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Katherine Lynch

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Press Release

Presence Pr press release "On Friday, November 13th, Katherine Lynch, star of RTE's Working Girls and the now infamous Wonder Women will release her much anticipated live DVD - Katherine Lynch Live, where viewers will see Katherine hit the famous Vicar Street stage with her colourful, raucous group of Ireland's finest ladies. If you loved them on TV, you'll laugh even harder when you watch them live: these girls are louder than ever with a few surprises in store!

The Diddy Diddy Dongo Tour is this year's comedy sensation - it is outrageous and hilarious and with everyone's favourite Katherine Lynch characters, there's a bit of something for everyone! There's Singing Country n' Irish Bernie Walsh, Sheila Chic the unstoppable man-eater and salt-of-the-earth agony aunt, and Liz Hurley, Leitrim's only AC/DC-loving immigration officer and scourge of the GAA.

Meet Travelling 'Country 'n Irish' star Singing Bernie Walsh. Bernie is on an ego driven orgy of rampant self promotion and will stop at nothing and no one to get what she wants! The recession is the least of Bernie Walsh's worries, and she believes that there's "nothing like a squirt of diddy juice on your cornflakes in the morning to start off your day!" It's with this kind of comment that sees the Vicar St audience doubled over with shock and laughter!

Catch up with the romantic antics of Sheila Chic as she hosts the very serious "Sheila Chic's relationship counselling class". This loud-mouthed lady interacts with the audience in a way that would make even the most unabashed person blush! Whether she is throwing noodles over unsuspecting participants on stage, or giving advice on orgasms, Sheila is without a doubt one of the funniest characters to grace the Vicar St stage!

Viewers will also get to meet Leitrim's Liz Hurley. arriving on stage in a Leitrim GAA jersey, this sexually confused small-town girl who still lives at home with the Mammy, is hosting a table quiz to raise money for charity and encourages the Vicar St audience to participate. Liz is a classic study in gormless good intention and takes everything and everyone at face value. Liz's favourite film is "Cling film on her hang sangwich!"

Another of Katherine's alter egos is a bouncer and she will be seen in the DVD hilariously tearing audience members to shreds as she makes her entrance into the auditorium!"

Katherine Lynch: Wonderwomen

"4 Irish Ladies. 4 parallel lives. Katherine Lynch's WONDERWOMEN is a six-part comic 'Mock-U-Soap' which follows the aromatic adventures of a quartet of highly unusual, but nigglingly identifiable, Modern Irish Women.
All the characters make an appearance in each episode and in programme one;

Meet Leitrim's Liz Hurley.... sexually confused small-town girl of 35 who still lives at home with the Mammy, coaches the local lady's GAA team, plays bass in small-town AC/DC Tribute act 50-50 and, because she hadn't the height for the Guards, became Leitrim's only self appointed immigration officer. Liz is a classic study in gormless good intention, zipping around town on her Honda 50 and taking everything and everyone at face value.

Re-acquaint yourself with Travelling 'Country 'n Anguish' star Singing Bernie Walsh. After the success of Bernie's album, Friends In Hiaces, and her triumphant performance on The Late Late Show, Bernie's on an ego driven orgy of rampant self promotion... which takes her from The Rose Of Tralee Festival to The Gibbstown Drive-In Bingo, From The Traveller's Friend in Castlebar to Knock, From The Fast n' Furious D-Rifting Stunt-Car racing circuit to the Summer Wedding Fair Scene. In a recession-busting clash of cultures Bernie ends up at that annual festival of Tangerine-Tanned Celtic Tiger Excess, 'The Marbella Ball'.

Meet Ballsbridge teen Blogger Dalkey Dunphy Davenport, who streams live from her suite in Dublin's hippest hotel. She's the Peaches Geldof-obsessed mall rat with the orange perma-tan, the fluorescent smile, the 3 inch false eye-lashes and the thousand euro handbag who... "ooooh my gawd is just loike soooooooo booooored!"

Catch up with the romantic antics of Sheila Chic. Having dumped her murderous Egyptian boyfriend, xenophiliac Tallaght divorcee Sheila still has a hankering for exotic man-meat. So each week she bags herself a boyfriend from a different country of origin, immersing herself in his culture to ridiculous and ever increasing degrees of ignorance."

