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Beauty Bible - "Beauty Steals"

Monday, 23 November 2009

Sarah Stacey
Sarah Stacey is an award winning beauty and health journalist, and currently Health Editor of the Mail on Sunday "You" magazine. She has written for many leading newspapers and magazines in the UK and abroad.
In 1994, she was elected the first Honorary Chair of the Guild of Health Writers UK and in 1996 was co-founder of the food labeling campaign, FLAG.
She lives in West Dorset, near Lyme Regis with a loyal and ancient Burmese cat and five large horses.

Josephine Fairley
Josephine Fairley is a Contributing Editor to the Mail on Sunday "You" magazine, writing on beauty and organic living. She contributes to a wide range of publications including Red, Sainsbury's magazine and the forthcoming National Geographic Green. A founding partner of Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate, she now also runs Judges Bakery, an artisan bakery and food store, and recently opened The Wellington Centre, an 11 room - boutique wellbeing centre; both are in Hastings, East Sussex.

The Team
Sarah and Josephine have known each other that long that they can barely remember where they met- although they suspect it was at a beauty launch somewhere in London in the 1980s. They both discovered they were passionate all things beauty along with other interests including gardening of all things, and walking.
Over coffee one day a friend of Sarahs suggested that she write a book about products that would suit all kinds of everyone- the primary point was that all products were tested by real people and real results would be reported.

"Sarah rang Jo. What about it? Jo said yes (though she said later she thought we were both certifiable). The rest is history. The Beauty Bible (christened 'that fat pink book' by the publishing trade) was a bestseller - and we were exhausted! If anyone ever told us what it took to get over 6000 products tested by 10 women panels, we might never have started...

Feel Fab Forever: the anti-ageing health & beauty bible came next because we were in our 40s by then and wanted something that told us about hormones as well as miracle creams and what to do when you wake up feeling blue - the sort of morning where you choke on your vitamins. That was a bestseller too and a new revised edition was launched in May this year.

We've written The 21st Century Beauty Bible with new stuff for a new millennium. As well as what we believe is the biggest consumer survey of products ever, this entirely new book focuses on time saving and also the debate between natural and high-tech.

Over the decade we've been working together, we've both moved to the country. Jo to a big Georgian rectory in Hastings (where the battle was in 1066) where she has a huge garden and lots of room for all her godchildren and stepgrandchildren. Sarah to the West Country, where her life is ruled by two Burmese cats and an Anglo Arab horse. We are both contributing editors to the Mail On Sunday YOU magazine and have written for most of the major newspapers and magazines in the UK and worldwide, and appear on TV and radio."


We have the girls' three top miracle creams!!

***For the "Miracle Cream" category the girls felt that they needed to lift their price ceiling to £20stg. This is to reflect the huge research and development budgets that are involved in creating these products.

L'Oreal Derma Genesis Cellular-Youth Nurturing Night Crème ( €25.09)

Score out of Ten: 8.3/10

What testers had to say:- "Gorgeous product; lavender coloured light cream which is quickly absorbed and a real pleasure to use."

Neal's Yard Remedies Frankincense Nourishing Cream (€21.50)

Score out of Ten:- 8.25/10

What testers had to say:- "I thought it would be too rich for my oily skin but it was miraculous!"

Dr. Nick Lowe Night Recovery Cream (€28.45)

Score out of Ten:- 7.11/10

What testers had to say:- "Top marks for this thick, rich night cream, which mostly absorbs, leaving just enough moisture on the skin.."

Top tips
. "Toner- especially if kept in the fridge can be good for waking up skin..'When you want to wake up fast and fake an energized glow, dunk your face into a sink of ice-cold water'."

. "if for any reason an exfoliator irritates your skin, try this tip from New York dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Wexler: "Soak a washcloth in equal parts ice- cold skimmed milk and cold water. Hold the washcloth against your face for five minutes. This treatment is also ideal for soothing sunburns..Or, indeed, for any time your skin is feeling touchy."


Again we have their 3 top body lotions!!

Yes to Carrots C is Smooth Body moisturising Lotion (€7.99)

Score out of Ten:- 8.7/10

What testers had to say:- "Ten out of ten for light, creamy texture; immediately absorbed; good packaging; skin immediately moisturized and comfy, with regular use, skin felt more healthy and supple."

