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Meal or No Meal with Eamonn O' Cathain - Morrocan

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

For those evenings where you haven't made it to the supermarket, leftover ingredients in the cupboard can be difficult to match. Today Eamonn O' Cathain will see if he can make a meal from his choice of the Morrocan inspired ingredients in our boxes.

Meal or no Meal - Spoof on Noel Edmond's Deal or no Deal!
Basically, Eamonn picks 5 numbered red boxes from a choice of 15. Each box contains one ingredient, and when all five are chosen, the challenge is set for our wonderful chefs to come up with either a meal or no meal, by the end of the show

This year we will be theming each week so this week we will be giving it a Morrocan theme meaning all the ingredients in the box will be Morrocan inspired. Last week it was Thai inspired.

Eamonn O Cathain:
Éamonn Ó Catháin was born in Belfast but lived for many years in Dublin before returning to live once more in Belfast although he continues to work and play in Dublin. He is the author of 3 books -"The Irish Folk Guide" (1981), "Around Ireland with a Pan" (2004) and the forthcoming "Hard Times Cookbook" (2009). He has been a broadcaster for many years presenting radio and TV programmes for the BBC, RTÉ and TG4. .

Ingredients in sealed boxes

Boxes 1-3
Cubed Lamb
2 chicken breasts
Halloumi cheese

Boxes 4-6
Cous cous
Chick peas
Pitta bread

Boxes 7-9

Boxes 10-12
Harissa paste
Fresh Chillies
Cinnamon sticks

Boxes 12-15
Red + green pepper

What will Eamonn choose?! Will it be A Meal or No Meal?!