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Jan de Vries' Solutions for Children

Monday, 9 November 2009

Children are a parents' biggest concern and are also at times one of their biggest challenges. Jan deVries will be giving us some natural solutions to some common problems.

Jan deVries - World Renowned Naturopath


Hyperactivity is becoming more and more of a concern to Irish parents, and Jan does notice an increase in the amount of people coming to him looking for a solution to the problem.

Hyperactivity is, in a lot of cases, a dietary problem, and in this regard dietary management is given. It is important that parents watch the sugar intake of their child, as this can often be a problem.

Herbal remedies such as Avena Sativa, Child Essence and when the child has a tendency to have sugar, that Bilberry Extract can also be of benefit.

A lot of children with Hyperactivity often lack in concentration and therefore it is often helpful to take another of my flower essences, Concentration Essence.

Are herbal solutions widely acknowledge to help with people living with Autism?

Autism is a much more complex problem. With Autism it is mainly diet, and
In most cases a gluten free diet can be very helpful. This can however become a bit more complex as there can then be deficiencies. So one has to also look
At Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids such as Evening Primrose Oil, Omegas etc.

What effects are these solutions having on the typical signs of Autism?

Children with Autism who become very one-sided in their concentration, where they can only focus on one thing, can be very difficult, and sometimes
impossible to cope with at home.

What advice or solutions do you give to people with Autism?

It is important for an Autism child to give them preparations such as Passiflora, Confidence Essence, and Concentration Essence. Child Essence can also be of great benefit. The causes of Autism are often unknown although there is still a debate going on that Immunisation might have a part to play.

What other solutions do you recommend for promoting healthy lifestyles in children, for their immune systems etc.?

As for promoting Healthy lifestyles in children it is important to support their immune system that they eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, and be very careful with cheese. Dairy products when eaten too often can form as a mucus within the body and encourage congestion and infection.

My book "Mother and Child" will also provide a lot of help and advice.

Herbal Remedies Featured:

Avena Sativa
Child Essence
Bilberry Extract
Concentration Essence
Evening Primrose Oil
Confidence Essence
Child Essence

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Child Essence €5.35
Bilberry Extract €10.50
Concentration Essence €5.35
Evening Primrose Oil
Passiflora €10.50
Confidence Essence €5.35
Child Essence €5.35

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