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Author Colin Bateman - The Day of the Jack Russell

Monday, 9 November 2009

The Day of The Jack Russell is out on November 24th.

Colin Bateman

. Born in 1962 in Northern Ireland. He now lives in Blanchardstown and Bangor with his wife Andrea and his 14 year old son Mathew.
. As a child he loved reading and writing short fiction stories. At 15 his Dad arranged for him to meet the editor of a local newspaper.
. He went and learnt short hand and writing and took a job at the local paper aged 17.
. Colin was meant to be a gossip columnist but he never got invited anywhere so he used to fill it with his own meandering thoughts.
. He was very shy and hated using the telephone.
. He wrote his first novel Divorcing Jack in his spare time and sent it into Harper Collins. They found it in the pile of scripts that is always sent to them. They hadn't discovered an author from the pile in many years.
. He is influenced by Robert B Parker, a crime fiction writer.
. Divorcing Jack was published in 1995. It won the Betty Trask Prize.
. From the Irish Independent "If I'm home in Bangor, I spend the day writing. I'm quite ruthless when it comes to ambition. I probably don't enjoy success as much as I should. I'm never quite satisfied -- the goalposts are always moving. I've published 21 novels, written children's novels, made three movies, several TV series and I've written songs for an opera about King Billy. I've done a lot of stuff and most writers would kill to do that but I didn't really appreciate it at the time. It's a bit like if you're a football player and you think you're good enough; you don't want to be playing for Linfield, you want to be playing for Liverpool. When I was making the first movie, Divorcing Jack, I was feeling pretty full of myself. 'I've arrived now.' Then a friend invited me onto the set of Saving Private Ryan and I thought no, I really haven't arrived yet".
. His book Murphy's Law was adapted a series for the BBC and it starred James Nesbitt.
. He has written 24 books including 5 books for children. He also adapted Marian Keyes book Watermelon for Granada.

Mystery Man

Headline Press release
"He's the Man With No Name and the owner of No Alibis, a mystery bookshop in Belfast. But when a detective agency next door goes bust, the agency's clients start calling into his shop asking him to solve their cases.

It's not as if there's any danger involved. It's an easy way to sell books to his gullible customers and Alison, the beautiful girl in the jewellery shop across the road, will surely be impressed. Except she's not. When they drunkenly break into the shuttered shop next door on a dare, they discover the bloated corpse of the absent detective, with a hundred air freshening pine trees hanging from him. Suddenly they're catapulted along a murder trail which leads them from small-time publishing to modern dance to Nazi concentration camps and serial killers".

The Day of The Jack Russell

Headline Press Release
"The Small Shop Keeper With No Name is back. Hired to find the vandals responsible for spraying graffiti on an aspiring insurance magnate's advertising hoarding, he soon finds himself up to his ears in intrigue and battling to solve murders which echo in the corridors of power. With MI5 getting involved and everyone on the hunt for a missing Jack Russell, can Our Man Behind the Counter stay alive as well as keep his world renowned but criminally ignored No Alibis mystery bookshop afloat?"

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The Day of the Jack Russell is retailing at €16.99