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Wicklow Gaol - A haunting Experience!!!

Friday, 30 October 2009

We had a twist for our two intrepid explorers! we have not told them exactly what they are doing, they were asked not to look up anything about the jail and they didn't know they were being brought around by a medium rather than a guide.

Louise's Experience in Wicklow Gaol
Louise was a believer before she went to Wicklow Gaol. Several things have happened to both her and some of her family members that makes her believe that there is something out there. Her Dad was working on an engineering job years ago when they were teenagers and the locals had warned them that where they were working was once the travellers resting area and that they should not disturb the area. Whilst working on the renovation of a hotel on the site that used to be the travellers resting area, several things happened. They put a transformer into the travellers cave and it blew up. This is a very unusual happening and wouldn't be something that happens often if at all. Then when they were blasting rocks, they made sure people were far enough away that they wouldn't get hit by the debris and one man who was really far away got hit by a rock in the face and was blinded in one eye. Finally one week before the hotel was due to open, there was a power surge on the electricity line and the control panel which would usually be protected in the case of a power surge burnt out along with all the control panels in the house. This is something which never happens.

Along with this experience, a sighting of a ghost by her grandfather years ago and several premonitions that Louise had that came through the next day, Louise is open to the idea that there are spirits in this world. However Louise hates the dark so Wicklow Gaol was not her cup of tea really.

When Louise first went in she felt quite calm. Derry was very sceptical and though it was going to be a load of rubbish. Initially they were kept in a holding while the crew got ready and they became very suspicious thinking they were going to set them up.

The first room they went into was the schoolhouse. This is where Marie, the guide, was dressed up as a mannequin and scared the life out of them. Louise said she jumped out from behind them and she scared the hell out of here. After that Louise and Derry both thought this was going to one set up after another but them Angie the medium, set them straight by saying 'everything you see and hear from now on is real'.

All lights went out after that and they were then lead around by a torch and when they would reach each destination the torches went out and they were in complete darkness. When they went into one of the cells, Louise felt some heaviness, as if she had a head cold or a headache however she didn't fell anything too untoward.

After the schoolhouse they went up to 'the ship' (the attic which used to be a chapel). Angie pulled out a small table and told Louise and Derry that they were going to try to connect with the spirits. Angie asked for the help of some of the crew also so that they could build up the energy and have a better chance of contacting the spirits. The table started shaking and at this stage they were in complete darkness. Louise said there was no way anyone of them were moving the table. Angie kept asking for a sign from the spirits that they were there and then as the table was shaking, Louise screamed uncontrollably when she felt someone touch her forehead and move her cap up and down. She was absolutely terrified. Every hair on her body stood up. Angie asked her if she was okay to do the next part and she agreed reluctantly.

Angie then said she could sense there were two spirits in the room and that they were behind Louise. Louise then insisted that Angie swapped places with her as she didn't want anyone near here. When Angie was asking for signs, Louise kept saying tell them not to touch me, I don't want to be touched. Louise then felt a strong blow on her face and at this stage she was terrified. Angie asked her did she want to step outside and then she felt another blow on her face. The table then started moving and darting around the room. Angie asked them to stay longer as the table could be moved a lot more and wanted it to fly across the room but after 1 hour and 20 mins there, they had all had enough.

Then Angie brought them back to the schoolhouse, but this time in complete darkness with no actors around. Louise said that place was horrible. They sat on the floor and Louise was squeezing both Derry and Angie's hand so hard. Angie said the spirit was very apprehensive but they did hear coughing and other sounds that couldn't be explained. They had to stop filming though when the cameraman said he could not go on. He said that he was so cold and his legs were so rigid and that he had a terrible feeling that he needed to get out of there immediately. At this stage Derry, hadn't had the experience that Louise had but he did hear the noises and felt unwell.

Their final destination was solitary confinement. The crew were too scared to go down so they set up two cameras and Derry, Louise and Angue went down. Angie brought walkie talkies with her and the thought that that was the only contact they had with the crew really frightened Louise. It was a really small area and Louise sat between Derry and Angie as she was terrified. Both Derry and Angie felt a choking feeling and generally very uneasy. Louise then saw what she could only describe as cats eyes and then a green mist in the corner near the second camera. Angie told Louise that when a spirit is going to show themselves, there is usually a green colour to be seen. Derry then felt blowing in his ear. Both Derry and Louise were petrified at this stage and just wanted to get out of there. The soundman Paddy then realised that the battery had gone dead even though he had just changed it. They had to finish up then because the battery was dead. They usually last about six hours.

Angie then listened back to the sound. She could hear three claps when she had asked for a sound. Louise also listened back and could hear the three claps even though there was only three of them in that tiny cell. Louise said she would normally be too scared to watch anything like 'Most Haunted' but she listened back and clearly heard it.

Louise left there terrified. Her partner was out for the night so she went and stayed with her Mam and Dad. She made her parents keep their door open and she kept hers open also. She even called out to her parents to make sure the door was open. Louise said she has not slept easy since being in Wicklow Gaol. There were definitely things going on it that jail that cannot be explained and they really freaked Louise out. Louise said never again unless RTE are doing their own 'Most Haunted' and in that case they will have to pay her a lot of money to do it!

Derry's experience in Wicklow Gaol
Derry was a sceptic before going to Wicklow Gaol. The day however lent itself to an eery kind of atmosphere. Derry wasn't nervous at all. However both Louise and Derry arrived before the crew were ready so they were sent to get a cup of tea in the local pub and the locals warned them that the place was very haunted so that made Derry a little bit on edge.

When they went into the cells with the medium, Derry felt physically sick. He said he was sweating, had a headache and generally felt a heaviness that he didn't feel at all before entering the gaol. He had trouble swallowing as if he had a really dry mouth. He said it was pitch black in there.

IN the attic Derry said he didn't feel so bad. However his back was sore from bending over the table for 1 hour and a half. Derry said that the table moved at least 20 feet and although it was in complete darkness, he doesn't think anyone moved the table. He said that between Louise's screams and squeezing his hands so hard he was really on edge. He said the table felt like it was gliding across the room.

Derry didn't feel too bad in the school room but that the cameraman had a very bad experience there. Solitary confinement was Derry's least favourite place to be. He felt that although they were in complete darkness, that he felt like the place was getting darker and darker. He did not see the green light that Louise saw but that he felt someone blowing in his face. He felt really nauseous and felt he really wanted to get out of there. His hands were in bit afterwards from Louise squeezing them so hard.

After the experience Derry had to drive to court town and when he arrived there his wife said he was absolutely hyper. He didn't sleep easy at all that night. Derry said that he believes in the supernatural a lot more now after Wicklow Gaol and that your senses never lie so there was definitely something supernatural in their presence that night.

Crew Experience
The cameraman had a very bad experience in the school room where he felt his whole body go cold and his legs became rigid. He felt the need to get out of that room straight away and they had to stop filming.
The producer felt very nauseous every time she entered the jail and when she would step outside that feeling would be gone.
The batteries kept running down even though they were fully charged and Angie (the medium) said that spirits feed off energy and that that wasn't unusual.
There is sound on our audio after replaying the sound from the scene in solitary confinement. When Angie asked the spirits for a sign there is three claps heard. Even though they didn't hear the claps clearly they had heard sounds they couldn't explain.
There is a white small what looks like a light in some of the footage.