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Monday, 16 November 2009

Taragh is here to provide us with vital tasters of this week's soaps and keeps us hooked!

Taragh Loughrey-Grant, Entertainment Journalist with has been working in TV, radio and print for over 10 years. She studied at DCU before going on to UCD where she graduated with a Masters in 2002. Whilst studying, Taragh worked as a freelance writer with a number of Ireland's leading publications and worked on several projects as a freelance presenter and producer for TV3, RTÉ's Nationwide and for RTÉ's former station Tara TV. She worked as a continuity presenter for TV3 before becoming the Film and Entertainment Correspondent for FM104 radio.

In 2006 she began presenting and producing both Channel 6's (now 3e) film show 'Take 6' and Phantom 105.2's 'Cinerama'. In January 2009 Taragh joined RTÉ as an online Entertainment Journalist and has since co-presented TTV. She is a regular contributor to The Tubridy Show and Arena, presented by Seán Rocks on RTÉ Radio One and the soap correspondent with The Afternoon Show.

Fair City Tuesday 8pm RTE One

Heather worries when she can't reach Brendan. Carol reassures Heather she will see Brendan again in court. Brendan is in fact holed up at Carol's where he is staying with Renee. His state of mind is as dishevelled as his appearance and he tells Renee he sees no point in attending the trial further, convinced the jury will convict him. Renee urges Brendan to be brave.

Tracey admits to Carol that she is reluctant to let Kylie move in with her, even though she needs a room-mate badly. Carol suspects that Kylie's relationship with Dean is the deterrent but Tracey maintains it's a lack of faith that Kylie will be able to pay the rent, based on past experience. Kylie however has spotted Tracey's room-mate wanted sign in Phelan's and thinks it's a wonderful move for her. Dean is far from enthused about his girlfriend moving in with her step-mother, given his history with Tracey.

Niamh is upset when she gets her period again and apprehensive about meeting the fertility consultant tomorrow so she cancels it, without Paul's foreknowledge. When Niamh discovers Sean is trying to buy a motorbike, she forbids him, given the tragedy that befell their mother at Christmas.

Leo confides in Bela that he is lonely. Bob approaches Tracey about her spare room, much to Tracey's horror.

Charlie and Bela bicker over household matters and a broken toaster. Charlie starts as a volunteer at the Helping Hand charity shop. Cass has a revelation that he could do electronic repairs for the Helping Hand and resolves to talk to Jo about it. Charlie becomes Cass's first customer with his broken toaster.

Christy tackles Heather on her bestseller plans, pointing out how she never even considered his or Renee's feelings when she made plans to exploit their son's life for her profit.

When Brendan doesn't show up in court, and arrest warrant is issued immediately in spite of Sheila McMahan, his barrister's protestations. Sheila urges Heather and Christy to find Brendan and get him to the court house on time for her closing arguments. When Heather finally makes contact with Brendan, and tells him about the arrest warrant, he panics and hangs up. Deegan tells Heather she needs to get Brendan back to court or his sentence will be pejoratively affected.

Heather locates Brendan and pleads with him to go to court. Brendan agrees but not without a condition. He wants to spend one more night with his family, as a free man.
At court, the barristers make their closing statements. Christy finds out he has lost 45,000 Euro in bail because Brendan didn't show.

Paul coaxes Sean into buying a car instead of a motorbike, with Niamh and Paul contributing to the payments as well as paying for his driving lessons. Paul tells Sean that Niamh was hard on him only out of concern. Niamh breaks down with Paul and admits she cancelled the specialist appointment. Paul encourages her to reschedule the appointment.

Kylie is hurt when Tracey can't hide her quest for a room-mate that is not Kylie.

Brendan informs Heather that he intends to flee the country.

Eastenders Monday 7:30pm RTÉ One
Jack is in the Vic when Archie enters. He tells Roxy that he needs to see Peggy, but Roxy dismisses him and explains that he isn't supposed to be there. Archie tries to talk to Jack about Sam. He tells him that she won't survive ten minutes in prison, and that Jack should help her because she trusts him. When Archie is persistent about seeing Peggy, Roxy reveals that she's at Aunt Sal's.

Later, Janine visits Archie. She is with a solicitor, Mr Stewart, whom she hopes can kick-start Archie's divorce. Archie doesn't seem interested, until he discovers that the solicitor also deals with criminal law.

Archie and Sam are having dinner at Fargo's. He begins to talk about prison, but Sam seems reluctant to respond. She insists she's prepared to face it but Archie insists she gets a second opinion. He introduces her to the solicitor, who is clear that her legal position is not good.

