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Make up Slimming Tips - Cheat yourself Thin!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

How clever make-up tricks can make you appear thinner in an instant! Today we get the inside info from one of Ireland's top make-up artists on how a few simple techniques will have people asking if you've lost weight!

Donna Fitzpatrick- Make- Up guru
Donna Fitzpatrick MBA, MA, B.Sc. (Trinity College Dublin) CIBTAC
Creative and dynamic, Donna has amassed almost two decade's experience in the international cosmetics arena, where she experienced both the creative and business side of the industry.
Donna has trained as a make- up artist in New York, London and Milan. She built her reputation in New York where she worked as a chief make- up artist for Laura Mercier for the tri- state area, working on seasonal looks and various special events and promotions. She was also on the creative team of Estée Lauder New York, where she trained the national trainers and make- up artists of one of the largest make- up houses in the world.
While in New York, she worked alongside the world masters including François Nars (launching his brand at Saks 5th Avenue), Laura Mercier (at Laura Mercier launches and promotions) and Bobbi Brown (at various couture shows), indeed even being personally trained by Laura Mercier and François Nars.
She has acquired vast experience as a runway make- up artist and her list of famous cosmetic conquests include supermodel Tyra Banks and many other well- known models at New York couture shows, such as Donna Karen, Dana Buckman and Isaac Mizrahi.
Donna played a key part in launching Nars Cosmetics in Saks of 5th Avenue and also the global launch of Estée Lauder's Pleasures for Men.
Upon returning to Ireland she took residency as manager of Bobbi Brown in Brown Thomas. She has done the make- up for numerous magazine covers, including Rosanna Davison, Glenda Gilson, Kathryn Thomas, Fran Gosgrave, Ryan Tubridy, Craig Doyle and a host of other Irish models, celebrities, TV presenters and actresses. She has been a beauty broadcaster with a regular slot on the Orla Barry Show and has appeared on the Afternoon Show and Off the Rails. She has written numerous hair and beauty features for newspapers, magazines and Internet sites, such as consumer magazine iBeauty, The Star Newspaper, Salon Ireland and Irish Beauty,, and She is currently the beauty editor of Glow*.

Donna's expertise
Older ladies who have a bit of weight on their faces are actually incredibly lucky, as the weight plumps out the skin, making them appear more youthful than they are. Plus, full round faces are a sign of youth and fertility.

Often, as we age, it comes to a point where we have to decide between face and body, because a slim body often means compromising on facial fullness. This certainly applies to celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Kylie, all of whom are absolutely tiny, but have started having facial fillers, such as Restylane, Restylane Sub Q, Radiesse and Sculptra or even fat transfers to keep their faces more youthful.

While they look great, there is a certain 'chipmunk' look off both that looks fake. It is a look that many women over 40 share. They look good, but fake.

Contouring is a lady's best friend- almost all the stars do it, but the older ones who diet a lot and suffer from facial wastage (Uma Thurman, Celine Dion, Victoria Beckham, Claudia Schiffer) need to be careful about doing it, as they can look even more gaunt.

However, while it is true that there is a positive correlation between large bodies and large faces, some larger ladies have smaller faces (my sister Mairead), while some smaller ladies have fuller faces (Renee Zellweger, Mariah Carey, Letitia Dean).

Three Ways to Make a Face Slimmer
1- Cheek Contouring

One of my absolute favourite make- up tricks in the world is cheek contouring. Based on the theory of light and shade(as used by fine artists to make a three dimensional face on a piece of paper), where shade causes an optical illusion of depth and light causes an area to become more prominent, cheek contouring causes facial curves where there are actually none. To get the look, begin by applying a matt brown to the hollows of the cheeks- about three shades darker then the foundation. This can be a stick bronzer, powder blush or bronzer. Blend well and set with loose translucent powder. I like to use MAC blush in Harmony, applied with an angled contouring brush. As any irridesence attracts light, make sure this product is matt. However use light- attracting irridescent products on the fullest part of the cheek to make it appear more pronounced. Apply after applying a touch of pink or apricot blush on the apples of the cheeks."

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2. Get Rid of a Double Chin
Celebrity Reference- Oprah
Boy George took this technique to a whole new level with his black jaw and neck, but getting rid of a double chin is incredibly easy! Again using the theory of light and shade, the under chin area simply needs to be shaded with a well- blended application of darker foundation- almost like a tide mark in reverse. The trick is to know how to blend the tide line!

Feature product:- Foundation stick in Ivory Nude, €16, Avon

3. Bring Focus to upper Facial Area- the Eyes

Again one of my personal favourite tricks from when I was bigger! If you look at a larger face, most women carry extra weight on the lower half of their faces- ie chin, jowls and neck. However, Irish women have great eyes and if you focus attention there, the lower half the the face becomes less of an eyesore! When I wear heavy smokey eyes and a pale lip, all the attention is drawn to my good eyes. However, even though I have good lips, when I wear darker lips, all the attention is drawn to my witchy chin and heavy jowls. Dawn French gets it spot on by applying heavy eye make- up, even cutting a blunt fringe to attract attention to her amazing eyes and away form her lower face.

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