Jergens Naturals Age Defying Body Moisturiser (€7.49)

Score out of Ten:- 8.18/10

What testers had to say:-" Very easy to swoosh on; nice fresh, green smell; made my skin radiantly soft and moisturized."

Marks and Spencer Formula Super Hydrating Body Cream oil (€10)

Score out of Ten:- 8/10

What testers had to say:- "This is my beauty find. An unassuming product that has beaten all rivals I have used hands down."

Top tips

. "In winter, give hands and arms a deep treat by applying a heavy moisturizer from fingertips to your elbow, then wrapping them in cling film. After 20 minutes, discard the cling film and rub in the excess cream"
Ji Baek, Rescue Beauty Lounge

. "Add salt to a body wash or any oil, or just use on slightly dampened skin, working in gentle circles- especially on knees, elbows and upper arms"


Sarah & Jo's three favourite foot scrubs with allocated marks out of ten- again discuss products and merits.

Weleda foot balm (€9.50)

Score out of Ten:- 8/10

What testers had to say:-
"I loved this - it absorbed really fast, leaving no greasy residue. It made me feel as if I had new feet - reviving and refreshing."

Palmers Cocoa Butter Leg Relief Massage Lotion (€7.29)

Score out of Ten:- 8/10

What testers had to say:-" I really love this cream; so easy to use, quickly absorbed, really refreshed my feet and legs. Ten out of ten"

Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Foot Cream (€TBC)

Score out of Ten:- 7.55/10

What testers had to say:- ""Heaven! After a 15 hour day and two- hour flight, this reduced the swelling on my hot, sticky feet"

Top tip

. "To revive feet: fill a washing -up bowl in with cool water, add five drops of peppermint essential oil, swish, and soak toes for ten minutes. (To combat hot -flush night sweats, try a foot wash in cold water before bed.)

Additional / Misc' Info:

Interview with Sarah Stacey:-

Sarah maintains that it was her "terrible" skin during her teenage years that initiated her interest in beauty products. From the age of 14, trying to find something to cover up spots and hide blemishes, she was always on the lookout for products. In later years however, she has at long last learned that when it comes to make up, less is more but with moisturizers, more is more!
Whilst both Sarah and Jo are big advocates of beauty products and both are keen to highlight the benefits of budget products, Sarah insists that a smile and loving eyes can brighten your face a thousand times more than any product. Sarah also maintains that physical health is also reflected on the outside and so this is as important in your beauty regime as any product.

For their research into all of their books, they had 10 women test each individual product. When asked if there were ever conflicts of results, Sarah says that where products did well, they did well across the board. If a product received a high score from one person but a low score from someone else, they say so in the book. Both positive and negative comments get published.

If Sarah had the choice to take one beauty product with her to a desert island it would be a facial oil, in the hope that there would be coconuts on the island and she could then infuse the oil with the coconut essence.

Sarah insists that what you eat and drink is most definitely reflected in the appearance of your skin- she has often had to forsake her daily cup of Italian coffee when she felt her skin was looking dull and drab. Replacing your daily coffee every now and again with green tea works wonders for your skin, according to Sarah.

Up next for the girls is the "Anti -ageing" Beauty bible, which they are currently working on, chock full of products promising to turn back time.

Extra Products

Miracle Creams
. Neal's Yard Remedies Frankincense Nourishing Cream
. Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenation Face Serum
. Garnier Ultra Life Pro X Re plumping day cream
. Garnier Ultra Life Anti Wrinkle Firming Night Cream
. Garnier Skin Naturals ultra lift anti wrinkle firming day cream SPF15

Body Lotions
. Jergens Naturals Age Defying Body Moisturiser
. Garnier Skin Naturals Hydralock Moisturising Milk
. Aveeno Skin Relief Body Lotion
. Jergens Naturals Ultra Hydrating Body moisturiser
. Dove Pro Age Body Cream Oil
. Champneys Hi Vitamiracle Ultra Smooth Body

Foot Treats
. Weleda foot balm
. Palmers Cocoa Butter Leg Relief Massage Lotion
. Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Foot Cream
. The Sanctuary Foot Care skin Softening Soufflé