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Martine McCutcheon

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Martine is on The Afternoon Show to talk about her new novel 'The Mistress'.

Martine McCutcheon
Martine McCutcheon was born Martine Kimberley Sherri Ponting. At an early age Martine was inspired by Barbara Streisand, Aretha Franklin, and Frank Sinatra.

She made her first TV appearance when she was 6 weeks old, on a party political broadcast.

When she was 10 she met a woman who had attended the Italia Conti stage school and suggested that Martine might like to go there. She trained with this woman after school in order to prepare herself for a place at the school. Martine got a scholarship to attend the school.

Even with the scholarship there was still £1,000 per term to be paid. Her mother wrote hundreds of letters asking for financial support. The Church of England charity Reeves Foundation agreed to fund Martine's education.

It was reported that she kissed a young Russell Brand while at Italia Conti!

Other famous graduates of the school have been Emma Bunton, Samantha Janus, Billie Piper, Louise Redknapp. At 12 she was paid £350 to appear in an American commercial for the drink Kool-Aid. She also had a bit part in The Bill.

At 15 she joined the girl band Milan and they landed a record contract. They used to warm up the crowds before East 17. The band was short lived and Martine wanted to move on to bigger and better things.
In 1995 she was offered the role of Tiffany in Eastenders. Martine would look to her mother Jenny - who worked as a barmaid - for advice on how to play Tiffany.

Tiffany became one of soaps most famous characters. In 1998 Martine left the show. When Martine announced that she would be leaving the series, the BBC switchboards were jammed by calls from distraught fans pleading for Tiffany to stay in Albert Square. 12 million tuned in to see her final scenes that were screened on New Years Eve in 1998. Tiffany died by running onto the street to catch Grant who was taking their daughter - she then got hit by a car driven by Frank Butcher.

Tiffany's love interest in the show was Grant Mitchell played by Ross Kemp. When she left Eastenders she released a single called Perfect Moment which went to number one in the UK, Ireland, Israel, Italy and Switzerland.

In 1999 she scored two more top 10 hits, reaching number 6 with the singles I've Got You and later Talking in Your Sleep, which was recorded for the Children in Need appeal with all proceeds being donated to that cause. All three singles were taken from her debut album You, Me and Us, which peaked at number 2 in the British Album charts and was certified as double platinum.

In 2000 Martine McCutcheon released her second album Wishing, which reached number 25 in the UK album charts. Martine released her third album Musicality, a Broadway influenced cover album, in 2002. It reached number 55 in the albums charts.

In 2001 Martine went on to play Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady in London's West End. She was plagued by health problems and had to cancel many dates. She went on to win the award for best actress in a musical at the 2002 Laurence Olivier Awards.

In 2000 she released her autobiography call 'Who Does She Think She is?' and In 2003 Martine McCutcheon: Behind the Scenes - A Personal Diary, was published by Harper Collins.

In 2003 Richard Curtis wrote the part of Natalie the tea-lady in Love Actually especially for Martine. The British Prime Minister (played by Hugh Grant) falls in love with McCutcheon's character. The film received good reviews and was a box office smash. And she won best Trans-atlantic breakthrough at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards.

In September 2005 she appeared in two episodes of hit BBC drama series Spooks,
Since then she has appeared in In The English Harem she played the English wife of a Muslim man (Art Malik), who discovers that her husband already has two wives, was seen in two independent films, Withdrawal opposite Patrick Swayze and in 2007 she starred alongside Jason Donovan in Echo Beach on ITV.

In 2009 she released her first fictional novel called The Mistress. Although thankfully this is one mistake she hasn't made in her own life.

The Mistress by Martine McCutcheon

Panmacmillan Books have said: "'I was never going to be someone's silver when I could be their gold. I never dreamed I would be The Mistress'
He took one last long look at her before walking away and disappearing into the night. At that moment, Mandy knew her life would change forever . . .

Mandy Sanderson is turning thirty and has everything going for her - dark ebony hair, flashing black eyes, flawless skin and a job she loves - yet, so far, true love has eluded her. Then, on the night of her birthday party, surrounded by friends she adores, Cupid strikes as Mandy and the gorgeous Jake Chaplin lock eyes across the restaurant and fall for one another in an instant.
Jake is confident, successful, oozing with sex appeal and utterly irresistible. He is also married, with two children, and Mandy has always sworn not to break her own golden rule: never encourage a man to play away. Jake is used to getting what he wants, and this time it is Mandy he's determined to win, and with Jake, seduction comes in more ways than one . . .
Warm, sexy and heart-wrenchingly moving, The Mistress is written by one of Britain's best-loved actresses and offers a refreshingly modern take on what it is that women want".

What is the book about?
It is based on a woman called Mandy and despite her better judgment falls in love with a married man. It all kind of happened because she lost her father and she is in a horrible time of her life and she realizes that despite being a strong independent career girl that there are certain things you can't control and that includes who you fall in love with. She finds this all very difficult.

I was always writing it from a script point of you - like who would I cast for that and who would I cast for her. The story itself is based on two women I know who aren't friends of mine but acquaintances who are the other women. I got as many stories as I could, coupled with what I thought would work great as a TV show.

What about Jake - was he based on anyone you knew?
James is irresistible and he is a mixture of all the dream men out there. If anyone were to play him in the movie it would be Andrew Lincoln (from Love Actually and This Life)