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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Dearbhla Lennon will be telling us the programmes we should watch this week. This is based on her opinion and we will try to have something in there for everyone.

Dearbhla Lennon, Couch Potato

Thursday is the night to stay in and if you're luck enough to have recording facilities you'll get to see all three picks for that night.



Brief Description
This is the fifth episode in Series 2 where unruly British teenagers are sent abroad to live with strict families in an experiment to find out the right way to bring up a child
Two wayward British teenagers experience strict parenting on the other side of the world, as Gemma Lyons from Farnborough and Jack Travers from Winchester travel to Israel.

For a week they must live under the religious rules of the Schechet family. The Orthodox Jewish Schechets and their five children live in a gated community half an hour from Jerusalem, where every resident follows the strict religious codes. The Schechets expect the British teens to follow the community rules of modest dress for girls and no long hair or make up for boys, rules that the teens immediately struggle with.

Over the week, the teens challenge the codes of modesty and respect demanded of them, and struggle to overcome their own defiant characters. Can the Schechets' Orthodox parenting and views effect any change in the British teens?


Brief Description
Nadya Suleman became the focus of the world's media when she gave birth to eight children in January 2009, who have since gone on to be the only octuplets to survive for as long as they have.

She provoked a huge backlash when it emerged that she was a single mother who conceived the octuplets following IVF procedures, despite already having six children.
Nadya's story created a media storm but this film, for Cutting Edge, tells the inside story of what life is really like for 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman: an unemployed parent, with 14 demanding children under the age of nine, who faces the constant presence of dedicated paparazzi as well as ceaseless scrutiny by both the press and public.
Revealing a typical day in the Suleman household, the programme uncovers the colossal effort that goes into looking after 14 children: the anarchic morning routine, chaotic dinner times and the protracted difficulties of trying to get so many children to bed at the same time.
It also explores the huge expense that comes with caring for this big a family: a permanent team of helpers, several loads of washing per day, gallons of milk per day and 700 nappies per week.

The film also re-examines Nadya's back story to try and shed some light on what motivates her: her lonely childhood, her history of IVF procedures that eventually resulted in the against-all-odds birth of the octuplets, the extreme media attention that has surrounded her ever since, the legal cases she's been forced to answer and her ongoing difficulties with her own mother.

One of the most contentious and compelling tales of recent times, Octomom: Me and My 14 Kids provides an extraordinary insight into the realities of being a single mother trying to cope with 14 young children in one household.

THE PANEL THURSDAY, 22.15, RTE1 (Episode 2)

Brief Description
The Panel returns to RTÉ One for its ninth series with a brand new host, economist and journalist David McWilliams.

Episode 2
Panellists tonight are Dermot Whelan, Colin Murphy and Andrew Maxwell. And Holly White (of Dan & Becs fame) makes her Panel debut. Guests are Green Party leader John Gormley and rogue trader and CEO of Galway United Nick Leeson



Brief Description
Traditional Irish dance has existed in Ireland for over 2000 years since the arrival of the Celts. Over the millennia it has flourished and diversified and has become an integral part of Irish culture. Despite it's global popularisation, the heart of traditional Irish dance still beats strongest in Ireland and it is here that the elite troupes and dancers are to be found. But who is the best?

Over 13 episodes TG4's brand new show An Jig Gig will answer that question. Hosted by Róisín Ní Thomáin, the show will see hundreds of acts, from all different styles of Irish dance, and all age groups from as young as 5, right the way up to 73, take to the stage to try and impress the judges and claim the title of Best Irish Dance Act in Ireland!
Keeping a close eye on all the talented hopefuls are our 3 judges, Breandán de Gallaí, former lead dancer with Riverdance, (coincidentally) Dearbhla Lennon, former lead dancer of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance and Labhrás Sonaí Choilm Learraí, a champion Sean-nós dancer.
With all the incredible traditional dance talent in Ireland, no one can know for sure who will emerge victorious. Only one thing is for certain - one act will be crowned champion and will claim the title of best traditional Irish dance act in Ireland.

THE CLINIC, SUNDAY, 21.30, RTE1 (Final Episode)

Brief Description

Episode 8 (Final Episode)
It is Dan's (Dominic Mafham) last day at Clarence Street as he locks up his empty flat, clears his office and says his goodbyes to EDEL (Victoria Smurfit), GRACE (Tanya Moodie) and PATRICK (Gary Lydon), whose relationship with FERGUS (Tommy Fitzgerald) has sunk to an all time low.

But DIARMAID (Lorcan Cranitch) and LUCILLE (Alison Doody) have one last shock in store for DAN and DAISY (Amy Huberman) and the rest of the staff at the clinic.
Meanwhile, a heavily pregnant KEELIN (Rachel Pilkington) comes in to see CLODAGH (Leigh Arnold) for her last acupuncture treatment before she gives birth.

Episode 7 (last week's episode)
As staff at Clarence Street Clinic try to deal with the fall-out from the public revelation of LORCAN's (Mark Dymond) HIV, CLODAGH (Leigh Arnold) has to tell MADISON (Sophie Jo Wasson) why her dad has gone AWOL.
And when DAN (Dominic Mafham) pressurises DAISY (Amy Huberman) into letting LORCAN go, and it is left up to EDEL (Victoria Smurfit), CARA (Dawn Bradfield) and RUAIRI (Aidan Turner) in particular to help DAISY get through the day.
Meanwhile DIARMAID (Lorcan Cranitch) and LUCILLE (Alison Doody) up the pressure on DAN, and GRACE (Tanya Moodie) advises PATRICK (Liam Carney) to treat FERGUS (Tommy Fitzgerald) more like a father than a friend.