the third annual Dublin City Senior Citizens Day. We started it in the ILAC Centre three years ago for the senior citizens and elderly in the north inner city

Where did the idea come from?
The idea came from the notion that our elderly are heroes. They have given so much during their lives. The country they inherited was one of the poorest in Europe. They country they have passed on to us is still, even with the recession, one of the richest, so we wanted our capital city to celebrate their amazing achievements. And also we recognise that many senior citizens are not familiar with all the attractions of our capital city, mainly because they were all very busy raising families, and didn't have the time to visit them, so now they have the time - and the Free Travel Pass, we wanted all the major tourist amenities and significant buildings to welcome them as heroes, after all they have been paying for them over half a century.

Friends of the Elderly felt that our senior and elderly citizens deserved one special day in the year when their capital city celebrated their achievements and thanked them for all they have passed on to us. We wanted an annual special day when Dublin City opens it's arms to all our senior citizens and welcomed them into the city centre as heroes.

How long have you been organizing this?
The last 2 months with great support from Dublin City Council, Transport 21, Dublin Tourism, Dublin City Business Assocation and Dublin city Business Improvement District.
Did you get much support from business etc?
Dublin City Senior Citizens Day is first and foremost a day of culture, music, activities, events and exhibitions - all the major tourist attractions are open to our senior citizens all are heavily discounted and most are free of charge e.g. Book of Kells free, Dublin Castle free, Christchurch Cathedral free, Writers Museum readings free, two photographic exhibitions free, live music in the GPO and ILAC Shopping Centre free, Free hourly raffles, Free morning showing of 'Casablanca' in the Irish Film Institute, afternoon showing off 'Gone with the Wind' in the Screen Cinema. Free showing of the Munch Exhibition' in the National Gallery. Many of the major stores have Senior Citizen Day offers

How important is a day like this?
It is very important that we cherish and revere our senior citizens, they have achieved so much. In a world of instant celebrity and where many of our 'authority figures' have let us down, our seniors and our elderly are the real unsung Irish heroes. They are probably one of the most upwardly mobile generations in the world. As our senior citizens go onto a fixed income and spend less there is a tendency to treat them as 'invisible' people. We want to give them the 'freedom. We hope that Dublin City Senior Citizens Day will help to raise the status our senior citizens and help to bring them back into the centre of our communities. We have the youngest population in Europe, and we have very few senior role models. We want our seniors and elderly to be recognised as HEROES.

What feedback have you gotten from Irish Senior Citizens about the day?
All the feedback has been very positive; they are delighted to be recognised for their contribution to this country.
How many people do you hope will take advantage of the day?
Last year we had several hundred, this year we expect a few thousand, the capital is inviting all seniors citizens to come up to their capital city and enjoy this special day.
How do they avail of the free or special offers?
Any senior citizens that shows their Free Travel Pass can avail of the discounts and free offers
For further information on the day, where should people go?
Dublin Tourism will have a detailed list of all events, activities and special offers at their O'Connell St and Suffolk St office. They will also have a dedicated map of all public transport arrangements. Or they can print off the list from the web site which is

How important is the work you do with "The Friends of the Elderly"?

Friends of the Elderly helps to alleviate loneliness and isolation among the elderly who live alone. We have 240 volunteers who visit the elderly in their homes. The problem is isolation and loneliness is increasing as our communities. Most of the elderly we visit would be housebound or have mobility problems, Elderly are being dumped out of hospital too early, with no convalescent or home care packages in place - many of the elderly we visit can go several days without seeing another person apart form an hour or two of nursing care a day.

As we come into the winter any message for our viewers?

There are elderly people living alone in every community, you may not know of them because have limited mobility. If you do see an elderly person coming back from the local shops, or tidying up the front garden, or waiting for a bus - please stop and talk, ask how the are, le them know that you are there if they need anything, and keep in touch with them - even a telephone call during the evening is reassuring to an elderly person living alone, particularly during the dark, winter evenings.

Activities and events for senior citizens on Dublin City Senior Citizens Day.
Free 'Literary Readings from 50 Years Ago', also 'Literary Dublin in the 50's', Dublin Writers Museum. 10.30 and 11.30 a.m.
Free 'Sing-along with the GPO Choir 1.00 to 2.00 and visit the GPO Christmas Crib (all day)

Free tickets on the hour for the ILAC Raffle Draw in the ILAC Shopping Centre, winners announced by Santa at 11.00, 12.00, 1.00, 2.00 and 3.00 p.m.

Free - The Tarantino Brass Quintet play in the ILAC Shopping Centre 12.00 to 2.00

Free photo exhibitions in the Central Library, ILAC Centre - 'Dublin in the Rare Old Times and a 'Photographic History of Dublin Cinemas'.

Free entry to Dublin Castle and State Rooms. 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Free entry into the Book of Kells, Trinity College. 9.30 - 5.00 p.m.
Free guided tour of the National Gallery, ( 3.00 p.m. ) plus 10% off items in the Gallery Shop.

Free entry into the ESB 'Georgian House', Merrion Sq and 10% off in the Gift Shop.

Free trips on the Eco Cabs
Gresham Hotel - Special Pensioners Price 'Half Price High Tea in the Gresham Hotel'.

Free showing of 'Casablanca' in the Irish Film Institute, Templebar
'Singing in the Rain' Special matinee showing of the Hollywod classic at the Screen Cinema. €5 Senior Citizens Day price. 2.15 p.m. start.

The New Wax Museum, Foster Place. Special €3 off for Senior Citizens Day

Plus many special Senior Citizens Day offers in all leading stores, including :-
Arnotts - 20% off full price items (some exclusions apply). Free glass of wine with main meal purchased in Cafe Aspire. Free Prize Draw for five €20 Gift Cards for senior citizens who have made a purchase in Arnotts on Senior Citizens Day.
Boyers - 20% off all stock. Free glass of wine or tea/coffe with every main meal purchased in Boyers Cafe. Free Prize Draw for five €20 Gift Cards for senior citizens who have made a purchase in Boyers on Senior Citizens Day.
Davy Byrnes Pub - Duke St, D2. 20% reduction on food bill and €1 off the first pint, tea, coffee or mineral for senior citizens who produce their Free Travel Pass.
Paramount Hotel and Turk's Head, Parliament St, D2. First pint for pensioners €, plus 10% off lunch or dinner.
Insomnia - 20% off all Insomnia products in all Insomnia units.

For further details of discounts check out or
Plus full details of all activities and events will be available at the Dublin Tourist offices in O'Connell Street Dublin 1 and Suffolk Street Dublin 2.

****All the above offers are open to any senior citizen that presents their Free Travel Pass on Dublin City Senior Citizens Day****