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Consumer Panel - Sausages

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

There is nothing quite like the sizzle of sausages, rashers and a fried egg to satisfy an Irish appetite! Here we are testing out 4 favourite Irish sausages.

The Panel
Patrice Costello
Niamh Craven
Jayne Homan
Liz Wycherley


A. Clonakilty Pork Sausages 227g €1.59
B. Galtee Traditional Sausages 227g €1.55
C. Denny Gold Medal Sausages 227g €1.55
D. Olhausen's Pork Sausages 227g €1.55

Each panelist has been asked to blind test each sausages taking the following points into consideration

. Taste and flavour
. Texture and colour - Fatty bits?
. Easy to cook
. Price and value
. Marks out of 5

The Results are: (All out of 20)
1st Place - 15 points Olhausen
2nd Place - 13 points - Galtee
3rd Place - 11 points - Clonakilty
4th Place - 10 points - Denny

So the winner is.Olhausen's Pork Sausages


A. Clonakilty Pork Sausages

Patrice: tasted with daughter and husband.
. No flavour
. Very fatty, bits of fat in it
. When it cooked, shrank down
. Did look good when cooked
. Need to give 3 or 4 to a person
. Not good value
. 2/5

. No particular taste, quite bland. Very plain.
. They didn't look great cooked as they had a tendency to burn in the pan.
. They reduced in size when cooked.
. Out of the four sausages,these were the least favourite.
. Every other plate was cleared but these sausages remained uneaten once tested!
. 1/5

. I found there was a lot of flavour in this sausage for the size of it as it was one of the smallest when cooked
. Pink in colour before cooked and when cooked when cut still a pinkish colour, maybe cause it was a smaller sausage I did not see a lot of fatty bits through it when cut.
. I grilled them and found them very easy to cook and they cooked very evenly.
. €1.59 they were the most expensive but only by 4c, so not bad value
. 4/5

. Taste and flavour - This had a really nice pork flavour and was all in all very tasty!
. Texture and colour - Fatty bits? - It was too fatty, it all seemed to go away when i grilled it. the texture was very nice, it didnt come apart nor was it too chewy. just right.
. Easy to cook - these took a while to grill. they also shriveled up once cooked so they lost a good bit of size.
. Price and value - its the most expensive but only by 4 cent so its still good value and its tasty
. 4/5

B. Galtee Traditional Sausages

. Bit of flavour
. Still a bit bland
. Some fatty bits
. Slow to cook, maybe less fat content
. Pricewise ok
. 3/5

. Kids loved these sausages - delicious and yummy was said by all. Taste like a sausage should.
. But the adult in me didn't like the fatty bits in them.
. Plumped up lovely when cooked.
. The most popular of all the sausages tasted.
. 5/5

. I liked the taste of this sausage (before I cut through and saw all the fatty bits), nice spices going through it.
. This one was not as pink on outside before it was cooked..had a nice (fleshy) l ook to it, the look of one that is normally prepared freshly not a prepacked one!!
. Although the taste was nice..after a bit or two I actually could get the taste of fatty bits in my mouth..Again I grilled them these ones cooked the quickest but they were the biggest so that possibly had something to do with it.
. €1.55 again very well priced - no fault with price.
. 3/5

. These were a bit bland. Weren't too exciting but were the biggest of all the sausages
. They came apart in your mouth so the texture wasn't great. You couldn't chew them.
. Cooked pretty quickly and retained their size well. Didn't burn as quickly as others.
. OK value, they didn't taste the best but if you like big sausages they'd be the ones you want
. 2/5

C. Denny Gold Medal Sausages

. Very pink when cooked, fried them, they pricked them first etc.
. Didn't like it at all, horrible texture
. Funny aftertaste
. Cooked very quickly, a lot of fat in it
. Not value for money, wouldn't buy it
. 2/5

. We also all loved C.
. Reminded me of sausages I had as a child.
. Cooked easily.
. Nice taste and flavour.
. 4/5

. I tried several times but could just not finish a mouthful, although the rest of my family did manage to swallow a bite! A very strange taste
. These were the least favourite out of them all..AWFUL!!
. Colour was pinkish nothing wrong with that as that is the same as most, but the texture as soon as it went in it was like Mush - not nice
. Again these were grilled which they were easy to cook and cooked very evenly
. €1.55 Not good value due to the fact I did not like them
. 1/5

. These had a bit of flavour but weren't overly tasty!
. The texture wasn't great because it fell apart in your mouth
. Cooked well. Kept their size and didn't burn too easily
. These are only ok value as there are nicer ones on the market.
. 3/5

D. Olhausen's Pork Sausages

. A nice sausage, looked well when cooked
. Nice flavour, bit meatier, bit salty
. Slow to cook
. No fatty bits
. Good value for money
. 4/5

. The kids loved these too. Popular with the little ones!
. Cooked nicely, didn't burn.
. Taste and texture fine.
. No grizzly or fatty bits.
. 4/5

. Not a great flavour but not as bad as previous, little different flavours going through it
. Again these were small sausages so there was not much fatty pieces to be seen when cut
. Pinkish again on outside before cooking not as pink on inside when cooked
. These were grilled once again and I found no problem with the cooking of them.
. €1.55 Price again very similar to above, didn't really like these sausages so I would not pay that price because I didn't like them..
. 2/5

. These were very tasty, the most flavoursome of the bunch.
. There was a nice texture to these, the stayed together but weren't overly fatty.
. Burnt a bit, but I like that. They keep there size well and didn't shrink once grilled.
. Good value as they have a good flavour and taste
. 5 /5

Additional Information:

"All four sausage brands featured on the show today were Irish and our Consumer Panel's chosen winner Olhausen's sausages have been made in Ireland (and are Irish) for over l00 years."