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Winter Warmer Accessories

Friday, 13 November 2009

Today we look at lots of options for keeping the extremities toasty without burning a hole in your wallet.

Tanya Grimson-

Tanya Grimson is a Fashion stylist based in Dublin. Since graduating from London college of Fashion and working in leading publications such as Marie Claire in London she returned to Ireland to pursue her career as a fashion stylist.
Tanya has been actively working as a stylist in Ireland for 10 years and has worked for various publications such as The Gloss, Irish Tatler, Sunday Independent's Life Magazine, U Magazine, Confetti, VIP magazine, The Irish Times, Social and Personal and the RTE Guide, she has also worked as the Deputy Editor of Prudence magazine and was the Fashion Editor of Ivenus, Harmonia's online magazine and is currently the Fashion Editor of Irish Brides magazine.

Commercial clients include: Samui boutique, Sasha, Diffusion boutique, heatons, Peruzzi, Pulse accessories, Dunnes Stores, Michael H, Simply B, Oxendales, Applebe jewellers, Mad Flowers, Aer Lingus, Airwaves, Pulse, Lucinda Grey, Tricot Marine, Club Rugby, Dylon, Sheseido, House of Colour,
Tanya has also worked as a fashion journalist for publications such as Prudence, Ivenus, Irish Brides and The Irish Times and is currently involved in fashion production for many of her clients.

Model:- Julie Kavanagh

Winter Warmers Under €10- In Studio

Hat €5, Tesco

Ear muffs, €3.50, Tesco

Scarf €8.50, Tesco

Filmed Looks

Look 1
Hat, €3, Dunnes
Scarf and glove set, €5, Dunnes

Look 2
Fingerless gloves, €4, Penneys
Hat, €9.95, Zara
Red scarf, €4, Dunnes

Look 3
Scarf set, € 8.50, F&F at Tesco
Headband, €2, Penneys
Socks, €10, Dunnes

Winter Warmers Under €15 - Studio

Ear muffs, €3.50, Tesco
Brown snood, €14.99, H&M
Fingerless gloves, €3.50, Tesco

We then refer to other types bits n' bobs available on the high street - Roll VT (approx 1 min 15sec)

Under €15- Filmed

Look 1
Leather gloves, €11.50, F&F at Tesco
Scarf, €6, F&F at Tesco
Hat €4, Penneys

Look 2
Gloves, €13, Warehouse
Hat, €3, F&F at Tesco
Wrap, €12, Dunnes

Look 3
Scarf, €6, F&F at Tesco
Mittens, €5, F&F at Tesco
Beanie, €2, Dunnes

Winter Warmers Under €20- Studio

Hat, €17.50, River Island
Long gloves, €17.50, River Island
Red snood €20, Warehouse

Under €20- Filmed

Look 1
Hat, €20, M&S
Gloves, €17, Accessorize
Scarf, €20, M&S

Look 2
Gloves, €16, Warehouse
Legwarmers, €12, Topshop
Hat, € 17.50, River Island

Look 3
Gloves, €9, Topshop
Hat, €20, River Island
Snood, €4, Penneys