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Consumer Panel - Shower Gels

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hot showers, cold showers whatever way you like it there is nothing as relaxing or refreshing as a nice shower with a good scrub a dub dub!

Because our 4 rugby players get down and dirty on the rugby pitch, they need a good shower gel to get them clean!

Who are our rugby playing panelists?
1. Johnny Iliff
2. Brian Coyle
3. Neil Hanratty
4. Scott Lavalla


A. Tesco Sea Minerals Shower Gel 500ml - Price Cut Was €1.39 Now €0.99c
B. Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel 250ml- €2.39
C. Dove Go Fresh Energise Shower Gel 250ml - €2.79
D. Imperial Leather Japanese Spa Shower Gel 250ml - €1.85

Each panelist has been asked to blind test each sausages taking the following points into consideration

. Bubbles?
. Smell/perfume
. Did it remove muck well? Or did you have to scrub hard?!
. How does it leave your skin?
. Value for money
. Marks out of 5

The Results are: (All out of 20)
1st Place - 17 points - Original Source Lemon
2nd Place - 15.5 points - Dove Go Fresh Energise
3rd Place - 14.5 points - Imperial Leather Japanese Spa Shower
4th Place - 12 points - Tesco Sea Minerals Shower Gel

So the winner is.Original Source Lemon!!!

A . Tesco Sea Minerals Shower Gel

. It had good bubbling action, and created a good lather
. Smell not as strong as the others was pleasant enough but did seem to fade over time a little
. Removing Muck..Was decent at removing the muck and did the job required
. Skin..Not as good as the others in this category but still by no means bad
. Value..You cant argue with 99c, very cheap for a large bottle, does the job removing muck but perhaps not the best for getting a great smell for heading out etc
. a solid 3.5/

. I felt it made sufficient bubbles, got a nice good lather out of it, plenty to go round!
. It was nice, but nothing different, smelt like most other shampoos in shops, nothing different.
. There was a good bit of muck on me so a little scrubbing was required! But it did remove it pretty well.
. Left my skin clean anyway, nothing much else, I suppose it might have left a scent.
. 99 cent is a bargain.
. 3.5/5.

. Not really very bubbly at all.
. Nice smell, although not that lasting.
. Did eventually get the muck off but a fair amount of it was needed.
. How does it leave your Skin: Unsatisfied.
. Great value, but I suppose you get what you pay for in a sense.
. 2/5

. Lathered fairly well.
. Smell..Subtle. Not the biggest fan of smelling like 'sea minerals'. Whatever that smells like.
. As it is Tesco Brand, I'm guessing that it's 90% acid anyway. Regardless, it did the job.
. My delicate skin was unfazed...but for how long?
. Value..Probably the best value, but there are just some things it's worth spending that little extra on (toilet roll is another.)
. A solid 3/5

B. Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel

. It did not lather as well as the others, but you were still able to get bubbles for washing adequately.
. The best of the lot - it smelt amazing, although I did find that the smell didn't last as long as some of the others once you had changed.
. A little bit harder than others as there wasn't as much of a lather and required a bit of scrubbing.
. My skin felt really good, it was like being kissed by thousands of women dressed as lemons!
. Decent Value, perhaps a little over-priced but still a great shower gel
. 4/5

. Plenty of bubbles, very large amount.nearly too much!
. Ah it was lovely, beautiful fresh lemon scent. So nice I didn't know whether to eat it or wash myself with it!
. No it removed it pretty well, not much scrubbing.
. Smelling like a fresh bag of lemons for the rest of the day!
. 2.39 is a good price.
. 4.5/5..quality stuff.

. Quite bubbly. Could generate a good bit of lather with a small amount of the product.
. Really nice, fresh, strong, lemony smell. The nicest smell out of all 4 of the products.
. Cleaned the muck of well with not that much effort. The little beady things in it really help.
. How does Leave your Skin: Lemony Fresh.
. Quite expensive, but would last a long time as not that much of the product is needed to get yourself clean.
. 4/5

. Lather not great.
. Smell..Fantastic, like taking a bath in a giant lemon.
. My delicate skin was pleased by this soothing scrub.
. Removing Muck: required a bit more scrub, but okay.
. A bit more expensive, not a huge bottle, but worthwhile.
. 4.5/5

C. Dove Go Fresh Energise Shower Gel

. Bubbles...Excellent
. Smell...Very nice, just looses out to Original source but I did find that the smell would stay a little longer, which is good
. Removing muck.. Up there with the best of the lot
. All I can say is wow! I felt a million dollars are this, your skin felt just great and certainly just the ticket after a game or training to help you relax.
. This is the only area where it does goes down, it is the most expensive and the smallest bottle of the lot which brings it down a little, but it did a great job especially the feeling on your skin just makes it stand out
. This is quite hard, up until value for money it was a well earned leader. I would have to give it 4.5/5, but I would recommend it to anyone after any training or sport as it helps relaxes after any session.

. Not great for the bubbles, a few, but not enough.
. It did have a nice smell though, a good clean smell.
. Had to scrub hard enough now, the lack of bubbles didn't help!
. I think it left my skin a bit softer than usual, I'm not too sure but I think it did.
. Yeah 2.79 not a bad price, wouldn't be buying it myself to be honest though.
. 2.5/5

. Really bubbly, you can pretty much cover your whole body in suds with just a small amount.
. Nice strong smell that really lasts after the shower.
. Really effective at getting the muck off with little effort
. Leaves your skin silky smooth.
. Relatively expensive but worth it for the quality.
. 5/5.

. Bubbled very well.
. Smell...Pleasing to the nostrils, no Original source, but on par with Imperial Lather.
. Did the job. No more dirt.
. Delicate on my delicate skin. Well done Dove, well done.
. If I'm spending this much, I'd go for the Original source.
. 3.5/5

D. Imperial Leather Japanese Spa Shower Gel

. Very good at making bubbles, created a great lather, up there with the dove one!
. Smell..Very nice smell, just like a Japanese Spa!
. Removing Muck..Great at removing the muck, did the job very well
. Skin..Not bad, didn't really stand out from the others
. Value..As wise Value for money I thought this was the best, a very big bottle at a decent price and this gives it a high rating with the nice smell and good lather
. Marks 4.5/5

. Not many, the stuff I got says "bath" on the bottle so I wasn't sure what to think.
. In fairness it has a nice smell, kind of like flowers.
. Or did you have to scrub hard?! Had to scrub pretty hard, weren't many bubbles to work with!
. Softer than any of the other ones I think, it had a nice texture to it.
. Seems a good price.
. 2.5/5

. I'm sorry I didn't actually get a chance to test this one out because my coach nicked it! It's what I have to deal with being one of the youngest on the team.

. Lived up to its name. Lather was good!
. Smell.. Enticing. Very Japanesey.
. It cleansed me well.
. My delicate skin approves.
. Gives Original Source a run for its money. But I'd rather be a lemon than a Japanese spa.
Marks 4/5