Archie tries to convince Sam to run away again just as Ricky enters. To Ricky's disbelief, Sam admits that she is thinking of "doing a runner". That is, until she realises that running away would mean losing her family again. She comes to her senses and agrees to face up to her mistakes. Archie calls her "a brave girl", but despite this he is clearly angered that he's not succeeded in making her go on the run.

Later in the Vic, Archie makes his next move. He tells Bianca that he saw Sam and Jack kissing. She storms across the Vic to where Ricky is standing. She tells him to "ask that cow Sam what she's been playing at" with Jack. Ricky is distressed. Archie is looks on, pleased that he has succeeded in causing trouble for Sam with Ricky.

Phil is in the kitchen pushing his breakfast around the plate, something playing on his mind. He picks up his phone and makes a call. He says, "me and you need a little chat", whilst starring at the business card for a loss adjuster.

Phil and Max are in the Vic. Phil is angry, telling Max that 'they' took his money and now 'they' have to cough up. He tells Max to ring the loss adjuster but Max tries to get out of it by telling Phil to just give it a couple of days. However, Phil is persistent and says he wants him there by 3 o'clock. They are interrupted by Tanya, who accidentally drops her scarf on the floor as she leaves. Phil picks up the scarf, and has a devious look on his face.

Later, Phil confronts Max in the café telling him his time is up and he wants his money. Phil knows that Max is lying about the loss adjuster. When Max admits he ripped Phil off, Phil threatens to go to the Police.

In the Vic, Tanya and Max are looking for her scarf. She asks Phil and he says he hasn't seen it. He looks at his watch, suggesting that Max's time is almost up.

Max returns home, only to find Phil talking to Tanya, she informs Max that Phil found her scarf. Phil teases Max, saying that keeping the scarf would be theft and agrees to stay for dinner. When Tanya goes upstairs to check on Oscar, Phil threatens Max and then shouts for Tanya as if he is going to tell her about Max's fraud. Max squirms and offers Phil cash.

Libby is on her laptop searching for a re-release application for Owen. Denise seems annoyed, and pressures Libby to get ready to go shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Libby ignores her, too involved in trying to get her dad out of prison. Denise stops her typing and tells her "he's big enough to fight his own battles". Denise tries to convince Lucas to come shopping with them but he is busy with work. She is left frustrated when Libby also brushes her off.

Libby visits Owen in prison taking all her research with her but he doesn't seem interested. He admits to her that he knows Lucas made the call to the police. Libby doesn't believe him and gets up to leave but Owen stops her in her tracks and asks her how well she really knows Lucas.

Libby is on her laptop when Lucas enters. He asks how Owen is. Libby tells Lucas that Owen is convinced he called the police. Lucas goes silent and looks guilty. Libby knows it was him and angrily she tells him to leave.

Denise comes home with lots of shopping excited to tell Libby what she has bought, but Libby isn't interested. Libby begins to cry and reveals that Lucas called the police. Denise doesn't understand why Lucas did what he did, and turns to Patrick for advice.

At dinner, Libby clashes with Lucas again saying Owen is right for disliking Lucas. Denise hits boiling point and calls off the wedding.

Meanwhile, Jack offers to babysit Amy but Roxy is reluctant and continues to make excuses.

Later, Roxy visits Jack. She admits that she was "a total cow" and asks for a truce. Jack asks Roxy where Ronnie is. She brushes him off and changes the subject. Roxy reminisces about when she and Jack were together, commenting that it was always a bad idea and Jack agrees. Roxy knows Jack still loves Ronnie.

Coronation Street Monday 7:30pm TV3

Tony's a desperate man and as he frantically tries to cling on to the new life he's created he packs Maria off to a health spa for the day, knowing the police are about to come calling. Keeping up the façade Tony goes to work but when the police arrive and arrest him on suspicion of Liam's murder he can feel his world falling apart. Down at the station Tony's interviewed about the Croppers allegations. As the police pile on the pressure, saying they'll speak to Maria, will Tony crumble and confess to murder?

Meanwhile Roy (David Neilson) and Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh) return to the café and are relieved to hear that Tony has been arrested and taken to the police station. But as gossip about Tony's arrest spreads Maria arrives back on the street. Is she about to discover the awful truth about Tony?

Elsewhere Julie (Katy Cavanagh) is furious with Eileen (Sue Cleaver) for making Jesse (John Thompson) sack her, insisting she has no designs on her man. But when Eileen makes another discovery while nosing through Jesse's wallet she wonders what else he's hiding from her.

Anna (Debbie Rush) worries when Gary (Mikey North) reveals he has decided to go on an army taster weekend and Ted (Michael Byrne) is delighted when Gail (Helen Worth) asks if he will give her away at her wedding.