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The "Jedward"

Friday, 20 November 2009

We've all gone Jedward crazy! Since the two teenagers from Dublin burst onto our screens at the first of the X-Factor auditions, they have captured our imaginations and against all odds have managed to get to the final 6 in the X-Factor Finals!!

One thing that makes the Grimes Brothers stand out is their blonde locks that almost get higher every week. We've seen 'Jeward' impersonators pop up all over Ireland but we've gone one better, and got people from their local pub to sport the new trend.

Conor - Proprieter of Grafton Barbers
Conor and brother Hugh MacCallister set up the Grafton Barber shop in 1994. Before this they mainly styled women's hair, but made the move to men's styling. Since they took the shop in Grafton street has been a success story, and they now have ten shops throughout Dublin. Since the Jedward has taken off Grafton Barbers have been inundated with customers looking for the look, and have a huge range of products that are flying out the door as the men of Ireland try and replicate the look.

Jordan Carroll and Sean Buckley are 15 year old Jedward fans! They have been dying to get his hair in the famous style. Jordan and Sean go to Ashbourne community school and Jordan is competing for a black belt in martial arts (which he might need once he gets his hair done!).

Richie and Mark Grogan are from the Lucan Lounge. The pub has been a hub of activity since the brothers burst onto the scene, and they were approached straight after the twins first audition to tbe the official support establishment. The Lucan Lounge are no strangers to supporting local sports and entertainment groups, but this has been their biggest campaign yet!

How has the Lucan Lounge been affected by Jedward Mania?
In Richie's own words his life has been turned upside down since the twins have been on X-Factor. From the moment of their first audition the producers of X Factor gave them a call asking them to be the official support put for the Grimes Twins. The Lucan Lounge have always supported local initiatives, the local sports teams, local shows etc so they were the obvious choice.
On Sunday nights the pub is packed with Jedward supporters. They all have t-shirts and hats which were originally made for a TV shoot with GMTV, but once the locals saw them they all wanted one.

He said that even the posters of Jedward that have been hanging on the wall have been swiped by the fans!!!

They have brought in some of Jedwards biggest supporters from the lounge to give support to their local lads in the X Factor, and we speak to the twin's best friend to tell us how he's known them when they were just John and Edward.

The Lynch Twins
Allan and Robert Lynch are 8 year old twins who are now famous for resembling a young Jedward. Since they've been discovered they have featured on both TV shows and national papers.

Conor McAllister - Grafton Barbers
Conor and his brother Hugh set up Grafton Barbers in 1994. They initially became established in their careers as ladies hair stylists and then tapped into the market of hairdressing for men. They opened their first shop in Grafton Street in 1994 and now have up to ten salons in the Dublin area - it seems that Jedward are not the only brother success story.

The History of the Jedward:-
The Jedward is a must have hair style for any self respecting pop legend. From Bros to Vanilla Ice, Elvis, James Dean and Nick Hayman have all sported the Jedward as some stage of their career.

Since the lads have been on the X-Factor Finals The Grafton Barber has been sending over products including hair straighteners for men for them to maintain their look.

The Grafton Barber
51 Grafton Street, Dublin 2.

Telephone: 01 - 679 6984

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Telephone: 01 - 677 0046

Arnotts Department Store, (liffey St. Entrance) Dublin 1.

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I.F.S.C., Unit 1a, Excise Walk, Clarion Quay, Dublin 1.
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1 Pembroke Street Lr, Dublin 2.
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Top Floor, Jervis Street Shopping Centre, Dublin 1.
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The Diamond, Malahide Village, Co. Dublin.
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3 Ashbourne Court, Ashbourne, Co, Meath.
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Grand Canal Quay, Gallery Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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Unit 2, Kennedy Road, Navan, Co, Meath.
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