Katherine Lynch Show Dates

.? 14th November: UCH, Limerick
.? 20th November: INEC, Killarney
.? 21st November: Vicar St, Dublin
.? 26th November: Cork Opera House

Katherine Lynch

. Born in Leitrim.
. Grandniece of Patrick Kavanagh.
. She currently lives with her friend singer Brian Kennedy.
. In 1998 she was crowned Alternative Miss Ireland
. She appeared on Celebrity Bainisteoir and was manager to Leitrim: St Patrick's, Dromahair GAA.

What were you working as before you did impersonations?
I was a hairdresser - I had a little salon beside St Stephen's Green. I was also an antiques dealer and a reflexoligist.

Where did it all begin (alternative Miss Ireland)?
A friend of mine suggested I go in for the competition but I was like it's for drag queens and he told me it wasn't just for drag queens. We created a character called Tampi-lilette and we won it that year and I was crowned Miss Alternative Miss Ireland.

How did the TV series come about?
I ended up getting a job on The Unbelievable Truth and RTE really liked the part of Bernie and they asked me to come up with a show for them. It was Friends in Hiatus, which then turned into Working Girl which turned into the three characters - Singing Bernie Walsh, Shelia Chic and Busty Lyra. Busty was too naughty so we had to drop her off the back of the van. Then we came up with Liz Hurley for Wonder Women.

Where did you get inspiration for your characters?
Everyone asks me that and they say did you base that character on such and such and then I say where are you from? And they say Offaly or Galway and I say I don't know anyone down there. It's based on a type as everyone knows someone who is like these characters. It's flattering to think that people think I base the characters on their friends.

Myself and Warren write the characters. It's great fun but it's also a serious business. We have a documentary budget to make a comedy drama and we have to pullout our own stops and to keep thinking of new ideas.

Is there going to be another RTE series?
Yes, we are shooting the series now and it should be out in the New Year.

Ever get yourself into a sticky situation because of your impressions?
Not really. Everyone loves it and they are game for a laugh. When they see me coming they have their own quips and they shout 'Howya Katherine, Howya Shelia'. It's amazing to see how many people have watched the show. 8 year olds ask me for my autograph and I ask them is this because they saw me on Celebrity Banisteoir and they say 'No we saw you on Wonder Woman'. I think Oh my god how old are you. But it seems to be a show families watch. Kids love comedy and they can block out the rude adult humour. I remember as a kid watching Kenny Everett and that was kind of Risky but I just saw the colourful campness of it all. Kids love a bit of colour.

Did you enjoy taking part in Celebrity Bainisteoir?
I loved it. My father is from Dingle and he played for West Kerry. I was so delighted to be involved in it and I met the most beautiful bunch of lads. The GAA is one of the bodies that hasn't been tarnished by the celtic tiger. It is the tradition we have left. All the major managers of the major teams in the world use it as an example of how people can work together.

You are always in character on stage - would you ever do stand up as Katherine Lynch?
If I went out as Katherine Lynch I would be nervous. It's great to have the costume to hide behind. People say I am brave but I have a lot of armour around me to be brave. It's also acting as well.

Tell me about the DVD?
It was fantastic fun. We had 10,000 come through the Vicar Street doors where we recorded. They always say they had a great time and that they had lost their jobs and it was great to come to the show to unwind and cheer them up. It makes it so worth it. Sometimes I look down and think god I have such a great job. Everyone has their problems in these times and it's great to escape. I also play women who are on the cusp of society - they are not going out buying Chanel bags they probably think it's Dolce & Banana. It's a place for ordinary women and I am an ordinary woman.

Is it true that you got rid of your D4 character because of the recession?
She doesn't fit in anymore. She is tacky now. She was funny when she had a few bob. I have created more characters and some of them will come out in the new series.

Who is your favourite character that you do?
I don't have a favourite one. It's like choosing a favourite child. Liz Hurley is a challenge to play - but I find her really rewarding to play.

How do you come up with the names?
It's a bit of crack. Liz Hurley was a different take on Liz Hurley the most glamorous woman in the world. It's also funny to have her with a hurley stick. Years ago I went to a Halloween party in a silage bag with pins at the side and I went with a hurley stick so I suppose it began from there.

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