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Career Clinic - Martin Malone

Friday, 6 November 2009

We continue our quest to get three unemployed people back into the workforce. Today we meet Martin Malone, 31, from Meath and find out how he got on with his career aptitude session with John Fitzgerald, our career direction expert. He will be joined by John who will be telling us the areas in which Martin shows aptitude and recommends a career path for him.

The live register in September of this year stood at 429,400 people, an increase of 183,422 people or 76.4% in just one year according to the Central Statistic Office's figures. The standardised unemployment rate in September was 12.6%.

Sourced from
"On September 22nd, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) released the Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS) for Quarter 2 2009, which covers the period March to June. The QNHS Q2 '09 recorded a drop in employment levels by 8.2% in comparison to Q2 2008. With just a little over 1.9m in employment, employment has dropped back to Q1 2005 levels. However at that stage unemployment was only 4.2% and it is now 12%. Long-term unemployment has started to rise and now stands at 2.6% - a figure not seen since early 1999. Over the last year, 174,300 jobs were lost against 23,800 created. Out of the six categories where jobs were created, three are funded through the public purse and so future employment growth is doubtful."

Sourced from Irish Times, 30th October
"The Irish are also the gloomiest in the EU on job prospects. In a recent survey, over two thirds felt that if they were made redundant it was not likely they would find another job."

Martin Malone
"Martin is the second participant in our Career Clinic. He is a married 31-year-old from Kells, Co. Meath. He finished a building apprenticeship 9 years ago and has been working on and off as a bricklayer since school, his last job finished the 13th October. He is looking to maybe get into something in computers but has no real idea what to do. Likes computers, playing guitar, likes gardening. Once went to find advice on career guidance but never really followed up on it so looking to go a step further this time."

John Fitzgerald - Career Direction Expert:
John is the MD of Harmonics, ( Ireland's number 1 provider in helping managers and professionals to grow and develop their careers. John has personally coached over 250 professionals through career change in the last 10 years when they were faced with redundancy. His work has consistently shown him that each individual has the ability and talent to become an entrepreneur but few have the belief. John's view is that for Ireland to recover, we all have to develop a 'self employed mindset'. We have to become Leaders of our career direction whatever the circumstances and build new futures even if we see little hope on the horizon. John's company Harmonics work with corporate clients such as O2, Diageo, Superquinn, Danone, TDK, Tyco and AOL who are making management and professional staff redundant.

Career Clinic breakdown:

Week 1
On our first week we met our three Career Clinic participants, Eimear Farrell who was looking to move into PR, Martin Malone our brick layer who was looking to change career direction and Annmarie Wolohan who was aiming to re-enter work as an office manager.

Week 2
Last week we re-visited Eimear and found out how she got on at her networking event, plus we found out some good news from her, she's managed to find a job in Geneva!

Week 3
This week we'll find out how our unemployed bricklayer Martin Malone got on with our career direction expert John Fitzgerald as we try to find the best path for him to re-enter the workforce!

Week 4
Next week we'll catch up with our out of work office manager Annmarie Wolohan who had no formal qualifications in accounting. We've set her up in a class in an IPASS course in Payroll in Plunkett College and get Annmarie back into the classroom!

What do you examine first?
First step is a brainstorming session on Martin's Career ideas:

Martin's Career Ideas
Creative Garden Design
Perform Music
Guitar Teacher
Computer Games design
Interior Design
Grounds Keeping
Green Energy
Animal care rescue
Appliance Repair

From this, we looked at the themes emerging:
Emerging themes:
Problem solving

We also need to examine the values that are important to him:

Work/Life balance
Healthy Lifestyle

So finally we came to his career choice ...
Gardening! We've arranged for Eugene Higgins to take him under his wing to get some experience, and we'll follow his progress over the coming weeks.